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19 May 2008


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oh my, what excitement and fun! I love things like like this that seem to just happen, excitement that pops out of no where. The ladies look fabulous!

The girls look tres chic and practiced, as if going on the red carpet is nothing to get over excited about! How great for them and I'm dying to hear about the party afterwards!

We used to live in Cannes and I have a photo of my daughetr on the red stairs, too, but she's only two :)

These two young ladies make the red stairs in Cannes even more attractive!
(I bet their beauty could turn any door mat into a "tapis rouge"!)

Very chic! Can't wait to hear more.

Beautiful girls! What an exiciting evening it must have been for them. I know you must be thrilled for Chelsea and her friend. I'm anxious to hear about the evening.


YOur entire family is touched by magic.
How divine for you all.
I love all that you share.
Love Jeanne

One of life's little bright spots, letting us all know that the magic goes on. A delicious moment for the girls and for you, vicariously.

How exciting is that?? WOW. I assume that is Chelsea on the right. Love, love, love that baby doll dress. How fabulous to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. I'm hoping to hear about a conversation with Johnny Depp. Oh, be still my heart, a man in a lacy cravat!!! (Think Sleepy Hollow)

Yes, truly a sweet escape! Chelsea is beautiful...the acorn doesn't fall far from the trees. I know you're savoring these joyful moments vicariously.

Oh la la!!! How wonderful for them!!! I bet she had the time of her life!!!

And my Johnny Depp, better not be stepping out on me ;)

OMGoodness Corey!!! How cool is THAT?? I can't wait to hear more...Look at Chelsea, she is just beautiful, they BOTH are!!! ~ xxoo, Dawn

Wow, too fun... that will be one experience she will long remember! Yay for Chelsea!

I just found your blog and love what I see here.

These two girls looks like coming movie stars.

WOW!! Lucky dog! I can't wait to hear more.

What a memorable moment for your daughter! She and her friend look very beautiful. Corey, I do believe you and your family live a charmed life, you have the most delightful and unexpected things pop up in your life path. Will love hearing about her evening!

They look so lovely and grown up!

They both look gorgeous!!! How fun...can't wait to hear more!!!

She really is all grown up and on her way. Chelsea at the Cannes Film Festival mingling with the glitterati. Can't say I'm surprized in the least. I'm sure she charmed the pants off (just an expression, Mom) whichever lucky actor had the pleasure of her company.

Ah..what a fabulous opportunity. I bet she will keep every moment of her time there locked in her mind forever!

Corey I am sorry I have been off-line and missed being able to send words of comfort at the time of your loss. Your Dad has left a precious legacy in all of you. I have been on the path where you are journeying now and I can only say - take each moment, each hour, each day as it comes. It is bitter and it is sweet; the tender moments you all have together in the days after his passing will be like none other you will ever experience together. It is such a blessing that you are able to stay there with your mother now, even tho it keeps you from your precious husband and children. I'll be praying for you all!

What fun for Chelsea - certainly is a sweet escape.
My thoughts are with you Corey

That's what really good friends do, share such opportunities. I am so happy for Chelsea! :-)

aw she's beautiful and soo lucky!! :)

How exciting for them! Chelsea looks stunning, they both do. I'm sure they had a wonderful time and have lots to tell. So nice to hear some exciting news for you.

Oh how wonderful for Chelsea !!!! She is such a pretty girl and the dress is just right.

How exciting! And what a wonderful distraction from all your sadness! Like a breath of fresh air!.

Chelsea looks beautiful!

tres tres chic... swoon !!!

How exciting for these young ladies! A memory they will keep for many years! Lovely photo!

How exciting. They must have had a ball.

Chelsea and her friend look gorgeous! What a fun adventure and how generous of her friend to ask Chelsea to come along.

My friends and I discuss our impending empty nests...worried how we will cope. I remind myself often of how thrilled I am each time my daughters take flight and have their own moments of adventure and joy. Thank you for sharing your excitement over Chelsea's big night!

PS Pass on Brad...Johnny all the way!!!!

Those two lovely young ladies look very befitting of the red stairs they are walking on! I can't wait to herar more! =)

Oh my! What a memory! How exciting for them. Hope we get more details later. By the way, any news on your matchmaking efforts? I seem to recall that they met up again a few weeks ago.

Wow! How cool is that! She will never forget this adventure.


Oh Corey thats wonderful, and I'm sure it helped cheer you and your mum up a little bit.

What a wonderful memory for Chelsea. We do need to know who she chatted to!


How fun! The girls look beautiful! God does have a way of injecting sunshine amid the rain. I look forward to hearing more about this adventure.

So beautiful! Chelsea look ssssso beautiful! What a lovely young woman you and FH have raised.

What fun!
Chelsea looks gorgeous

Ohhhh, FUN! Both Chelsea and V. look fabulous in their little black dresses and they will remember this night for the rest of their lives. You'll have to fill us in on what happened, who they saw, what they did, Corey.

How fun for them. They look beautiful.
Can't wait to hear more about it.

Dear Corey....I have not been online lately because I have no computer. I am so sorry to be late in telling you how sad I am about the loss of your father. I hope you are doing well. It is so cool to see that the girls got to go to Cannes!

My goodness those French girls have confidence and verve, as well as an innate fashion sense. Beautiful!

If Chelsea did get to talk to Brad Pitt, I'd love to know what she thought of his shoes!! I was so taken with them that I blogged about them!

How exciting!! Chelsea looks FABULOUS! I can't wait to hear more about her evening with the stars!

How exciting for them! Gorgeous girls! I'm looking forward to a follow up!


This is HAPPY! Love it! Excitement Galore! Chelsea look fabu. So does her friend! Please thank Chelsea for letting us sneak a peek. This just brightened my day Corey. Thanks!

How cool is THAT? :)

Is this their first red carpet? They are naturals. Lovely photo.

I am sure you must be so proud of her. And missing her and your husband and son. But your mom must be so happy you can be with her for now.

oh to be young and pretty and invited to the Cannes Film Festival. Lucky girl. What a wonderful experience!

what a sweet escape...for chelsea & her friend...& also YOU!

sending you warm hugs,
mary ann xoxoxoxoxo

Ah, your lovely daughter proves that life goes on . . .

Oooh la la darling, how utterly wonderful. Such lucky girls and so beautiful.

Maaaaaaahvelous, daaaaaahling!!

Corey, the Chelsea and V. look stunning. What a story Chelsea will have for you. We expect you to share all the details. ;-)

Don't you have to smile, seeing your child taking steps into the world of young adulthood? My son wore a tux for the first time last weekend, to go to a prom, and suddenly I saw his resemblance to my brother. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time! He's a young man and not just my baby!

You go girls!

How much will it cost me to have you email me this information?
All kidding aside, I hope Chelsea and her friend had the time of their lives. What a fun opportunity for them.

Only Coco would have a little number like that hanging around in her armoir waiting for a stroll down the red carpet.

Johnny, Brad ... feh. But if it's Clive Owen, je pourrais être jaloux.

And it was worth getting in trouble last night to talk with you. Plus ça change... plus c'est la même chose. Terteenie

Oh how cool!!! I'm sooooooooo jealous!!!! Tell her to try to get/persuade/bribe Brad and Angelina to call one of their twins Chelsea!!!!

Too, too cool!!!

hey correy its domi the french friends of chelsea i hope you remember me
Bibi just give me now the adress of your blog for go to see the picture of cannes.
Just to tell you that im really sorry for your dad,i hope you feel a little bit better,i make you a big big virtual hug and see you you when i come back from thailand
gros gros gros gros gros gros bisous

Chelsea is all grown up. So beautiful.I'm such a sap for the stars and all the glamour so I love and envy that she got to experience Canne. I miss the Mediterranean. Miss you too Corey. Beautiful photo of your mother and the flags.


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