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19 July 2008


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I LOVE the garden bed! I want to come over and jump, too.

Beautiful shots Corey! He's having a fun thime there! Oh to have a backporch with space for an iron garden bed, what a dream! And then the quilts are so gorgeous too!
Best wishes from a very rainy Germany sends you
Carol xox

I love the bed and the sheets too and your lil cousin, he is cute!.. hehehehe.. you got many lil cousins.. all are adorable!.. have a super day!

a bed to enjoy..
to curl in with books and mags..
to jump.. and celebrate..

beatiful ..

Oh I want to jump too... and I want that garden bed!

I remember about 3 years ago I stayed in a gorgeous, very classy 5 star hotel in the city and the first thing I did was run in and jump on the perfectly made bed with lovely, fine linen. Oh it was sooo much fun!

Beautiful darling one.
Big hugs and much love

Oh! a sleeping porch... how cozy and romantic. To experience summer nights in such a lovely, old fashioned way... I'm jealous--my porch is in the front of the house. A year ago I passed up a great wicker day bed in the salvation army-- a little too pricey at $189. Woulda, shoulda, coulda!!

at the smile
that says it all...


when we are
too old,
too heavy,
too What*Ever
to jump on the bed...

that must be the Official End of Childhood...

What fun pictures to see on a Saturday morning; a great reminder to have some fun among all the chores of the day!

I want to sleep there!

Oh, how wonderful!

We didn't jump ~ perhaps we should have ~ but boy was it wonderful!!! Thanks for the memories!!!

oooooo...the quilts are just yummy!!!!

What a beautiful place to relax and leaf through the pages of a favorite book.

Sheer delight! There's no substitute for jumping on the bed (and being pretty is just a bonus). I'm inspired to go jump into my day! : )

Can I jump too?

You brought back those sweet memories of my youth, lying on Granny's bed, the warm breeze blowing the sheers across my face as the locusts lulled me to slumber...THANKS...


How great is that!!!!

Oh to jump on the bed..how fun it is and especially Grandma'

love and blessings

Jumping on a bed would be nice but even better would be to have a garden bed! How magical!

What a cutie pie with the best Irish name!!
Now, if only my porch could be enlarged to hold a jumping bed - what fun!

Oh, if that is your Mom's garden bed that she was working on, it came out lovely. There is something so much fun about jumping on a bed as a kid. Part fun and part naughty ;)

That garden bed looks sooooo so soooo SOOOOO relaxing.....a book, something sweet and an iced coffee and I'd never get out of it. haha
I loved these pics!

Both a resting place and a playing area...
What an amazing bed !!!

Corey, what a divine pic, just makes me want to go out and make a quilt! Fab

Beautiful bed and a happy chap!! He is so cute

An adorable photo. I love the garden bed ...I'm dreaming of laying my head upon it and enjoying the summer breeze. How devine!

Oh what fun. i think I may have joined him, although I wouldn't want to break any springs!
How are you Corey? I haven't commented in a while but have been peeking in to see what's happening. It seems you are all enjoying your California stay.

i remember this fairy bed with the fairy godmother and friends! what a magical slumber party...oh so glad we didn't think to jump on it too...or it would've all fallen down! thinkin' of you! mmmmmmmmmm!

A garden bed, oh, I so want one!!

Oh, Corey
I love this post and picture of my little Liam
so sweet and you captured it so beautifully as
usual...Hugs Pinkie

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