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12 November 2007


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She has been in my prayers . . . and will continue to be there.


Oh my gosh. I'm not sure what to write except that I will keep her in my prayers. She has such strength!


dear corey,
i am so sorry for this sadness in your life, but how blessed you are to have such a strong friend who will surely continue to speak volumes with her actions even when her voice cannot. i will keep her in my prayers, and you.
-maria fazio


Bless your hearts, both of you!! It is so hard to go through what she is and you are too!! Were it not for the hope of the next life, well, this life would be even harder! Will ask the FATHER to be with her, and you!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Written so beautifully. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.


Corey I am so very sorry about your friend Shelley... I will pray for her that she will be made well... or if God does not see fit to make her well that she will not suffer and that she will have the courage to endure this Illness.. you are such a good friend to be there for her I will pray for you also to be strong for her...


Beauty has a voice all its own.



life is just so hard sometimes. i wish you and your friend so much strength.


we will.
delphine and nancy

Cottage Contessa

You are both in my thoughts and prayers...
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


ALS is such agony to go through and to watch someone else go through. I am so very sorry ... may the peace of the Lord be always with you ... both of you.


Your friend is an amazing person! I wish the best for her. She will be in my prayers, as will you.
I am truely sorry.
Take care,


You and Shelly are both in my prayers.

Mrs. G.

You and your friend are on my list. Good thoughts coming your way.


I struggle with accepting 'loss' in its many forms... My family has a genetic propensity to lose their voices as they get older. My mother, in an unrelated operation, lost the use of her vocal chords for over two years. What is amazing is how well we can and do adapt if approaching things like your friend is.

Best wishes.



Corey, tell Shelley you love her with your eyes, tell her you care with your arms and she can do the same for you... Write to each other, there are so many ways to communicate... they say we only use 10% of communication with the spoken word so she still has 90%... my prayers are with you both... Vida x

Betty C.

Thoughts sent. You are very good at finding words...


You are both in my prayers as I read this with tears in my eyes.


Sending more heartfelt prayers for strength and health to Shelley and you too Corey xx

Caffienated Cowgirl

What can I say...she is in my thoughts.


My heart is breaking, Corey. For all that she has lost and is still to lose, it just never occurred to me that Shelley would lose her voice. I'm so sorry. Courage, dear Corey. She will need your courage to add to her own.

Elaine L.

It by a strength that comes from beyond this earthly plane when someone with a terminal illness is able to handle it with such dignity and grace. Painful though it is for us, it is a beauty unto itself.

Whenever I am afraid for someone, I visualize them and say this prayer:

The LIGHT of God surrounds you,
The LOVE of God enfolds you,
The POWER of God protects you,
The PRESENCE of god watches over you,
Where ever you are God is and all is well.



Shelly personifies The Word!


My thoughts are with you both.


I send healing love and prayers for your friend and you.
I love you dear friend.
Life's journey's take us through highs and lows constantly.
Thank God for family and friends and love and prayers.
God bless you and your dear friend Shelley.
Many blessings

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I will pray for her. And may be , today we can ask soeur Michelle to make also a prayer ...Should we stop by La vierge de la garde to light a candle ?


You will always hear her Corey. xxx

constance l forehand

i will pray that GOD will put HIS heeling arms around shelly and comfort both of you. read JOE OSTEEN's latest book.it will give you hope.

Ellen Cassilly

What an amazing gift she is giving all who have come to know her. Shelley's grace is shining inaudibly to all of us through you. I will keep your entire family in my prayers. Love and hugs,

Miss Maddie's

Like all gifted women of dignity and grace Shelley has accepted this outcome.The bond between you need not be exchanged with words.It lies much deeper, it is carried within your souls.You shall be each others strength and we shall pray for you.Remember all the love that you have shared and draw on that in times of pain.You are blessed to have each other. Susan



I'm sorry that the time is difficult, and I'm so sorry for the hardships you've faced. Shelley is amazing, and I truly understand her peace and acceptance. It is there.

Please let Shelley know that we're thinking of her.


God bless her heart! It is truely amazing the courage some people show in the face of such ravages. I admire her heart and pray for her health.
Prayers and blessings.


She is in my daily prayers.


Prayers sent, for Shelley and for you xxx


Praying for Shelley, and for you.
She has courage and you must find it too.
How hard it is to see those we love suffer.
Be strong
love ang hugs to you both..


The truest of friendship...sisters by choice and not by birth. Giving you both the BIGGEST and TIGHTEST of ((HUGS)), and prayers of LOVE.



we take for granted so many things.

your friend has wisdom
to teach so much
in her last speaking days.

you spread this wisdom here
which brings you all more prayers...

the amazing way of the world.


Corey - such sad news, we take so much for granted. I will keep you both in my prayers. Marva


I will, Corey .

qualcosa di bello

corey...it is my deepest pleasure to keep your brave, loving friend in my prayers each day. you are so right...what hope she illuminates for us all. what a gift it is that she is sharing this, through you, with us. bless you both...


It is such a cruel disease. Shelley sounds amazing.

A Buddhist prayer...
"may I be a medicine for the sick and weary, nursing them until their afflictions are gone forever..."

I'm sure you are a great medicine to Shelley as she seems to be to you and others.

Miz Booshay

You both amaze me. Shelly and Corey.

I am crying and praying and rejoicing in your beautiful spirits.

Miss Sandy

You are both in my prayers.


To Corey and Shelley with deepest gratitude. You are both courageous and inspiring women. I'm praying .. love to you both.


Corey...you know we will all be praying for Shelley. And of course, we pray strength for you. Expect a miracle! They do happen!


I am praying.


Shelley continues to amaze me too. Thank you for sharing her great strength with us here. I join Elaine in her prayer which bears repeating:

"The LIGHT of God surrounds you,
The LOVE of God enfolds you,
The POWER of God protects you,
The PRESENCE of God watches over you,
Where ever you are God is and all is well.


My brother has this disease and it is just beginning. It terrifies me. I admire Shelley and I will think of her as time goes on as an example of bravery and grace.


My mother died of ALS. I will keep Shelley in my prayers.

melissa @ the inspired room


Heartbreaking. Prayers for her, her family and for you as you walk through this dark time.



I am deeply sorry for the pain and sorrow you feel for you dear friend. Obviously, she is a light in your life and gives you much inspiration. I will hold her up in prayer. Thank you for sharing about your friendship with Shelley.


Dear Corey, I am praying for Shelley, for her family and for her friends. This has to be so hard, but none of you have to go through it alone. God is right there with you ~ always.

Take Care & God Bless,



That is so sad. She has so much courage. I will say a prayer for Shelley.


a love thought for you and your friend Dear Corey


OH, i feel..i have now words..just, want to let you know that i will have your friend in my thought, wishing all the best and sending you and your friend quietly a warm and thoughtful hug

Aina x


Hard to find words....Shelley is an amazing, strong, vital person...you 2 are blessed to have each other.

Please know you have all my thoughts and prayers...

My Melange

I wish Shelley nothing but happiness, health, strength and love. She has such a good friend in you Corey! I will think good thoughts and send positive energy her way....


oh, what a sad thing! I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I will say prayers that she will feel stronger and her voice will come back!

Julie Ann

Shelley will be in my prayers today. What great dignity, what courage, she shows us. Amazing grace. So glad she has you. God Bless x.


DEAREST SHELLEY, I too feel Corey's pain, but know your courage and grace first hand and send you loving tender angel kisses to wrap around your soul...
I've often thought which sense would be the worst to lose, for me its sight... but, I feel your distress Corey, when distance makes voices so important and helps us pull those who live far away - near... Remember 'Friendship' is stronger than words... I hold both of you in my heart. Blessings...


Oh no! My heart just breaks reading your post Corey.

Thinking of Shelley, her family and all those who love her, sending hugs and prayers to wrap around you all.

Paris Parfait

Shelley will certainly be in my prayers. What an amazing, strong woman she is. Such courage!


What I love about you is that you care so deeply about not only your family but so passionatley about your dear friends. You write about the sadness in your heart today.
Dearest Corey of course I will hold Shelley in my prayers! I hold you also ...

"the best friends everywhere stay with us in both sunshine and shadow"

I hope that I can pass along a bit of sunshine to you today because ((YOU WON)) my
GIVEAWAY! Email me your address and I will send her to you. hugs aNNa


Oh Corey! I'm so sad for your beautiful friend!! It brings tears to my eyes...You will both be in my prayers!!


amalee issa

Hey Corey, is it worth reprinting Shelley's email, so that if she wants and if you think it appropriate, we could email her some more groovy sites?


Linda Harre

Oh Corey....I am so sad to hear of your friend. I believe that is the friend you had pics of in a past post? My prayers are with her and I will stop to pray right now!


Corey, my prayers for Shelly and for you. With you as her friend, her spirit will never be silent.


i am dearest corey,i am. i am saying prayers and sending angels to shelly, to you and all of your family. this is really tough but i know that you will be strong. even though it doesn't feel like it, you are strong. i have you in the center of my heart. much love, elsa


warm healing thoughts and a prayer lifted to st.jude and st. rita...blessings, rebecca


Keeping you both tucked in my prayersleeve


Yes Corey, I will pray for your dear friend Shelley, and for you too. a few years ago I lost my close friend to cancer and I just couldn't seem to get my head around it. We ended up praying for each other to help us through the trial.It really helped.


I will continue to hold the both of you in my heart, and wish you peace.

Liz Ness

Oh I'm so sorry. Thanks for your courage to grow your friend's voice through your blog.


How dearly brave.
Prayers for her...



Love and prayers to you and very brave Shelley.

Donna O.

Corey- this post just hit me like none other. Of course I will pray for Shelley and you and everyone who loves and cherishes her. Gosh, this is just so, so, hard.
Love to you all. And love to you, Shelley.


I pray that God's love reaches round the world and touches Shelley's head, heart, and body. May she feel his peace in and through her. I pray also for you Corey -- that he will comfort you. I am moved to tears because I sense the beauty of this friendship and the beauty of his hand in forming it and protecting it all these years. Blessings.


Hi Corey:
I mailed a butterfly card to Shelley today
Peace & Love

Ann@ HolyExperience

"Even if silence comes to you I will hear your truth and not forget..."

And that is the greatest gift any friend can give. You are all that and more, Corey.

So Shelley is to to you...

Praying tonight...
Father, You are the Word. In the beginning, You spoke it all into being. Speak to Shelley Your peace tonight. Speak through Shelley, regardless, Your peace... that all may hear. Cup Shelley close. Rejoice over her with singing. Keep her in the shadow of Your wing... and all of us scared ones too. The way home is short, and safe, for You walk with us. We are Yours. All is well. More than well...
In Jesus name... Amen.

How I send love to you, Corey and Shelley....
All's grace,


I lately went to Evry and walked into the cathedral to have a few prayers...
Shelley knows she was there with me...
As a matter of fact, I have to go back to Evry today... I will head to the cathedral again... and have a long prayer for Shelley at Mary's foot ... she deserves it ...!


People's strength really amazes me...I don't think I would have to courage to face something like that, she sounds like an amazing person.

Merisi's Vienna

Words really fail me.
Shelley reminds me of my sister, who was so brave, while alone the thought of her physical pain made chills running down my spine and trying to imagine the pain she must have felt knowing she had to leave behind her children, motherless, broke my heart over and over. I wish you and Shelley all the strength and comfort you may need. Hugs xxx


I will for sure keep your dear friend in my heart and prayers...I have a dear friend of the family who is going through what sounds like the same thing. I have always turned to her for some wonderful conversation and advice over the years and to think she could one day not be able to talk...But I join my prayers for your friend with the ones for my friend and will continue to have hope and faith in the healing power of the Lord.


I am praying for Shelley and her family and for you Corey. May God comfort you all and give you strength.


Through your words, Shelley encourages all of us. To live and have grace, accept and give thanks...it is so beautiful. I send words of prayer to your friend today.x



If Shelley is anything like you, she will have used all the words while she could.

We need so many miracles don't you think? We do no get to choose which ones will be granted but if I were to make a choice, this would be one of them.


shannon in oregon

With friends like you, Shelley will always be heard. She teaches us all a lesson in grace and dignity.

I think of you often and will add Shelley to those thoughts...

Tracy R. Tuason

I'll pray for Shelley...She's very brave.
God always has a purpose and great plans for us. It would only depend on us how we'd accept it.


There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of Shelley... and I can not think of Shelley without thinking of you, Corey... and how both of your voices sing in my heart, even though you are both far away...

Shelley, I don't know if you will get this. I love you, I love your voice in sound and in silence, your courage and wisdom and just the way you are, and that you are a part of my life, forever.

And Corey, I hear you... and love you too.

Thank you for letting us know. Thank you for sharing your Shelley with us all... if I could learn anything from Shelley, it is this moving with what is, and taking the next step, even though it looks like silence and no movement. Maybe we just can not see that Shelley is singing and moving at light speed, the speed of angels...

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