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27 October 2007


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I just found a libray computer to read a few mail before starting my studies today. Your story made a great start of my day :-) Greetings to your friend and Mr.Sportscar.

Such a funny ending to a great Corey-story!!

that is a great story like all the ones you tell us...

too funny !!!

You're a living novel, Corey :)

Oh , a story!
So, I sat comfortably in my red arm chair by the fire. I put on my specs and read....and read....and read. Corey, please my dear, WRITE A BOOK. Maybe you should put this story on paper and attach it carefully to the back of that glorious tapestry. It is part of it's provenance afterall!

Wonderful story..haha, I am always saying there is nothing to wear when my wardrobes are almost packed to the brim! That's the tragedy of being woman :) Love the tapestry, your friend's house sounds amazing.

This is a perfect story - one that sets me imagining the holes that appear in her decor as her closet burgeons and Sports Car beams.

wonderful, as always.

Oh Corey, well worth repeating again and again! Travel home safely - wish I could have seen you again - next time!!! My thoughts and heart is with you and yours...

What a beautiful part of the tapestry. The whole thing must be sublime. Great story!

Your friend a lady of luxury that surrounds her but it takes a friend like you to make her see the tapestry!

You are a very, very good friend. What an angel!

Some people are just meant to meet. Great story and beautiful tapestry.

The tapestry is beautiful!
I can't imagine selling it for more clothes, but we all have our passions and they aren't always easily explained.
I will often buy another old thing, while my friends will say to me..."You need to buy more clothes!"

That is just one of the best "how we met" stories I've heard in ages and a "rescue" thrown in too!!

Lovely post - and I wouldn't want to part with that tapestry either! I saw some gorgeous tapestries at Blenheim Palace in England and in the private apartments of the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.

this story is as big a find as the other two!

LOL!! What a great story! How funny! Funny funny funny! Did he think it was charming? Did he give her a bog 'ol kiss??


what a great story...how amusing for all involved!

xo mary ann

One more wonderful story..........so exciting to meet someone like this....

I just love this image! The way she is finely dressed yet holding the tree reminds me of Marie Antoinette. With all her pomp and finery her REAL love was actually seen in a longing for nature and kindness and simplicity in the little cottages she spent so much of her time in. I have been thinking of her lately, and may use this image in a post about her if that is okay with you...

what a great story corey..true you should write a book.

I love this post. Now I know where is the tapestry from . I would love to write the same story about me . Well , I have to wait at the intersection ...

Hmmm, I think I'd sell my tapestry for a Lacroix dress too.

sitting on the edge of my seat............who would have thought being teased by fantasy would be this much torture!

A wonderful story of being in the right place at the right time. This tale is new to me, and as usual you have brought a smile to start my day off right. I love a story to go along with my treasures, it brings them to life. The best things in life are the unexpected.

Tea and flea sounds like a delightful adventure!
The video from matchmakers was hilarious!!! I love those guys!

Nice story, Corey. I think I might need to meet your tapestry friend when I come visit. Unless of course visited her would cost me more than my trip :)

That is such an O. Henry kind of story.

Speaking of bed and breakfasts, I've been recently thinking that you should honestly start up a bed and breakfast.

Love you
You are always a rich tapestry in my life.
Love you

Are they still together?

Corey, I'm sure she would not have sold the tapestry to any one else but you!! I love starting my mornings off with your blog! Cheryl

What a delightful story, loved it!

Hee-Hee, is that frenchy enough for "giggle"?

Corey, this story is too delicious - a bit of a take on O. Henry's "Gift of the Magi", no? Are Pretty Woman and Mr. Sports Car still and item?

Hi Corey - I have been away and then under the weather for a week or so. Have been enjoying catching up and what treats I have missed! Beautiful table settings, divine menus, interior design styles. All my favourite things. I think my interior design ideal is Fr-anglais - a combination of the understated comfort and fading grandeur of the English Country House with a very liberal sprinkling of the elegance, charm and attention to detail of the French interior ..mmmmmmmm....I should love to see your friend's house, hope you are enjoying the tapestry, even more so with such a great story attached. Jx

Thank You Dear Corey for my lovely visit with you. As always, it refreshes my soul.
Hugs, Donna

oh oh I'm happy to know Miss M. Antic Dealer love life, it's like to read Gala or Hello magazine, all about "people" private life, I enjoy the blog love life all the same.

Tapestry - that is actually a perfect word for
your blog - a tapestry of so many beautiful
thought and ideas and feelings and

You are a wonderful story teller?


another lovely story from our great storyteller =)

hope they're still together

Is this a true story? If so, I'd love to see photos of this lady's house etc.

I liked this so much... xo Nita

Oh! I love this story!

WOW! Love the story. That's a keeper!

FanTAStic! I am glad you reposted.

hilarious corey! this wonderful, what a laugh you all must of had!

hahaha! i hope this is all going into a book! wouldn't that be a volume full of marvels! the 1001 nights of french antiques!!! the world is waiting...

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