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24 October 2007


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Yes! I would like VERY MUCH to see the dessert!
Love your way of setting tables and the "amuse bouche"! I will try this. Thank you again Corey to put so charming touches in life.

I can attest to the fact that you set a beautiful table. The food I Imagine was scrumptious. The desert? Unless it was chocolate rugby cake, I'll just have a peek!
I'm a class A dishwasher.

I'm a little put out I never got to partake of one of your FAB dinners at chez nous Especially since I told you many times I LOVE to do dishes at other people's houses
Some people have all the luck.
I bet you served Provencal NOUGAT as the dessert too!

I would imagine that dinner at your place is a wonderful experience. You make it all look so beautiful. Styling par excellence!
I love that idea with the spoons.

yummy !! a croquer des yeux avant de déguster au palais !!

did you get my e mail?


I love the placemats.

OH!!! Fantasic!! Such lovely decorated table, and how could i not love your idea with Place mats made from vintage music papers? Excellent!! And the taster teaser, looking jummy :))


I followed your dinner and I had
grapes and cheese out of soup spoons...
and soup out of tea cups...
FINE ...

Waiting for my glass of cheese and my jug of profiteroles...
Is the soup plate of coffee included?


Well , I'm not going to say what was the dessert and I'm not going to send a picture of it ...But You will have to ...?
Well let's think about a litlle blackmail.
this morning I surely love your post as it reminds me a wonderful diner but I'm very disapointed you haven't talked about CUISSE LEGERE of Marie Antoinette ..
May be I'm going to write a post about the french worlds , you girls , have learned

Divine and elegant just like you
Love you

I would gladly wash dishes as long as we could talk in a desultory manner while working, about the food and the guests and what we'll do tomorrow (but in English please; Je parle français comme une vache Espagnole).

Your table was lovely - love the idea of pre-dinner taste treats and plan steal the idea for my Thanksgiving feast next month!

Those place mats immediately make me think of the phrase "Sing for your supper". I'd gladly sing but you might be sorry I did.


Oh my glory! I need to hire you for our next dinner party!

Lovely setting, all of it! What was main course?

Yes I want to see dessert!!!

When I first saw the picture of the table setting, I hoped that you would mention company...because that table setting would put most of us to shame if it was just for a family meal!

And share the recipe for cucumber soup please!

Beautiful table, Corey! Taster teaser...lovely idea!


Oh, yes always show the dessert! I love the tablesetting!!!!

oh a meal at your house must be a pleasure for every sense...a delightful amuse buche...soup in teacups...how creative...love it all and will steal/borrow all your ideas...blessings, rebecca

Sitting here taking notes:

music sheet placemat
amuse bouche looks delicious
tea cup holding dessert

Thanks for some great holiday dinner ideas!!

About that dessert. Yes, please. I saved just enough room for it.

If the food tasted half as wonderful as the presentation, your dinner guests were very fortunate! xx, JP/deb

Ohhh I want to eat at your house ;-) I love how you savor eat bit. Yes I want to see dessert. Clarice

Love, love, love those cups.

The sheet music was a great idea.

Dinner at our house last night took place in the living room at the coffee table. A fun picnic, just for two.

A dinner party sounds like fun. I hope it was for you.

Have a great day.

Those little grape/bleu cheese/walnut bites looks so decadent! I could probably eat a bowl of them like a salad, with honey of course!

What a delight to the eyes! Beautiful photography of glorious food and settings.
You have the magic touch, Corey!

I definitely want to know what is for dessert!

As a qualified and experienced dishwasher, I would like to apply for the above position. CV upon request!

Corey the table looks beautiful, so soft and
by candle light wow! I am sure you had a lovely dinner with sweet Lea, how exciting to
be with you in France! Hello to everyone X0X0X0 Pinkie Denise

Well you certainly know how to not only decorate and set a table, but to serve wonderful food.

You betcha' I do!
LOVELY! Applause, Applause!!!!!

I apply! Because even though washing dishes is not my favorite chore to do, it would be washing dishes in France in your company...

WOW!!! Corey, absolutely amazing detail...What a nice way to cherish time with others...Have a wondeful day. I cannot wait to visit France in 2009!

Looks wonderful.

Yes, please. May I have dessert, please?

Beautiful table setting, Corey. Just lovely.


Your table is so beautiful. And I just love how you served your food. And yes I want to see what is for dessert!

Thanks for sharing.

wow! so beautiful! you must throw the best parties! you really have a wonderful sense of aesthetics..

Oh gee, talk about being JEALOUS!!! You, Lea, drizzled grapes, antiques and candlelight... Giving you BIG HUGS FROM CALIFORNIA!

Sounds like an absolutely decadent night at home with friends. Lovely! You know what I especially like about you, Corey? You have chosen to live a positively beautiful life, with your face to the sun (or towards a candlelight dinner with friends).

Oh yes...I must see the dessert! You tease us with such a beautiful table setting and lucsious spoons filled with delights. Oh how you inspire me Corey!

I love the vintage sheet music as a table place setting placematt! Lovely!!

I'll wash dishes if I get a bite of dessert!

Oui ! Oui ! Je veux voir le dessert ! Corey , les amuse-bouches look so tempting , delicious , beautiful . Gorgeous spoons , beautiful table . Pure magic and art de vivre.

learned you did 'la cuisse legère' as well during the gathering... missing the picture of it over here... ;)))

This is so gorgeous! I would love to have the time to do that sort of thing...and the space to store that sort of thing...maybe when I retire, LOL!

oh my! such thought , time, and care given to every detail!

You make entertaining a symphony of giving.

I am smiling at your beauty from our* not on fire*- Joshua Tree -village


Thanks for this bit of loveliness to keep my anxious mind off of all the fires going on here.

MMMMM! Now you've got me wanting to lick the screen again Corey.

This reminds me of a funny story ... my nearly 89 year old father took a client out (yes, he still works at 88 and still schmoozes the clients) to a posh restaurant that had been recommended. Both he and his client were unfamiliar with amuse bouche and got the biggest kick/belly laugh out of being presented with this itty bitty morsel "with the chefs compliments". I can just imagine the two of them saying "Well gee, um, thanks ". He couldn't stop chuckling, relating the story to all of us.

Yes please, I want to see the dessert. Better yet, can you send mine FedX please? :)

Ok, thanks for the recipe I am going to copy you on saturday dinner with friends, I will post the photos. Moi aussi, je veux voir le dessert. And it's such a lovely idea the old music partitions as placemat.

What a beautifully set table...as far as seeing dessert, definitely yes!
I just want to know how French women stay so thin when they eat so well...and desserts, too.

yummy! yes, please do tell, what was for dessert!?!?
wish i was there!

Corey, I am always in awe of your attention to detail, lovely table setting and the morsels a treasure to see. Loved your words of the post before this too. Always brings a certain joy to my life to come here to visit you.

It's just lovely...you do understand elegance...what was the rest of the menu and dessert?

What a lovely table. I love small plate meals. I would love to know what was for dessert!

B E A U T I F U L ! ! !
Your table is magnificent!
And Lea's teasers placed back and forth on the spoons (A standing ovation).
A feast for the eyes.
So happy you could be with one another too!!
Just wonderful!!!

Everything looks, sounds, and I'll bet tasted........devine! I hope dessert will be in your next post, you tease you! Was the dinner party for any particular occassion?
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Where's the dessert? I a mlooking for the dessert...Is it over there.or over here? Where?? hee hee Looks like it all came out of a gourmet magazine! You are Top Chef!

What a great idea - the small bites! I am going to adopt a semblance of your courses for Thanksgiving. We all overeat, yet no one wants to give up any of the traditional courses. So this year, I will be making many petit bouches!

"amuse bouche"

Oh, my!

The French do know how to stop and smell the roses.


I have done the tiny appetizer on a chinese soup spoon before.....I will have to try this one for our next party!

wow. I officially want to come and learn entertaining from you - that looks amazing!

What a lovely warm setting! So inviting.

How beautiful everything looks! And oh so yummy! When will dessert be served? :-)

Oh wow! The food is beautiful, the presentation exquisite, the setting delightful.

You set the bar very, very high!

Dearest Corey,
Thank you so much for bringing the chocolate chip cookies to my "waiting" game picnic.


bonjour corey
superbe cette description de dinner !
je retiens la recette de la mise en bouche de votre amie ...

oui oui je veux connaitre le dessert, je suis très gourmande de belles (le plaisir des yeux, n'est-ce pas ?)et bonnes choses !
bonne et belle journée pour vous

Stunning images and delicious looking food! What an amazing dinner party, the table setting and food is good enough for the best restaurants.

Oh Corey, you live magically. Thank you so much for sharing with us. My heart fills and bubbles over with thank-you's to you, for sharing.


Mmmm ... les amuse-bouches me font envie !
J'adore cette amusante présentation !!!

Oh, I am late! Do you still accept applications for a dishwasher position in your household? I am ready to leave right now, in case ..... ;-)

I am not kidding.

Tres, tres delicious [I can't think of the Fr word at the moment].

What a beautifully set table! I miss having friends over for dinner like we did in Dublin. I love the idea of the sheets of music as mats.


How pretty and inspiring! I love the amuse bouche... I'm going to have to try that sometime!

So I'm guessing you probably don't want a photo of the Chinese food take-out boxes sitting on the coffee table that comprised our Saturday night dinner... WOW. ;)

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