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15 February 2008


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No amount of love and kindness your family is given is ever enough - we are only attempting to give back what you have so freely given each of us in your daily thoughts you share here...making us feel as if you are writing only to "us"...we love you.

It is evident - LOVE can HEAL. Your Dad remains in my prayers daily. As do your entire family.

oh ! i 'va missed all this !

tous mes voeux de trés prompt rétablissement to your beloved dad !

you are amazing Corey! So beautiful post. Hope your father will continue healing and healing

I always had this kind of confort thought: when we are overwhelmed by sorrow there is someone somewhere who is very very happy at the same moment and this is good.

Love and hugs and continued prayers..........
God bless you all real good.
I love you dearly.
Love and kisses and healing wishes

while starting the day i'll be sending love across the atlantique to your dad and mom!
although far... staying CLOSE!

happy to know that he is healing slowly.
much love and continued support.
love nancy

I'm very relieved to hear that things are looking up. Even if it's just small increments of healing at a time, I'm so happy for you and your family!

Conitinued prayers.

Good to hear your Dad is healing. I continue to hold good thoughts for you and your family.

What a precious baby!


I'm so happy your Dad is on the mend, and there are little rays of the sun shining through you.

What a sweetie sitting in the old high chair. I think I see maybe a little family resemblance? I love that photo, mixing old and new.

My best to you and yours.


I hope your father walks out of that hospital....every soon :) Keep the faith...

Yes, a hospital is one place we get to see all of life parade before us, to see suffering and rejoicing mingle. You and your dad are lucky for this time together, despite the circumstances. Stay strong and loving -

So glad your Dad is doing a little better! The baby is ADORABLE - what's his name? Continuing to pray for you and yours.

Will continue to send my love!

Prayers and thoughts are still coming your way Corey!!! I will never forget 32 years ago in a small community hospital my grandfather was in the ICU on one end of the hospital hall and on the other was the newborn nursery. As I sat with my father he commented on how strange it was...one end his father's life was ending and on the opposite end life was beginning and we were in the middle. That memory of sitting there with my wonderful Dad will never leave me.

that your pa is healing is 'music to my ears'! Tell your ma I think of her too, & how hard this is on her. Still thinking and praying daily..& that baby is darling! xoxo

We all pray for and support your family in every way Corey, in the same way you have always been there for us.
This baby is luscious..!
He looks like Chelsea..!
best wishes..

My heart goes out to your mother...remembering the nights my mom spent at the hospital with my dad. I will continue to pray healing for your dad...and strength for your mom...you...and your brothers.

Yes~ Life continues.

It is good to know that your dad is healing. Charlie has had three surgeries in one week concerning his kidney. I know that it can be painful. I will continue to pray for your dad, you and your family.

May peace be with you

Corey I come by every day to peak on your Dad and you and your family. It's good to read that some healing is happening. I continue to hold you all in thought and prayer. Adorable picture!

It's amazing how your heart can somehow hold up during times like this, even when you never think it's possible. But it's wonderful to hear your Dad is making progress. I'm sure it's in large part to the love he feels from his family.

What a beautiful baby! I'm so happy to hear that your Dad continues to heal ... no doubt due to the love that continually surrounds him. ~ Lynda xo

My prayers continue for your father and family. Life, like the baby, is so precious.

I'm glad that your father is feeling better, Corey. He has such inner strength...
Even at the hospital you are noticing peple, wondering about their lives...you are a true storyteller, Corey. And the photograph of your nephew is beautiful. It's such a peaceful image. He looks perfectly content sitting in his high chair - even though he tied to it with a white sheet - hee! So cute!

Such a beautiful and accurate assessment.

I know exactly what you mean Corey. I stayed with Charlotte in hospital for a week when she was 5 and I saw heart breaking and heart warming things every day.
What a beautiful baby.

So true Corey. That's the mistery of Life and Love itself.

Hug and Love*

I recognized the plaid {green I think} wallpaper in your Mother's kitchen. :-)))

What a precious, precious photo of the youngest Grandchild. That expression on his face is priceless.

I'm sorry your Father's pain continues, even as he is getting better. It's logical, but I'm sorry, just the same.

And as for you saying thank you, to us... I know, you want to. But Corey, all of us are happy to be of any support we can, at such a time. You give us so much, daily.

Yes, it's your Gift, to be able to write and photograph, as you do. But you choose to freely share your Gift with us, daily.

I'm sure I speak for all your readers, in saying that it is our joy, to be able to give a little, back to you. Sorry this time had to come, but ... Just accept the outpouring of our love and support, during such a time.


I recognized the plaid {green I think} wallpaper in your Mother's kitchen. :-)))

What a precious, precious photo of the youngest Grandchild. That expression on his face is priceless.

I'm sorry your Father's pain continues, even as he is getting better. It's logical, but I'm sorry, just the same.

And as to you saying thank you... I know, you want to. But Corey, all of us are happy to be of any support we can, at such a time. You give us so much, daily.

Yes, it's your Gift, to be able to write and photograph, as you do. But you choose to freely share it with us, daily.

I'm sure I speak for all your readers, in saying that it is our joy, to be able to give some back to you. Sorry this time had to come, but ... Just accept the outpouring of our love and support.


life continues to continue....beautiful sentiment.

As always, you photo is lovely.

Prayers to your dad.


It's a roller coaster with many different twists, turns and straight aways. My heart's still there with you.

I love that photo Corey. Is the baby tied in that chair with a diaper? That´s funny.

Your mother´s kitchen is like stepping back in time.

What an amazing photograph- I have gazed at it with awe-how can one split second of time captured by a lens seem to tell the entire story of one family? Perhaps even the entire story of all families every where through out time- and without a single spoken word. I am so deeply moved by this photo, especially as your family gathers together in love to support your Dad, and we your readers and friends gather world wide (in our hearts) to send our own love and prayers to you all . There is much wisdom in that little man's eyes, and we are listening with our hearts...
I keep you all in my prayers.

Holding your father in my thoughts, which are filled with healing and lessening of pain. Know you all are surrounded by so much love.


That is such a perfect description of what one would see passing through the halls of a hospital. So poignant. Please be sure to tell your Dad that he is in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that he continues on the road to recovery. Take care of yourself.


It is re-assuring that life does go on, no matter how much we may suffer. Keeps our heads above water... Holding your hand, dear Corey, and wishing you well... Keep up the faith. Hugs from Ulla.

Totally adorable little baby pout, Corey. Love, Annie

Having spent so much time in hospitals with my Mom I know exactly what you mean about the ebb and flow of life. I remember a woman getting very sad news regarding her father...standing helpless in the hall. I was worried about my own Mom at the time...our eyes met from the doorway....I knew she had pain, she knew I had pain. I stepped forward and we embraced. And yet sometimes I'd stand outside her(my Mom)room to regroup and people would go by smiling and happy. Life goes on.
I am so happy your Dad is healing,I know it's slow but the fact is the direction is UP.
Sending you love, hugs and much support dear Corey,
p.s. that baby is so delicious!!!

I'm glad that progress is being made. "Continuing on" with my prayers for all of you.

Stay strong Corey. We are all continuing to pray for you and your father. Thank you for being so selfless and continuing your blog during these difficult times.

Beauty certainly surrounds you and your family, Corey! It is comforting hearing that amidst the sorrow usually associated with hospitals, you can also see the joy and love, too.

I'm so glad he's making progress.

Unfortunately for our community, yesterday was a terrible day. Helicopters flew overhead transporting victims of the shooting at our local college. Please pray for the families.

That's not Warren. It's The Buddha Baby.

You are far stronger than I Corey!!
That is one beautiful baby!
I hope you have a good weekend!
Keeping you in my thoughts,

So glad your dad's health continues to improve; surrounded by so much love and support has to be the best medicine! Adorable baby!

I love the highchair; I have a similar one. The baby is precious!

Yes, life goes on (and Blessedly so). I am glad to know your dad is improving, however slowly.

You are very welcome,dear Corey. Continued good thoughts for your dad and family.

Oh what a serious faced little handsome man. He looks like he's analyzing the camera in hand, trying to decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing. I'm glad your Dad is steadily getting better. I bet he is glad to have his children visiting, your mom too, as I imagine it's just as stressful as her. Continued well wishes and good thoughts for you all!

I'm so glad to hear that your father continues to move forward to healing but so sad that his pain persists. Wishing and praying that the pain ceases soon for him.

& I'm thinking of your mother, steadfastly at his side, being his comfort and his rock and his love.

You are all so blessed to have such a wonderful loving family (of characters tee hee).

I love that photo, so much fun Corey. I thought it was vintage for sure, probably one of your brothers. What a sweet little guy, with quite a determined gaze!

Hah! I love the comment that he's the Buddha Baby! :)

I'll be lighting a candle on Sunday.

The picture is priceless and an heirloom in itself.....

Praying your Dad is on the way to recovery...seeing our parents ill breaks our hearts but God is able and sufficient is all things......God Bless....Betty

That precious baby is ho so aborable! Hang in there Corey. Still lifting you to the Father.

Corey, I thought the photo was an old one. It's beautiful. Of course the subject is quite precious!

Your parents and family remain in my thoughts and prayers. It's good to hear your father continues to heal.


I am truly thankful that your father is slowly healing.

I love the picture - especially the way the baby is secured to the chair with a dish towel.

How are FH and children doing? Will they be able to stay with you for long? When is(was) your birthday? WOW! I'm full of questions or just plain nosey! LOL


I love the photo of the baby. So sweet. Corey, I am so glad your dad is doing better. I submitted a prayer petition to the grotto of Lourdes for his continued recovery.

You give us so much every single day- beauty, encouragement, a peek into a different culture. It's wonderful that we can give you our love and prayers.

What an amazing picture of your little nephew. I could stare at his big eyes and solemn little face for an hour!

Corey, good to know that your Dad is healing and love from family and friends are enveloping him everyday. ((hugs))

i am so heartened by the news of your dear father...you must know how loved you are by all the responses daily...i continue to hold yo all in my prayers and thoughts...what a dear babe that is...love you bunches corey...rebecca

Big hugs and heartfelt prayers to you and your family.

Just about everything has been said -- I'm thinking of you, though!

What an interesting place a hospital is..mundane upon first glance yet its really a train station of sorts..Where some are arriving and others are leaving for another destination. We are still keeping your father in our thought sending best wishes to all:)

i was guessing that was your little chelsea when she was a baby...do you see it? i am so thankful dear daddy george is healing...xo to all of you...a

What an adorable baby. Oh, to kiss those cheeks... :)
Give your dad some big hugs for me and have him give you some back.
much love...

I understand fully, having been where you are less than a month ago. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.


Oh, Corey, sorry I've been AWOL (work and life got a little extra busy for a couple of weeks)...so sorry to hear about your Dad. Sending him healing love and light and hope and prayers...and to you. xoxo

So glad that your father is healing, may the healing hand of God watch over you and your family. Physical and emotional, warm wishes to you. Such a beautiful baby!

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