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25 November 2008


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Your mother has excellent taste and such homey decor with great functionality. I wish her much success in the opening of her shop. She certainly has an eye for great finds as does her daughter.

What a mom, no wonder you are an antique lover.I was the lone junk collector in my family. I was forever looking for a treasure. Back then we had alleys in the old neighborhood. Trash day was always worth a trip to see what people had placed out to be disposed of. I still remember some of the castoffs that I alley picked... bits jewelry old toys. Somethings never change:0)

Love you
Glad to hear your Mom is doing so well.
Love and kisses

A new "junk" store? Oh my...I am so there! What are the days and hours they are open?

Love the pictures of her home!

wish I could stop by. I'll be there in true junk spirit!!

How wonderful that your mom has opened a shop....she certainly has the eye!!! I wish her well in her new adventure and will definitely stop in if I ever get to Willows!!!

How I love junque! That rake/dish rack is pure genius!
I'd love to see your mom's shop! I can already tell I'd love it!

I love your mom's style, creativity and spunk!

thanks for sharing! i love th idea with the rake. would have never thought of it. you indeed have a special mom! my mom is quite similar. not having a lot of money when we three children were born my dad and mom would collect what ever they found on the side of the road, ast the junk yard,... i only learned to accreciate it when i got older. take care and thanks again for sharing. regards erika

Your Mom has a WONDERFUL design sense!!! What days and times is the shop open? Huh? Maybe my DH and I can stop by~~~we live in Vallejo and have kids in Sac and Elk Grove...and we love to take "road trips"

My niece Heather, told me about your Mom's new shop..why oh why did you have to tell the World before I made it up there ;o)! She did email me and told me something special she found there. It's a gift for someone. Our family gets such joy from such finds. A few years ago, when your Mom had the old shop, Heather and I came by and it was closed, so we pressed our faces against the glass and peeked in. I love your Mom's style!

Corey, your mom is SO cool! I don't even know her and I know that she's cool. Furthermore, you kids are going to see you the same way in a few years, they probably do already. I love my family, but I am ever so envious of yours.

I wish I had that kind of eye!

I've always loved your Mother's house! I look forward to popping in on her and Holly next summer.
Will you celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday? I've already begun baking!!!

What a treat it would be to see her shop! Years ago I tried to collect stuff like this, but I had a no-nonsense Mom. I mowed the lawn for our elderly neighbor lady who didn't have much money. One day she was lamenting that I didn't get paid and I was putting the lawnmower away in her basement and there was an old clock (the kind that would gon on a mantle). I asked if she used it. It was covered with dust. She said no, did I want it? I took it home, cleaned it up. It never worked, but the chime on it was so beautiful. One summer, when I was working as a camp counselor at a Girl Scout camp, she gave it away. When I was shocked that it was gone, she said, "well, it never did work anyway." She never did that again to any of my "treasures" as she hadn't realized it meant so much to me. To make matters worse, it went into the garbage!

Now I have a place to visit when I go visit my son next year, thereby cementing my reason for going!! Whoo-hoo!! Now to find out how far Willows is from Monterey.....

My goodness. How do you ever keep up with your mother? Running a shop after having a stroke. What a lady!

What a wonderful eye she has, just as you have, to make all this wonderful old stuff look perfectly in place and styled so it is tidy - mine just looks messy!

just beautiful. i love all the texture and color. the rake head dish rack is genius!

Is your Mom going to also do websales like your cousins and Godmother Mary do at Pink Pomegranate? I'm miles and miles away from Willows. I love repurposing found objects. We use a small $4.00 glass cocktail ice bucket to hold the dog biscuits, old wall divider shutters frame the kitchen window. But, your Mom's rake head dishdrainer is the best!

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