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09 September 2007


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Ehat stories that chair could tell.

This looks like a chair well-loved, what fascinating stories must have been shared on it...

I still love the quiet simple times when people sat on their porches and watched the world go by.
The pace of life is much to fast.
People are rarely home anymore to enjoy anything............
Thanks for all you share.
Love Jeanne

think of the rythmic creak of the chair as someone sat in it and dreamed . . .

What an extraordinary photo! Isn't it amazing how an old ratty chair can be so beautiful?

The photo looks so haunting.

You seem to have an uncanny ability to capture the beauty in everything! This is when l wish the chair could talk and tell us about who has sat on it, how long it has been there for, what it has seen ..... The list is endless.

Morning Corey:
You weave magic for us with your words. It is like a dance with the words you use that moves us to think, talk and remember.
Thank you

Listening with your eyes...I love that Corey! We should all listen with our eyes!


Most days I feel like that old chair...come sit a spell.

Your words and pictures, I look forward to everyday!

that lovely old chair has heard some serious stories in its time! moving picture!

Such an evocative post Corey. I love the tattered cushion and rocker ... blessed with tales of a life lived. Oh how I love a rocker and porches! :)

Hi Corey- I have a chair like this ...where you take a risk sitting in it as you don't know when it will give out. A bit like life, right? (Or my back!)
Wonderful photo, as always.

I too love my dad's arm chair. I can still feel my dad's love enveloping me when I sit in there. I remember all those stories he used to tell us.

Your post brought back memories.

Love the image of the porch chair and the images your words invoke in my memory. Thank you.

And the echoes of those stories are still there... just sit in the old porch chair... and you will hear them...

This chair looks as if it had rocked loads of stories ... some with laughter, some with tears...

Wow that is a real piece of Ghost Furniture

Mine eyes have heard the glory of your words.
May they always listen to your song.

Musical. Fantastic photo - seems to tell its own story.

What beautiful prose! And wonderful photo of that timeworn chair on the old porch! You can tell it has seen so much and has so many wonderful stories to share :)

the native americans say...listen with the ears of your heart, and see with the eyes of your heart...this sweet post reminds me to do just that! miss you dear one!

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