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10 October 2007


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I want to taste it ...Let's see if it would be as goos as the paella ...it lets me a very good souvenir : I'm talking about the paella ..

Silver spoons, ready! ... steady!... GOOOOOOO!

Mmm...thank you!

How fabulous you are my lovely friend.
I adore you

Thanks for the recipes. I'm definately going to try the tart. If I find chestnuts I may try the soup as well.

I too cook by idea more than recipes except when it comes to baking.


I saw chestnuts on the ground in the parc!
I'll bring them...

Aren't you clever and so improvisational! And with you lovely place settings, everything was all the more delicious.

Mmmmm, Corey that Endive Tart sounds devine. I will have to add that to my *recipe* list. The other half loves endive and uhh...who doesn;t love french roquefort???

Thank you for commenting on my blog! My mother loves checking on you as well! The question of the morning is "have you checked Corey's blog"?
We are currently waiting on a shipment from France to clear customs from one of our fav French vendors.

I am in awe of your culinary skills and creativity, Corey. My reaction would have been: What?! You invited guests home for dinner TONIGHT?! And you'll be arriving home in fifteen minutes?! Agh! Fine then, we're ordering PIZZA!

FH certainly has faith that you can perform magic in the kitchen - and look! You did!

If Jeff pulled that on me, I would've ordered a pizza, haha.

Very inventive of you!! I don't an imagination like that and go by recipes.

How reassuring that there are others in the world who don't clutch lists in the shop with each meal carefully planned. Much more fun - though tiring on the nerves sometimes - to create with what you have, or with what you've fancied buying that day. I cook a full lunch each day for my French wine making husband, whichever children aren't eating at school that day, and I arrive home for lunch at the same time as they do !! Makes for fun. The evenings are just the same, except tonight I know exactly what we are going to eat !!!! Thanks for the daily emotions Corey

Your recipe sounds delish! You are the queen of wing it, and I am one of your sisters. Like your Mom, my husband has to know the day before what we will eat the next night. It's ok, kinda good because then I know. Anyway, he cooks more that me.
Here is a thought I had yesterday about you and surrendering the one thing you enjoyed eating. You did this for God, and God gave you the gift of learning to enjoy vegetables!

Sounds yummy! And the pictures are lovely too!

You are my kind of gal, stepping a little outside the rules. Being from the South (of the US not France that is ) I call that kind of thinking the Scarlett syndrome - like the line from the movie Gone With The Wind - "I can't think about that right now. If I do I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow." If I had to think about dinner at 7:00a.m. I'd go crazy! Blessings on your day.
Sandy B.

This sounds so good Corey. I love blue cheese and chestnuts. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm yummy. Pinkie Denise


And how interesting that you don't use stock for soups.


Very creative! I couldn't turn out something like that if I lived IN the grocery store.

We can collect a lot of chesnuts in the nearby forests round here at the moment...
Can I use fresh chesnuts? Do I have to boil or to gril them first ?
Either way. Both ways work.

dare i say a perfect fall dinner!

& your measures are perfect too..."a small but loving handful"...reminds me of my dear aunts who absolutely never measured by any form other than relatively sized objects...butter the size of a walnut, 2 handfuls of flour, add an abundance of apple slices...

one always seemed to know just what they meant as they cooked with love (the secret ingredient to all things good)...

Corey- Will you come make dinner from what I have in my 'fridge? I have not yet mastered the "Oh, look! I can make something fabulous from this pea pod, head of cabbage and tin of tuna" skills. lol

The tart sounds divine and after my recent success with the chicken pot pie, I am inspired to try this.

Oh you are a master of tastes! This sounds DELICIOUS!

Soup and a tart - you're lucky you live in France where the guests don't expect a quarter pound of Entree.

Wonderful...my mouth is watering... I don't cook with recipes, either, or if I do, I never follow the recipe exactly again, except when it comes to baking. (Usually because I have no idea what I did with it and have no patience to try to find it.) I think this is why, even though I don't cook often and don't enjoy it like my husband does, whenever I do, it's exciting and the food is interesting and actually, usually tastes pretty good. Because I cook the way I paint.

The tureen of soup on the table ready for it's debut with silver spoons and linen napkins...how devine! How clever of you to combine endive and cheese for an indeed special tart! Ingenious of you Corey, but then again you are a clever lady in all that you do!

I'm not a planner either. I wish I was and I'm so envious of those who are. But it's contrary to my willy nilly flip floppy free spirit nature and makes my head and tummy hurt. Woe is me.

mmmmmmm, that sounds wonderful Corey! Good thing you didn't post a photo of the end result or I'd be licking the screen right now. :)

Sounds wonderful, Corey.

One of my favorite shows on Food Network, at least I think it was Food Network...was Gordon Elliot's Door Knock Dinners. Gordon and a chef of the week, would pay surprise visits to homeowners and prepare dinners with whatever they found in the pantry and fridge. Lots of fun to watch!


Sounds delicious. I will try it, though here in the UK we only get tiny endive and they are hugely expensive. I noticed in Paris that they come in bags of 12 in the supermarkets there and cost next to nothing.

Mmmmmm - I can almost smell it. Yummy!

Sounds great Corey!
I love that kind of cooking. Whatever you have in the house.
I will have to try your recipes.

Both soup and tarte sound amazing and you make the creation of both sound simple - love that! Some of my best dishes start out with whatever's at hand (I'm vegetarian too) - it's a European thing I believe - perhaps from WW2 era when housewives, such as my Mum, had to make do with the vegs. growing in our 'Victory Garden'. Most foods were rationed and we couldn't get a lot of items - hmm, think I'll do a post on this some day. It was such an amazing time and the women were fabulous in an age of great fear and stress.
Thanks again Corey - you really make us think!

i love it when you cook
it means i don't have to...


i just look at your yummy photos
and pretend i did it...
plus, everything you cook smells so good,
all the way

Oh Corey great minds think alike. I am glad I am not the only one who does not make a list. I find this way, I cook much more creatively, plus I spend a lot less on groceries then when I make a list. By the way my mother was telling me today how much she lovesssss your blog xoxoxox Clarice-who has hazelnuts, spinach and gorgonzola and will make your tart.

i can almost smell the tart and soup with a little crusty bread...dinner is done...blessings, rebecca

Sometimes we have an overstock of canned chestnuts at our shop... now I think if this is the case this autumn and winter, I'll be trying this recipe! =)

creativity to the rescue!

Thank you so much!

You're like my sister -- she can make amazing gourmet food out of nothing -- a talent I seriously admire and totally lack! I'm more like your mom, I pretty much have to figure out what to make first, make a list and go shopping. Hats off!

ooo girl! Tres delice! ..Oncable TV there's a new food show where the guy does just that..he takes whatever is on hand at someone's kitchen and comes up with a fab dinner! He is very ingenious!

These are truly marvelous recipes and the photos are some of my favorites ever on your site. I love warm greys and whites. Just a beautiful post.

Delicious :)

Superb. Lovely tonal qualities to this post. Ahhh. Breathes well. Thanks for stopping by. all best, Jan

I envy your natural cooking talent!


Hmmm... Corey. You remind me of my mom. She never makes the same dish twice. Whenver she arrives at some spectacular, delicious creation (which is often), we occasionally ask for a recipe and she just smiles. She says, "a little of this, that, and the other thing." These are, mind you, things she may never again have in her kitchen. She, like you, is a wonderful artist in the kitchen.

Comme j'aime venir ici! Et surtout profiter de tes photos de vaisselle et art de la table, elles représantes ce mélange que j'aime tant de matières brutes et de matières sophistiquées ;-)
Merci Corey!

Your post made me smile, no, grin. Big. *giggle* I cook much the same way, most of the time. I make everybody nervous when I refuse to go shopping "for the weekend". A very wise friend of mine told me that trick a long time ago. Thank goodness. Shopping ahead is like completely planning out your life. Not leaving anything to chance. Where'd creativity end up?
I shall have to shop for your your endive and Roquefort tart. Sounds divine. I can smell eat all the way from France. Gotta shop because we ate all the Gorgonzola I got at the market on Tuesday with the wonderful Abate pears I found ripe in my fridge. :-)
Now, for that chestnut soup ... let me read your recipe ... Thanksgiving is closing in ... Thanksgiving is an exception, I do shop ahead for that feast. *grin* Albeit without shopping list. Most of the time I forget the carefully laid out list at home. Old habits die hard. Never forgot the turkey, though.

"I can smell eat all the way from France." -
Oh dear, call Dr. Freud!
Sometimes I spell correctly.
Or don't I?
That frangrance of that freshly baked tart of yours, too heady .... :-)

Can't wait to make these recipes! sounds soooo delish. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...I'm counting the days for fresh chestnuts to make their appearance! :-)

Dear Corey,

this is in answer to your "Thank you" note.

I have had your blog open for some time this morning, in between doing other things I try to peek in and read all those blog entries of yours that I missed. I love coming here, almost like sitting down with a friend for a few minutes when in need of a break and something beautiful to fill my heart.

So, dear Corey, thank you for taking the time and thought for your wonderful blog,
I wouldn't want to miss it.

Merci beaucoup,
(And yes, I hope you do come to Vienne soon!)

That's my favorite way to cook, winging it!! I think we are all more resourceful than we give ourselves credit for. Your chestnut soup sounds yummy!!

You don't discover new things by following recipes. I'll be over, should I bring wine?

Hi L
Yes please bring RED Australian wine! Merci! Dinner is served at 8pm!

Ok , I review my judgement about endives : your tart seems EXTREMELY tempting (ah! le roquefort !!! my favorite cheese...).
Have a nice day !

That soup sound SO good. I LOVE chestnuts. The more ways to cook with them, the better.

I am fainting with pleasure.

However, I could not keep my eyes off those glasses at the top waiting to be filled. As for the tureen...I could eat that too. With my eyes, of course.

P.S. I cook the way you do.

Dollops of love to you. xoxo

Magnifique table...Et merci pour les recettes, l'association endive/roquefort est très tentante!

whew! i fainted too and just came to. wow! chestnut soup sounds so easy! thank you. cannot wait to try it!

Your Mother and my MIL, cut from the same cloth! Thanks for the early morning smiles Corey, when I come here, I slap myself for not visiting each and every day. Your posts are beyond compare. Are you sure there isn't a book deal I should be praying for??
XO Lidy
(making that tart, sound fabulous)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Your meal sounds yummy!!!!!

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