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24 February 2008


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bon voyage, a safe trip home to fh, chelsea and sacha!! praise to belle soeur Diane!

Oh YES , she IS beautiful ...
and the look in her eyes is definitely "full of beauty"...

"bon voyage!", Sacha, Chelsea and Yann... Till soon ...

Safe drive for Diane and a safe trip for Yann, Chelsea and Sacha.

Your belle soeur is very belle !!!
Bon voyage to your family !

I hope your family has a safe trip back home, continued good recovery for your Dad and that you can rejoin your family soon.
p.s. Falling asleep at the wheel...? YIKES!

She is most beautiful inside and out.........
just like you
I love you

Wishing a safe trip for your family's return. Prayers are continuing for your Dad and family.

I hope you Dad grows stronger every day, and I am so glad your family was able to visit. I am sure they miss you very much.
There is no need to reply, as I know how busy you are, but I just wanted to let you know I am checking in on you each day.
take care,

Godspeed to your precious family for today's return...& a quilt of prayers around you & your daddy this & every day

blessings and health

Wishing your family a safe trip. {{hugs}} to you at this difficult time.

I like sister in French too...very pretty and sweet!

Beautiful Belle Soeur Diane! You are so lucky.
Still praying for your father, your family and you.


Dear sweet Corey, I think your entire extended family epitomizes the word "LOVE"!

Lovely word for sister in law and she looks lovely.

Hope all are safe from the storm....

I wish I were able to come down and drive you. I live in Washington and driving in the rain is something I was born to do! Snow, not so much. : )

Praying for safety and peace for you and your family.

Corey, I feel the same way about the storm, but this one is not as bad as the one in January. That one really FREAKED ME OUT!!! Love For Your Family. I know God is with you..I'm only a hop,skip and a jump from you too..so if you if you need anything, let me know. k? K!

Prayers for all.

Godspeed to all of you Corey.

I know the winds in Northern California can be very fierce. Rain and wind-not a good combo. Everyone drive carefully please. Maybe one of your brothers can drive your Mom to the hospital. It may be virtually impossible to stop her from going!

Congratulations on your recent magazine articles! I have so enjoyed your style! Godspeed to your beautiful family.

Safe journeys for you all!

Here in Vallejo, Ca, raining cats and dogs and blustery winds. I went to church and now am firmly ensconced at home with a cheery fire crackling in the woodstove.

I pray that you and your Mom are safe and dry. I know you couldn't fall asleep in this mess!

Praying for safe journey for all of you!!
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Hi Corey,
I am so glad that you have such a nice Sister In-law. I'm with you on the driving in the rainstorm. Not a good idea.
It's pouring in Southern California as well.
I just got my new Romantic Homes. I really love your article. I also love knowing someone like you. Great job!!
Thinking of you and your family, as always.

May sweet and unexpected blessings pour down upon you all like a heavy rain and may you be overwhelmed by GOD's loving faithfulness (and not at all by the crazy weather!)
Wishing you peace~

Thank you for letting us know that all is well.

Sister in law in French, is "Belle Soeur." Oh yes, all words in French, are so much prettier. :-)

That's why I called my blog, which is 'In The Mind Of A Grandmother' in English... why I named it 'Dans l'esprit d'une grand-mère.' Yummm, so much more pretty. :-)


Peace on your journey, Corey . . .

Traveling mercies for your family as they wing their way home.

I'm glad you have such a large family from which to select the perfect person for each task. What a relief to know you can trust your belle soeur to escort your husband and children to the airport.

Sending you an extra dose of strength to weather the storms.

I wondered about this... especially in your post of all the driving you were doing... STAY AWAKE Corey!!!! Your Belle Soeur is a beautiful sister-in-law in all ways... Travel well Yann, Sacha, and Chelsea... glad for those patches of blue showing through... XO

corey...sorry i have been in the middle of hell here, but i am still praying for you and for me...just because i cannot make it every day does not mean i am thinking of you less...love and kisses, rebecca

Hang in there, dear girl. You can do it. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers.~~Dee

Yes, we have a bit of a break at the moment as far as the rain but the wind is still howling here.

Glad you got all the driving sorted. It is so obvious that your family pulls together when needed.


OK...praying for better weather this coming week! I just know spring is around the corner!

Everything looks and sounds better after the deluge...

Sending warm wishes your way - hope everything goes well for you and your's.Stay strong and know LOVE is magic!

I love knowing that "Belle Soeur," which means: Beautiful Sister" is the word for sister-in-law in French. My father is 100% Italian. My maiden name is Sorabella which I'm told means "beautiful sister" in Italian. I wonder if it also means sister-in-law in Italian too. I'm glad everyone appears to have made it where they were going. I know how you feel. I cannot drive long without my eyes closing either. More and more prayers for your dad and mom and family. I find myself thinking of all of you really frequently. I love how God does that.

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