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02 December 2008


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well...I would like everything of course....but if I have to choose....then I would prefer a key (please one that opens hearts or doors to light) :)

xoxo and Thank you!!!! you are so amazing Corey! I just LOVE this blog! Thank you for being there and sharing with us in your unique way

Merci, to you, Corey,
for all the fun, moments of reflections, joy, beauty and wisdom you shared with us over the three years!
I would love a postcard, but really any gift would be wonderful. Would you allow me to reciprocate with a postcard of my own, even if I don't win yours?

Um, I have a little different list of I wants...

I am coming over in February and trying to plan my trip around when the Brocante is? Can you perhaps help me read the site to find out where/when one would be at the end of Feb?

You have inspired me to come find my own piece of France to bring home..

Cheers Debs

ok, I will LOve the vingae papers as well!!!! :)

and the napkins?


Ohhhh Ohhhhh OHHHHHHHHHHHH, I'd lovvvvve a vintage postcard!
Happy blogiversary!!

Merci, I would love a key! Congratulations on your daily writing x three years!

You are a pearl without price, Corey! One of the first things I do each morning is check in on your blog, so happy anniversery.
Tough to choose, but I really do love those postcards. Have a great year to come.

Vintage Postcards
I love all you share
I love you

Thanks for making my mornings interesting! I get up so early I have no one to talk to. This is my mental wake up, my look forward to thing while I eat breakfast. Thank you!

I love old keys! : )

Merci Beaucoup!

The medal, one of the old religious medals please, please, please.

My Dad (and Mum) brought us as young children all the way from Ireland to France by ferry and car every summer for a four week holiday. Dad in particular instilled in me a love of travel, adventure and an appreciation for all things old and religious. He used to stop the car every time he saw an old church or cathedral as we drove through France. We would get out and he would bring us inside. The air was always cool and there was a smell of time gone by as we walked on the worn flag stones and listened to our voices echoing as we giggled and walked around. He would tell us that the first time you go into a new church you would get to make a wish. I made lots of wishes as a child. I am sure many of them came true. Today I wish and pray that the brain scan Dad is due to have in 2 hours time will show up something fixable, something that will take away the stress and worry that the last few weeks have brought on our family.

If I get the medal I will send it to him with my love. If not I will still hope that whoever else might get it will treasure it for there own reasons.

Thank you Corey for the beautiful pictures, the fun and enjoyment that I get from checking your blog every day, for the memories it brings back of happy childhood....

wow corey wonderful I'd like the french papers please my fingers are crossed

Who could possible resist a French paper bundle? Certainly not me! Thanks for taking us on quite the journey!

Dearest C,
A little key
just for me.

Merci x

Are you turning into a fairy?
Please Fairy Tica, if my name came out of your brand new boot, I'd like one old religeous medal.
I had one from my great-grand-mother. She had got it on Mary's Day at our church Notre-Dame-des-Marais but time has snapped it off...

My goodness! anything at all, vintage postcard, medal, or key!

Happy returns of the blogging day to you. Blogging would not be the same without you; you transcend the ordinary!

You are such fun! Those lovely red checked napkins bring back memories of my Memere and her beautifully embroidered linens!

ohh, it is so hard to choose : )
I, too check your blog every morning - even before my coffee!

Vintage paper pack.

Thank you, thank you for sharing.


Hi Corey!
Wow you are having fun! My first choice would be the paper bundle but I'd take any of it!!!

What a crazy girl you are. Great having you around and not because of all the gifts. I love giving myself a brief pause to pop into tongue in cheek and have a laugh. as a self-employed girl it can get quite tough and visiting tongue in cheek makes a difference, take care and keep up the laughes, erika
ps: ohh and a would love some vintage postcard

Who is sweeter than you???
Thanks for always starting my mornings in such a wonderful way! I should be sending you a surprise!!!

Congratulations on 3 years of wonderful writing and inspiring pictures - I have stopped by almost every day and some of your pictures get into my dreams! French linens and embroidery captured my imagination, so I'd love to go on the list for your serviettes or serviette holder.

Here's to another year of blogging, if you still have the energy to share. Thanks for all of your creativity and generosity!

Wow , chimney runners ! This one seemed simple and yet it was so specific !! As I am a complete papivore ( while preparing our removal these days ,I've packed more boxes of books than say , vaisselle !!! )I'd just love some of your vintage paper bundle ! I was drooling just looking at your lovely picture ! Or maybe a key...Anyway thank you , it is very sweet of you to give away some of your loot !!! Good luck to all the participants-readers !

It feels like Christmas! A French Christmas for sure. I would treasure a vintage religious medal. Thanks for all you do Corey.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Happy Blogday Corey! You bring so much joy to my world,
Thanks for the many heartfelt moments you give us all!
You give every Day, not just at "Giveaways". I think I would like a religious medal.It would be a tangible reminder for me to look UP, every day and live life to the fullest!

By the way, I agree with the recipe sharing idea for all of us Vegies!
Your Thanksgiving menu was divine.

Oh my....you are very generous...this is so great and I just love reading your blog daily. Put me in the drawing for the vintage papers for scrapbooking...thanks so much.

I would love a key! or an old religious medal! so here you go in an effort to follow directions:

Candy Gilbert - key
Candy Gilbert - religious medal

Is that asking for too much? Hey I've always heard "ask and you shall receive"!

Happy Birthday Corey's Blog!!!

How to choose?
The key....by all means, the key.


By the way, it's been nothing but pure pleasure waking up to your words and photographs and a cup of coffee nearly every morning for the last several years. I'm so thankful for your father encouraging you to continue to post through your time by his bedside. Pure treasure. Thank you, Corey!

Happy Blog Celebration ~ it definitely feels like Santa is coming to town. Thank you so much for your generosity! I would love a little key.

Corey, congratulations to you and an absolutely wonderful blog. It is my first read of the day. It's a difficult choice, so I'll leave it up to you. Thank you!

How are we supposed to choose. That is like choosing between coffee and dark chocolate- even though they both go so well together :)

Um, sign me up for the postcard, the vintge paper and the key :)

Happy Blog birthday :)

Congratulations on your blogging anniversary! Wish I had been with you from day one, but haven't missed a day since I 'found' you!
coveting either the assorted vintage papers or a Religious medal

Dearest Corey,

You are too sweet and generous. Thank you for offering such wonderful things for your blogiversary giveaway. I would love the french paper goodies so much!



Congratulations on your anniversaire! I've come to rely on blog for its beautiful pictures and beautifully written insight; on several occasions it's been a well needed pick-me-up! I read it in the afternoons while drinking espresso! Also, would you ever consider 'running' a day at the brocante with Corey? You know, a hey you come to Provence and I'll spend the day showing you the nuances of antique shopping in France? I'm an American translplant in Germany but haven't had much flea market luck.

Chris - vintage papers or religious medal

Jewel--vintage paper----or key

Good morning Corey. I found your blog a few weeks before your birthday, and I have read every post since. You have a way with pictures and words, that just keeps me coming back for more. Such amazing gifts, it's hard to choose, but for me, I believe I'll take the key. Have a great day. Thank you for sharing.

Bon Anniversaire Madame Corey! What fun to read your blog with my morning hot cocoa and take a little trip with you each day! Like all journeys there have been highs and lows, but aren't we much richer and stronger for all of it? Thank you for sharing and allowing us along for the ride!
Warmest wishes for the holidays to you and all of your family. Bramble

Oh! Please enter me for the linens...please?
Merci beaucoup!Bon chance to everyone!

Such interesting history, and beautiful writing all!

COngrats on your blogging anniversary! Thanks for the great giveaways!

I would like to enter the French napkins or Serviette holder giveaway.

Sheala ~ postcard Please!!!!!

Corey, I read your blog every day and love your humor and outlook on life even more than I love your beautiful pictures. Happy Blog Birthday!! Please enter my name for the key. It would make a cute addition to one of my still life paintings. :)

Stacy R - key

I would like to enter my name in for the french napkins or the religious medal. Thanks for blogging.

Hi Corey
Congratulations on your anniversary!! iIU would love to go in the draw for the French papers. Thank you!

Ack! I have to choose one?!? If I must choose it would be a key to unlock a mysterious box which would magically whisk me away to foreign adventures.

Good morning, Corey!
How generous you are!
I would love to be considered for....

a postcard - Dawn @ 4:53am


it's ownership...if I had one of those religious medals or one of those keys, I'd feel like I was really part of the picture...like I was one of your special friends, not just a random commenteur. but if I can't be special in that way, I will just let my eyes and mind draw me in to each picture, each post as if I'm there. I do that anyway...even before I knew I could beg for something.

Truth be known, I'm one of the lucky ones...I had a life in Europe before I was banished to Siberia (read: Michigan). It's just jealousy talking. I will act my age and let someone else have a turn. But I do like your trinkets more than mine...

Corey how generous of you....we all love presents!!! Vintage paper bundle or I would be thrilled with any one of your presents!!! Merci for adding some laughter into lives with your blog!!! Looking forward to 3 more years!!!!!

either vintage post card or religious medals

Dear Corey, May I please be considered for one of the medals or napkin holder. I wish that there were patterns for the embroidered items! They would be fun to do. Thanks so much.J.

Some of the guesses for the linens were soooo fun~~~ chamber pot decorations, a skirt to dance under the moon (!)

I'd like to be in the drawing for the RELIGIOUS MEDAL~

Bless you, generous one~

Oh, I would love to win a vintage paper bundle. How exciting and what great gifts you are giving away. Thanks for sharing a great blog, Corey,

yes, i love the mixed media for art projects!
were we seperated at birth or made from the same mold?
i think this is a great idea. I recently had a swap party where friends and i gathered "stuff", house decor, etc. we did not want anymore and we all traded for a new look. what was left over we donated to the hospice thrift store.
it was such fun, and i should mention we also had a wine tasting and my dear husband was our server. (isn't there a more romantic word in french for that?)
anyway, i would love some of your mixed media and if you want, i can send you a bag of mine!
my love to my sassy french friend
xo, jody in florida

ps Corey
how could i not congratulate and thank you for your blog. what a wonder, to dedicate all those days to writing and photographing for us.
you have addded a zest to my life since i found you.
a little angel God sent just when i needed it .
Thanks for answering his call.
xo jody

a key would surely please....
have a wonderful day and as always your blog brings me smiles and some times a tear or two.

Would love the mixed media and post card!

Oh la la...

Vintage Papers please

Thank you for all the sharing of your life over the last three years.

Corey, you are amazing! Thanks so much for being so dedicated and faithful to continue this blog - I read it every morning.

I would love to have the paper bundle. I see many, many projects in my head for those!


isn't it amazing the way we all become part of each others lives through this magical box!?!?
i must tell you how much i appreciate all that you share with us Corey, the beautiful treasures, but more your strength and quiet compassion with your family, it jumps off of the pages here and fills my heart. i love the keys the best, you have all the keys to our hearts i am sure.

isn't it amazing the way we all become part of each others lives through this magical box!?!?
i must tell you how much i appreciate all that you share with us Corey, the beautiful treasures, but more your strength and quiet compassion with your family, it jumps off of the pages here and fills my heart. i love the keys the best, you have all the keys to our hearts i am sure.

I would love to win the napkins or the holder, s'il vous plait!

Merci mille fois!

J'aimerais une carte postale, Mme. Amaro.

Thank you for your generous giveaway!! Please add Isabel to the Vintage paper bundle list!

Oh how special, Cory. Congrats on your anniversary. I would love to win a religious medal.

Congratulaions to all of us for getting to read your blog every morning - my favorite stop.
Vintage Postcard please.

oh, i would love the vintage paper bundle!! :)

"Vintage Postcard" ...I must have it! I collect vintage postcards!

Your blog has been the 'key' to a magic carpet
ride every morning...many many thanks.
LOve,missy from the bayou

Keys and religious medals! Oh...I need those also! OH.MY.GOSH...I think I want it all! :-)

Anything! Send me anything!

Thanks Corey for all the encouragement you give to us! Through good times and bad times you are always here every morning! We appreciate you! May your life continue to be a blessing to others.

Oh my! I am so happy and surprised! Being a nut about all things French, you can be assured this will have a place of honor in my home. I have 5 Parisian/French lithos in my bedroom alone! (I will NOT be decorating my privvy, however!) ;-)
I feel greedy commenting on another give away so soon but I will say the French papers make me drool! I have such a huge collection of all things Frenchy in my office and these would be used to tag the frames and bits and bobs. I've been collecting since our last visit to Paris and I love it all!!
Love you so much, Sweet Corey! You make my mornings sunnier!

Oh, those vintage postcards are GORGEOUS!

Happy Blog Birthday!

How can one pass up this give away. :) Corey thank you for bringing such joy to us everyday and giving us an abundance of french flair! :)

I pick: The French Napkins


Thank you for offering these beautiful treasures to celebrate your blogging anniversary, Corey! I would love a chance to win the paper bundle! May you never stop blogging!
Lynda (vintage paper bundle)

Oh Corey...you rock! Okay. French vintage papers for scrap booking.

I've been trying to think of a collection to start for my grandson. He loves history and a key and old religious medals would be perfect- Especially from France! What a sweet person you are to gift us out in Net-Land! Thank you.

Oh Corey,
Everything is sooooooo wonderful. I have been reading your blog just about everyday for two years. I will have to pick the religious medals because I look to you as a daily devotional just like my Bible. Also for the keys because you have unlocked a unique way of looking at the world for me. I feel like I have known you as a dear friend and I know you don't know much about me. Thanks for such a fun blog and for sharing so much of yourself with all of us. Laurie

Happy blogiversary again. I'd like to be considered for the religious medals. Thank you, Corey!

How I would adore something to display that was embroidered for my embroidery cabinet filled with silk, wool and cotton fripperies.

Thank you Corey for the chance to dream of a package from France.

A wee key is the choice for me! Happy Bloggy Birthday to you! Your slice of Cyberspace is most enchanting and inspiring. - Amy Bauer

Happy Blogiversary, Corey! I am a loyal reader but rarely comment. I always say giveaways bring silent readers out of the woodwork! I'd love to have your little keys! They're great!
Thanks for sharing your words with me every day!

I'd like the post card please. Oh and my standard poodles agree Kay's idea of the scalloped linens to decorate their ruffs is a great suggestion.
Thank you for the blog and for your generousity with the giveaways!

Will you enter me for the beautiful linens?

Thank you Corey!

How kind and generous of you! I would like a chance at a key, please. I tune in everyday as I sit in my cube daydreaming of far away places....
Thank you so much, Corey!

Well, dear Corey, You have outdone yourself in your offerings!! My goodness. :) If I had to choose, I think I would like a key. It would stay forever hung on my inspiration board, where I would be reminded of my friend in France.

Hi Corey,
You always make me laugh and smile!!!
Of course I would love to win something. Anything is fine with me, but if I had to choose, a medal would be nice.
Have a great day!

Dear Corey,
Napkins or napkin holder, please!
What fun,

Fun! And generous. Please add me to the lottery for the vintage postcard. Merci--

What a yummy feast of choices! You are a generous soul Corey! I would love to have one of the religious medals to create a new piece of jewelry :) Deb

I would love for you & Yann to roll up the driveway on that bike - linens (the napkins would be perfect)in hand, or a medallion hanging around your neck knowing how it protected you on the long ride!!

Meanwhile, a lovely postcard coming in the mail would also be perfect - gosh, love it all Corey and you make it such fun.

Happy blogaversary again - keep it coming!

I would love a key! Happy Anniversary.

oooh... put my name next to the little bag full of French vintage papers! I love those!

a key would be lovely to me.

You give me more than enough just having a refuge to flee to during a stressful, hectic work day. I can read your words thoughtfully while I sip my tea and dream that I am gazing upon the deep blue Mediterranean sea from a cafe in Marseilles (that is possible, right?)!

But I wouldn't turn down a vintage postcard!



Your blog is a gift that I look forward to each morning. But, I'd love it if I could have a French napkin. I'm saving up vintage napkins and handkerchiefs to make a quilt someday.

AWSOME! I'm not picky------I would be honored to have any one of the treasures - postcard, linen, vintage paper, key or medal. It doesn't matter to me, I will find a special place in my home, Happy Blogday!

Oooooh, too hard to pick! I just gave my husband a list of words (not telling him what they meant or were for) and told him to pick one. He picked key--so a key for me! Happy Blogiversary!

Anything from you would be such a treat. Love your blog, thanks so much for sharing.

Anything from you would be lovely. Adore your blog. Thanks so much. Connie

your blog is such a lovely daily treat for me-thank you for your generosity.Thank you for the giveaways, what wonderful treasures! Please add my name for a religious medal.
Thanks and have a great day!
Tracy B

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