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29 June 2008


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I'm the 1st at the festa ! This one I won't miss

Oh, this looks like such fun.
Your joy of life is so evident here my Dear One.

hi corey! have been catching up with you on your blog...i loved reading all your wonderful stories about your family....so glad that they are surrounding you & your mom! have a fantastic day at the festa! xo mary ann

Wow! Having been up to the reception in Willows and seeing how everyone happily pitched in to feed hundreds I can now imagine what a sense of community and what amazing food there will be at the festa!

What a wonderful tradition and family celebration. You have much to be thankful for dear Corey, celebrate your blessings well!

Oh, my ---what a glorious celebration of family, friends, food and tradition...a gift!

Why wasn't I invited!? :[ I'm in London and I WANT my portuguese Festa, pleeeeease...


Love and hugs
and have a fabulous time.
Love you

Fabulous! We have Italian Fests around here. The most famous is the feast of the Virgin Mary.

Do they serve the Portuguese sausage at the festa? Unbelievable enough, it's available here in the middle of nowhere Illinois. The local butcher (who is famous way beyond here) makes the sausage called lingua?? I have yet to try it but i think I'll drive over there today and get some.

Have a great celebration!!!!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

I LOVE festas, fiestas, fetes and garden parties!!!! I enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie these family and neighborhood get-togethers generate..........and of course sampling the great ethnic foods.

Enjoy this wonderful day surrounded by your family - I'm so glad you can celebrate your heritage together Corey.
Blessings to you all.

i would love to join you all at this magnificent postugese festa!!
and that sopa with mint leaves :O

what a great cultural tradition since centuries returning year after year and so cherished by all!

have a great time corey. enjoy! surrender!

Lots of work but it sounds like a really fun thing to attend. We are in an area where lots of Scandinavians settled. Not many traditions remain, but you can still go to a little local store and buy fresh pickled herring, Gjetoast and lefse. The store smells bring back lots of family celebration memories.

Hhmmm... Corey, what a life-affirming tradition and treat! Blessings!! ~Suz.

This sounds like so much fun!

It is so inspiring that these traditions are being handed down to the next generations!

Looks amazing...glad that your family is there to share it with you!!!

I have always enjoyed the glimpses of French life you share with us; now you are showing me a beautiful life in Willows (and environs), an area that I pass regularly on my trips to northern California, but never knew existed beyond the signs of the freeway. Thank you for showing me the beauty in my own backyard.

I had been wondering for a while now whether your family was Portuguese. My curiosity was finally satisfied! :)

It's funny, after visiting here for a couple of years, finding out we have something in common. I'm actually Portuguese, from Sintra.

This is my favourite time of the year, June, because of the "Festas". We call it "Santos Populares". Have you ever been to Portugal during "santos Populares"? In Lisbon and Oporto, all the old neighbourhoods celebrate the city's patron saint (S. Antonio or S. João). People come out at night to celebrate, all the narrow streets are decorated with colourful garlands, they put up long improvised tables and stools in the squares, there's tradicional music playing, and everyone eats grilled sardines, salad, soup,etc.

The city actually smels diferent these days!

And we all buy a small vase with a "mangerico", a small plant similar to basil, with a typical paper flower and small poem.

It's lovelly, there's nothing like it! If you've never been here you have to come next year!!

so yummy! grew up in south africa around a large portuguese community so i know and love the food!

Family is ready and we will be in line waiting for the meal! If early enough maybe we will be able to sneak in with one of the Queens small town related to at least one. LOL Hoping the temperature is not over 100 degrees like many years. See you there.

Wow! What a wonderful tradition of joy and family and love. I am still wondering what sopas are so I look forward to learning more. Enjoy!!

blessings and love

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