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19 January 2009


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What fun to open the post to music and animation! I loved the nudes and how appropriate for a bath. Guess you have to decide you you and French Husband REALLY want to see everyday but this has been fun to ponder.


Such an odd post for you Corey,,but it is good not to typecast yourself,,right...or even consider anyones opinions about these except FH. What does he think. You never cease to amaze me. If I had them I might add a little something in just the "right place", I would probably drape something like a necklace or garland over the pictures just for fun. I love your article in
Somerset Life Corey.


Thank you for the compliment about Somerset.
And yes I am odd.
I thought about putting something on the "right place" but then it seemed to make it stand out even more! (pun really not intended.)


Whoa! Now I'm awake!!!You never cease to amaze me. I love the nudes.
Rock on wich ya bad self!

My Melange

You are one crazy lady Corey!!!! I wonder what FH thinks today???

Hi My Melange,
FH knows I am crazy. That is what he likes about me.
He doesn't care if I put newspaper on the walls.



If it makes YOU smile - and it certainly made ME smile - then go for it! The happiness it brings - that's what matters.

Oh, and thanks for the smile!

Paula Bogdan

This is absolutely hysterical and it certainly woke me up! Thank you...grinning here!

Hi Paula
Good! That was my goal.
I am not good at being funny. So if I pulled it off I am pleased.


poppy fields

I am dancing at my desk now!!


Corey....are you still the wild blonde????
The nudes are beautiful pieces of art...you could just make your bathroom R rated for little guests!!! What does FH think????


Hi Vicki,
FH is glad it is not him up on the wall.

Wild eye Blonde


Helloooo ! Now there is something brewing in your neck of the woods ! I loved the Marie Claire pictures , the one with the mantle piece and the one with the ladder are my favorites ! As for the charcoal nudes , they look great but I agree : one has a very weird hairdo S . So my suggestion would be : yes ! do hang them in your bathroom but make a collage of a pic of FH's head on it and see if there is a reaction .......... ;-)


Oh my goodness! Not only did the post make me chuckle, not the comments are too!

Frame them and enjoy the response of visitors!


I love them and would most definately put them in your new bathroom.


Lovely for the bath!
I can already hear American Mother saying
Oh Boyyyyyyyyyyy.....
that Corey!


Nudes in the bath,ahhhhhh.


I think if you hang the nudes, you have to hang the "What do we have here?" picture as well. Now that would be a very interesting bathroom! Although it may cause a few eyebrows to lift when laughter comes bursting through the door!


They are wonderful drawings and I would definitely frame them and hang them proudly!


Hi Corey,

They are drawings of statues in the Louvre. This kind of thing is a typical assignment for a graduate art class.

Here is one of them in the Louvre:


It's a sculpture by Michelangelo called "The Dying Slave." I recognize one of the others as well.


today I turn 51 and that was a wonderful way to start my day.
You should be planning your birthday celebration soon.



=))))))) And music to boot! Corey, you are SO MUCH FUN!!!

Christen Sierra

Wonderful...made me laugh too! I am not against hanging the nudes but I love the way you cropped the charcoals for the interest of the story. I personally would crop them (not the originals of course) and hang those in the bathroom.

Leave it to the imagination!

Or hang the originals with a li'l sign that says "Wheres The Beef?"


That was a very fun surprise!! I really did get a great laugh. I think the guy with no arms would bother me more than the fact that they're nude. Isn't that funny? Very appropriate for the bath if FH agrees.


You are so funny!! Loved the drawings.


You can always temporarily put a post-it over the glass at strategic places for those guests who might be offended. I think the sketches are very nice and stylish. Wonder how many of Chelsea's girlfriends will need to use that bathroom when they visit!


Ha! I love this post Corey! Very fun and funny too! Do more like this. I have to say that my fav nekkid man pic is by American engraver Harry Sternberg "Enough". Here's a link to it.http://site.mawebcenters.com/frederickbakerinc_2/_images//Sternberg_enough.jpg

Hi Angela

Thanks for sharing another link of a nekkid man! The more the better.. What am I saying !!

Enzie Shahmiri

Chuckle - good one! Please come over to my blog for the One World One Heart Giveaway!

shannon in oregon

honestly, the female form is much easier on the eyes long term. :) not to say that a nude man is horrible and burns my retinas, but...all the lovely curves instead of harsh angles. lol

love the music! ;)


Too Funny. I've started my day with a laugh. What ever decision you make will be the right one, you have great taste.
Debbie in Tennesee


You are too funny! I think the nudes are quite tasteful, but I'm just not sure I would want to look at them every day. Though I guess they would make for a good morning giggle (I'm immature like that).


I like the prints and they would compliment the bathroom nicely. You are wonderful, not odd in any way!


Am I ready for nude men??? YES!!!! Hang the drawings up Corey!!!!!


What music is that?


Hi Denise

The song is:
The Fall Fashions
The group is:
The Deathray Davies


The pictures are very tasteful (!) and would look lovely in your bathroom. Especially if that sound track were playing also. It certainly has this old gal revved up this morning.
Corey, you crack me up.
You are not quite forgiven for changing your banner. The previous one always made my heart skip a beat - this one just doesn't seem to be 'you'.


That is so funny! It made my morning. Even my husband had to come and see what all the music was about.

Hi Marilyn

Maybe he would like to have a few inn your bathroom?



Go for it Corey!



You are so creative! I was expecting photos only - not a whole production - and a humorous one at that.

Why is the nude female form so accepted yet not the male? It is one of the things I enjoyed about France: the equal opportunity in displaying nudes of both sexes. Why are we so squeamish about male genetalia? I have often wondered how this makes a man feel. I find much to admire in the male form and I think I could look at those drawings each and every day and never cease to be amazed by the actual drawings themselves, very tastefully done, and by God's design, again, very tastefully done. In praise of the male form, by all means, do hang those drawings.

Lemon Tree Tami

What a fun post!! I like the nudes, especially since you have the female nudes in the other bathroom. Equal opportunity morning ogling. :-)


I am loving the comments almost more than the wonderful slide show with humor. I loved the music by the way. I will have to look them up later.

I say hang them up! If you don't like them after a while then take them down. The beauty of owning your own home is being able to do that.

Hi JulieK

The song is:
The Fall Fashions
The group is:
The Deathray Davies

Tamara ModernGear TV

Wow, I could look at those every day! What does French husband think?


Loved the post, what a great start to my day! The slide show with music is so creative and fun! I would defiantly hang the drawings. Talk about a mood lifter! I love art in any form.
Thanks for bringing a smile!


I have no problem at all with the nudes.

That said after reading through the comments I would love for you to make up a set of "dress up" clothes for them out of sticky notes. Having French Husband's head in appropriate poses to match the size and angle would also be fun.

I imagine a lime green speedo one day, a classic business suit another. Oh the possibilities of paper dolls in the morning!

Hi S'mee

Male nude paperdolls? Who would have guessed!
I'll make him a bunny suit. And find a shower cap too.



You only live once! I would hang them (pun intended) and then commission one of Yann too! Or even better one of the two of you!
Ohh, laa, LA!

Franca Bollo

Meh ... not a Long Dong Silver in the bunch. But, once John Thomas, Peter and Dick are up and well hung, they will be the perfect accent in the remodeled *cazinga.


Hey Dear Cousin

I was hoping you came on today. Beacause I knew if you did you would have a fun response.

* Means "Out house" in Portuguese.


nudity is ok. To me is just that there are only few things I can see everyday...so I don't know...it depends on the drawings.

Hi Catalina

I know what you mean. I think I can re word it like this: There are many people I love but few I can live with.




My speakers where on and I got a blast of music -- not expecting it --- mind you, but once I seen what was going on I loved the slide show. Oh la la!
My friend Susan way back in the college days went to tour Europe & in Italy she went to see Michelangelo’s "David" she either took or purchased? a series of black & white photo's 10 x 12 glossys & had them framed-- some of his hand & forearm, his back, his legs, feet, his face, his whole body, the beautiful details. She proudly displayed them in her den/quest bedroom --- Everyone who see's them loves them -- & she actually got offers to sell them -- but declined. The pics have held their beautiful timeless appeal -- After all one never tires at looking "David" on display in Florence, Italy nor on Susan's den wall.
Go for it girl, you can always change them out later on...with some other vintage treasured finds. Joanny

Hi Joanny,

I didn't tell FH about this post. This morning he went to a meeting, while the meeting was going on he turned his laptop on, it instantly goes to my blog. That music got everyone's attention... let alone the nudes.


Shelley Noble

ok that was funny and so full of your admiration for men! I say the art would be great in there, especially with your taste in framing them--and that you'd likely have them be the only figurative art in there to make it about line and gesture. Beautiful!

We have nudes in our bathroom, with reversed lettering in silver on the wall opposite the mirror. When you look at yourself in the mirror you can read: "Style begins when you're naked."



Hi Sheeley

Thanks for the great idea about writing the words backwards so that when you look in the mirror is says it the right way. I wonder what I will write?


Best post of any blog ever! Thanks for the thrill!


happy new year dear Corey! whatever you do to that bathroom, i am sure it will look exquisite- glad you are having fun doing it.


Opens laptop and thinks I'd better check out TiC, as I haven't for a while.....

6.15 am, a cup of earl grey tea beside me and heavens above Corey has music on her blog this morning and..................

raunchy music at that and ...........

NAKED MEN..................

Dear Heart, I think these images would look divine on your bathroom wall.

Now I must drink my tea and take the hound out for his walk ( and maybe bestill my beating heart!)

qualcosa di bello

well, *someone* must be feeling better....!

i say hang one at a time, rotating them. throw in a lady for french husband balance...

Alison Murray Whittington

Love the nudes, Corey.


I liked the slide show Corey and the music you put with it was perfect.
I know some people find the male body ugly or harsh but I think the human body is a beautiful creation. Just my humble opinion.
After seeing BodyWorlds this past summer, I can only look at the body with a sense of awe.
Thank for the fun post.


I spent many hours perfecting figure drawing of both nude men and women models because when I was growing up my father ... who taught me all I know about perspective and color...gave me an old book on figure drawing (nude Gibson girls) and told me if I could draw the human figure I could draw anything. I find the human figure beautiful.

Lynne Stevens

C'est classique, non?! Et c'est normal pour le bain. I've had "September Morn" in my bath before. Do you know that one. Je t'aime la musique! Lynne


It's my first time visiting your blog and I must say...you have an instant fan here! Love the post and love the men! It's nice to get a glimpse of some males in the buff every now and then, it's always the women baring it all! I love it! Let's instead of hanging them up make wallpaper! LOL! Great post.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

As always ! great idea ! you made ma laugh


You are a fun person! I love the naked men.
You made my day, once again.

michelle b.

Love them. Now I know what I will doing with our master bath. We've been living here 2 years with nothing but white paint on the walls because I couldn't make a decision. Now I'll be in search of nude sketches (preferrably French). Of course I'll need female nudes for my husbands vanity.
And I'm sure he'll have a "cow" 'cuz our girls (10,14,&17) like to take baths in our tub, but the comment from Alina made me stop & think "Why not?" (Maybe one of them will develope an interest in art;)


I'm at work...in-between meetings...think I'll check out TIC, BAM....quick minimize so people don't see the nudes, computer is stuck, frozen...nude men flashing one by one...It's fun but give me a heart attack...won't be opening your blog at work anymore.

If you love it, why not? I once took a photography class where we had a nude model. I was so nervous since we each had a 15 min shoot in a private room. That is where I learned art vs erotic. The different poses taught me that certain poses were art and I got one great shot that everyone loved in my class presentation. If it's classy and well done it is art, if it is erotic it should not be used. Looks like art to me.

Enjoy your day, Ann


Love, love, love the idea of having nude men on your bathroom walls !!!!!!!!!!!!!

That new hair color has brought out the little fox in you !!!!!!!!!!!


I love the drawings... and I can not believe the old bathroom to the new modern one upstairs!!!! Wow! And I can not wait to see pics of the new bathroom, naked prints and all, and the new/old cabinet. I realized that I can "pretend" that you have "three bathrooms and the blue one can live on in my imagination!!!!

Hope colds are all gone and I look forward to hearing about the rendezvous and ski trip... XO

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