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26 May 2008


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May you and yours feel peace today as well Corey. You are so right, we are all the same.

That's a wonderful photo of your Mom in the midst of all those American flags. (my Dad was also in the Navy). (hug)

What a touching post, Corey! My husband joined the Marines when he was seventeen, and his first deployment away from home was on a navy ship. One month after departing, he was called to see the Commanding Officer who sat him down and, much to my husband's surprise, scolded him: "When was the last time you wrote your mother?" My husband's mother had not heard from him and had called any and every officer she could to ask about her son's whereabouts! Needless to say, my husband was ordered to write a letter home every week for the remaining 5 months...!!! Thinking of you and your family.

What a lovely post Corey.
You can't begin to imagine the feelings of those young farm boys.

since the end of wwII our memorial day takes place on may 4th. remembering all the heroes that came from afar to liberate us... for my freedom!
we've heard so many stories from our parents and when the americans came to the village, driving in their jeeps, handing chocolate and chewing gum to children!! they danced in the streets, flags of freedom everywhere!
so this makes your dad my hero as well!

yes, may peace be there, where its needed most, may peace flower in our hearts
thanks for sharing this beautiful memory corey
love bless

We are all boys or girls ( no matter what our age) when lonesome and scared.

God bless you all at this first holiday without the earthly presence of your loving Father.......He guides you all now from Heaven.
I love your stories and your sentiments.
Love Jeanne

God bless all those fighting for our freeddoms
all over the world............

Beautiful photo of your Mum... God bless you Corey, lovely, thoughtful post.

Lovely and what a lovely thing to be able to do to honour your father. I think you are grieving in the most beautiful and natural way, if that makes sense . . . Blessings - Rachael

Wonderful post, Corey.
I also remember a tightly folded flag given to my mother at my father's graveside....and the stories...

Peace to you this day.

GOD bless all military, young and old. thanks to all of them for their gift to us.

Oh Corey, that was my father's experience also. He was just a poor farm boy from the Florida panhandle. He served not only in WWII, but was called back in to serve in the Korean War.

Did you know that some of these young men had never owned a real pair of shoes until they entered the military? And a lot of them felt guilty for having three square meals a day when they knew that their younger siblings were struggling with hunger back home.

I feel like these oral histories are dying away and I wish I'd asked my dad more about his experiences.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Such a beautiful way to remember your father and all those who served.


Beautiful, Corey...so true. Peace to you and your dear ones.

Our hearts break differently over our sons than they do for our daughters. Somehow my boys always seemed much more vulnerable than my girls. Your story of all those farm boys crying for home made me cry, too. But how strong they were, and how brave.

What a beautiful and sobering sight those flags are.
Much love dear friend.

Aww those poor kids. It is a very tough leap jumping from boyhood to manhood especially because it forced them to face death so far away from home.

Had he shared more stories with you about his time in WW2?

Amen! Nicely said.

What a beautiful memory and a beautiful picture of your mother. Thank you for sharing. Clarice

Lovely story, and what an honor for your Dad's flag to be flown with the others on Memorial Day. I bet you are so proud!


Thank you to your father for his service to our country. God bless you with sweet remembrance this day.

felt goosebumps reading the story.. dunno why , your stories always have this effect on me

Oh Corey...
Liquid love spilled from eyes reading your post. My father was also a WWII Veteran who passed away 10 months ago. He might have been one of those farm boys in your story bawling their eyes out.

I can't begin to describe to you how grateful I am for your transparency and willingness to share your personal journey these past months. It has been a healing balm to many...myself included.

Tender mercies over your day..

Another beautiful tribute to your wonderful father, Corey. Those boys had to become men so fast. What a high price was paid for our freedom. God bless you~

I love the picture of your mother among the flags...beautiful and touching.

What a perfect post and a perfect photo for this day among many when we pause and remember all the sacrifices made for our country. Man, I am thankful. I long for peace. I'm sure that is what is set in our hearts - each of us - and yes, we are all alike.

Spending my first Memorial Day without my father as well. Wishing you a day of good memories.

Such a nice tribute to your dad Corey!!
Happy Memorial Day!

Beautiful post, beautiful photograph. I remember my Father telling us the story of how his ship pulled out of Pearl Harbor the day before it was bombed. He lost many friends that day. If he had stayed, I wouldn't be here..enjoying my freedom. He was a farm boy from South Dakota..hopped a train to California. I'm sure he never knew what was in store for him. Farm life wasn't easy, but what laid ahead was even more difficult.

Corey, the photo of your Mom amongst the flags is very touching. Thank you to everyone who has served or is serving in the military. My Dad was in the USO during WWII and hopefully the troops he entertained got a bit of time free from worries and lots of laughter from Dad's show.

sending you mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! heartfelt hugs and love...as always.

This is a very touching post Corey. I agree, the picture of your mom amongst the flags brings tears.

That's a beautiful picture of your mother . . .

What a touching and beautiful memorial to your father and all those that fought!

I Love the photo of your Mother with the flags! It has the perfect power to remind us of why we celebrate Memorial Day.

Thinking of you and your family every day.

Amy Rue

Oh, how touching. Thanks for capturing and sharing the moments!

What a beautiful story! I know you are remembering him today, and grieving. My heart sends you hugs!

My brother's name is on the Wall -nineteenth column on the left, sixty fifth line. His flag is in a case on my parents wall. I may go up to the Wall some Memorial Day, but find Rolling Thunder a little intimidating!

I had the opportunity to see the cemetary at Normandy Beach when my father participated in the 60th anniversary of D Day. What a sight. Just what a sight.

My daughter in law recently returned from Iraq. She brought us each a flag that had flown over her base.

God bless our flag....

Beautiful photos and beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing.

What an absolutely beautiful and poignant picture of your mom. Thank you for once again touching my heart!

What a lovely memory, Corey. I have the flag that was draped on my great-grandfather's coffin many years ago (made of wool). Your dear papa's flag will now fly every Memorial and probably 4th of July for all to read the inscriptiion.

Corey-what a precious memory of your dad!

What a beautiful site that must have been - seeing your father's flag flying proud on Memorial Day. What a terrific way of remembering those who served. And for him to share his war-time experiences with you...of what he and the other soldiers truly felt in the quiet moments...

This photo took my breath away - your Mother's stance, her arms held out a little bit, embracing the moment as she viewed the splendor of your father's flag waving in the breeeze on this Memorial Day.

So glad you were there with her to capture the moment and continue to be her rock.
Blessings to you both Corey.

What a spectacular photo, Corey! Kudos to the cemetery for this tradition.

Such brave men and women have served our country during it's history. May God bless them all, as we honor them for their service!

My thoughts and prayers remain with you and your family.

Corey, it warms the heart that Willows does this. That is a lovely picture of your Mama..the calligraphy on the flag's band is beautifully done. Blessings to you all, as your heart's mend..it takes time..days, weeks, months..a life time.

Amazing photo. What a tribute to your father and all honored by the flags.

the incredible thing is that wars are still going on....

The sight of those flags flying, each one of them remembering someone special, must have been awesome! God bless.

A star within stars ...

Corey, my father joined up age 14 as a "boy soldier" post WWII and tells of his first night in camp. He too bawled the night away. Our family stories are so important, we have to write them and treasure them.

What a powerful image your father painted in that story.

oh, what beautiful photos and such a touching story! Thanks for sharing with us. I still have my grandfather's flag--it is so wonderful they flew your father's flag in such a place of honor and tradition. Peace and blessings to you and your family.


As I read this posting it made me remember that years ago we invited a young man who was recently back from his military stint to come for supper. He was relating funny things and the one I remember most: all the boys wanted to call their mothers and had asked permission several times but told no. In the middle of the night, the commander told them to get out of bed and line up outside......then his orders were to call 'Mama' just as loudly as they could.....

We do appreciate all the brave men and women who gave their all for our freedom.......

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