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31 January 2009


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I will try to remember the last line especially as I don't plan on painting anything any time soon!

So, does RB stand for Rhett Butler by any chance?


Hello Alina
R.B. are the initials to my husband's last name.
(for the record I kept my maiden name.)

I love the paint so far. Did you ever find your rings? Can't wait for tomorrow's post.


Hi Marci

I still haven't found my ring. And St Anthony is not scoring points. (Maybe saying that he'll rise to the occasion!)

It's true that the (boring but essential) prep work takes SO much longer than the painting. I can't wait for the next installment!


Hi Joan
Isn't that the truth.
I wanted to quit. Painting I like, but prep work is drudgery.

What a talent you have of brightening these midwinter days with grey!

Corey, you are such a crack up! Sacha - good job on the pictures! Feel better!

The prep is no fun at all - trust me, I feel that pain! We're painting the inside and more daunting, the outside of our new old beach shack, and the exterior prep almost did me in. But the painting - what fun! I just posted my paint smearing, too. Come see! It'll be fun to compare. And if there wasn't an ocean and many thousand miles between our paint splattered houses, we could share a coffee ... with our paint manicured hands. hee.
Can't wait to see more fun tomorrow!
xo Isa

is it useful
to wear a t~shirt
which matches the new paint color


or was that just happenstance?

{{ i am thinking
this must be the stylish french way to paint }}

Hello Some Pink Flowers

Happenstance. Hadn't even noticed that fun fact. Is it obvious that I like the color grey?


I smiled reading this post. This is why I love your blog. A little unplanned, unusual ways of doing things, always resulting in something lovely. Even with the unfinished stuff and plastic, I can tell the bathroom is going to look great.

Thank you Wandering Chopsticks,

You make my wackiness sound pleasant. French Husband nearly had a stroke when he saw HOW I was painting.


Great job Sacha!!! I don't know of anyone else that can tell us how to paint a bathroom grey and be so funny!!! How was lunch????? Thanks for the smiles!!!

Great photos and captions! Can't wait to see the finished bathroom. I paint exactly the same way. Never move things out of the way. It's more fun that way! Ha!

You paint just like I do! lol Someone here came up with screw-on lids for paint. Who was that? Sherwin-Williams, maybe. I'm a butter knife girl myself. It's all part of the challenge. At our house we are about to embark on The Great Wallpapering Adventure in the guest room. I'd rather paint any day!
Your bath really looks lovely. :)

I hope Sacha gets feeling better.
Lovely photographs.
The one photo has a little rainbow on the wall.
Blessngs from Heaven.
I love all you post.
Love Jeanne ^j^

oh i hope that sacha will feel better soon!!!
and oh what fun....i love painting....would have had a blast doing it with you corey...


Can't wait to see the results. You paint like I do. Once I painted my son's bed while he was sleeping in it! I turn out great,a distressed white

Sacha did a great job with the camera and you are doing equally as well with the painting project. I am still working away on my dining room walls. Next it will be the bathroom and guest room when the contractor is finished with the renovations. What brand of paint are you using? What size is your bathroom?I love all the colours you are using. Great post Corey.

Oh too funny, I did enjoy you today, I'll come right over and get those glass jars out of the way,,,hahaha Good Job Shacha!

Good job!!! :)


Corey, I really like every one of those colors you chose. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Looking Good! And Sacha took GREAT pictures! Hope he is feeling better.

You are too funny! That's for the morning smile.

Great job, Sacha! Feel better.


I'll bet that you could add some finishing touches while taking a nice hot bath! Multi tasking I believe is what they call that, right!

You are awesome! Loving every minute!!

love your pics and love your blog!

Sasha did a great job. He's spent a lot of time watching his mom.

I'm looking forward to the next installment.

Any job is made lighter by the addition of humor. You never fail to amaze me. Since we live in a log house, the only room that has wallboard is the bathroom (to conceal the pipes) and so it has been painted and now has wallpaper on it (something I won't do again - this time the claim that wallpaper covers a multitude of sins didn't apply). The next time I may try mixing colors like you are doing. I'm anxious to see your results. Sacha did good - a budding photographer.



You are my kind of girl! I was painting my living room and a friend, who is also a professional painter, came over and was horrified. Where are the drop clothes?! I am neat. Didn't you tape everything off?! No, I am neat. Ack, what are you going to do when your paint splashes on the hardwood?! It will be fine. I still laugh over that. Everything is fine and the warm gold paint is my favorite.

i paint like you. mentioning all the things one shouldn't do, yet i am doing. the rings. they always get me and i always forget to remove them. oh and rubber gloves?! what are those? :)

the one difference, i paint barefoot so i can feel where i have spilled paint. squishing paint between my toes...sigh. what room can i do next?!

Love the painting so far, and the pictres...Sasha did a great job! The Humor is the best part, I always look forward to starting my day by reading your blog. You are truly a bright spot!

And I love that you color coordinated your attire to match the paint color you were working with!!

I'm liking the grey. Can you post pictures sometime so we can see how that upstairs is constructed? I can't believe it's just wide open without a railing.

And I like the way you fly by the seat of your pants. My mom is very meticulous about stuff - my dad, too, for that matter. I'm not quite that way.

Haha.....you paint just like I do! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished bathroom. I love the shades of grey you selected.

My oh my. You do have a certain style about you. I can't wait to see the finished product. Going with multiple grays is a huge step in the direction of change (before it was a single gray color, right?)! At least that's what I think!

This is exactly why I own so many clothes. There are gazillions of colors of white, gray and black (who would have thunk it?) So, I'm always ordering the wrong things (on-line) and I, um, hardly ever send anything back.. I just keep thinking -- it will match something one day. (Lucky that my husband does not read my posts!)!

Sasha's got an eye for photography.

Thanks for the pointers and photos Corey! You make painting look like fun. I love to change room colors but despise painting and am very bad at it. Mom used to help and is a much better/tidier painter. A friend was here the other day and remarked (with a raised eyebrow)that the living room must have been painted by me. She really had to backpedal when I said no, Mom did it for me five years ago.

p.s. You mean RB doesn't stand for Rouge Bleu wine?

As a friend sometimes says to me, "YOU SLAY ME!!!" Love the photos and the commentary.
You go about painting quite the same way I do, much to my husbands dismay. I am excited to see how many colors you used and how it turned out. I feel the painting desire forming in me but getting to the point of actually getting paint on the walls will take a while. If only it didn't take so much preparation. I hate taping. Do you use painters tape to mask things off or just go for it??? - Violet

I figured as much about the RB, but couldn't resist as Rhett always comes to mind when I see those initials. Can you tell I've read GWTW more than once?

Sacha has a good eye. Some of my favorites: the peek of you through the mirror,the shot of you walking down the stairs and you on tip-toes on your makeshift ladder.

BRAVO Corey! You look adorable, do I see another career in the works?

Hi Ulla
Oh my god how many times I have heard your words in my head (regarding teaching your art classes you once said, "I only teach art classes where I know the technique and can give lessons that will produce a good consistent product." You said something like that... anyway all the while painting I hear myself saying I do not have a technique...what am I doing? I could use your help!

Firstly, Sacha has an eye for photography. Great job with the photos! Secondly, at least you do your prep work before painting. I tend to just go for it and get it done, instant gratification, or is it just laziness on my part? (yes Corey, there are paint containers with screw on lids!) would you mind sharing your color(s) palette? they're beautiful.

Hi Hasmin
I'll share the color paint palette tomorrow.
I too was impressed with Sacha's photos; When I heard him clicking I gave him two words of advice:
1) Don't focus on my bottom.
2) Avoid the angle of my double chin.

He followed the rules well.


I missed something...what is R B for?

Ha Ha ....do you like the way I ask the question directly under the answer? More coffee please!

looks great Corey and Sacha did a great job with the pictures and I sure hope he feels better soon. You make me laugh...I always look forward to coming here to see what adventure you will be taking us on next.

love and blessings

I love this post!

I want to see more of your hair.


Hi Elaine

My grey hair is blond. My white walls are now grey.
My dyed blond hair has grey paint in it.

how to open a tin of paint? Go into husband's shed, grab his best chisel and use that.. act dumb if caught.

oh and i must know what those gorgeous jars are?

Hi Miss R

The jars are 19th century Apothecary Jars. I stuffed mine with little what-not finds from the flea markets. Bits of lace, marbles, medals, teacups, perfume jar lids, buttons, postcards, mismatched ear rings, santons, anything that is sweet and doesn't have a home goes into the jars. I call them "scrapjars"

I just painted my office grey, two shades, the trim a little lighter. But here's the catch: the built-in desk that runs two walls of the office, meeting in a corner? I painted that redware red. It's divine, particularly after three coats of poly on top. Delicious, delicious. Love that you love grey, as well. Try some red with that.

I'm impressed that you wore a coordinating grey shirt! I'm seeing a trend here that we ladies use the same painting technique, it shows our creative side! I love to paint and have painted every room in my house multiple times. The outside of the house I only paint as far as I can reach!

I see photography runs in the family! Excellent job on both the painting and the pics. I have been painting houses inside and out for about 10 years now. It is hard work. Rest your neck and back when you can, or better yet it will be message time after you are done! Blessings, Kimberly

Ooo Corey you are so funny! About two years ago I decided to paint couple of rooms and a hallway in our house, in about halfway through my sweet FIL started to wonder about my ideas telling me what i should be doing, how and what colors to chose, my husband got impatient since i was taking my time( i was just making sure i am LOVING IT),so i quit! Two years later it is still unfinished! Ha! But now watching you dear Corey I may just start all over again! Hope Sacha feels better soon, thank you for the great pictures.
Alena from "south of" Canada

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the use of the sock. Excellent!!!

Your rack looks great in that last shot.

Dear Darling Cousin... Only you can get away about talking about my Victoria Secret.


I see you've watched my personal painting routine! :-)

Lovely grey!



Hi Lilly

I think many of us here have the same way of painting. I fell comfortable knowing I am amongst painters of my type. Socks, and no rules.


Thank you Sacha you did a wonderful job!

ok Corey...from now on I love grey!!!

the most amazing thing is to dress on grey to paint on grey...:)

hope Sacha gets better! (great pictures Sacha!)



Hi Catalina
I match the wall color don't I?

Hahaha! We paint exactly the same way! No wait, you did cover part of the tub, so you are much more organized than me! Your results are so pretty though, that bath looks like a dream even under construction! Just stunning, you have impeccable taste! I love reading every single word you post!

I love it...and the photos are great :)

I've never seen grey look so beautiful. There are definitely good genes in your family.


XO karen

What glorious shades of gray, Corey. I'm excited to see the end product.


Hi Annie



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