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19 September 2007


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Me needs me one of those.
And you, you have an entire collection of them? You go girl!
Love the old dress, simply beautiful.

lovely soft fabrics

colorful and full of

love and life and...

tiny stitches - one at a time

like our precious days

each one following the other

pearls on a beautiful necklace

worn and carried day by day

by each of us - we touch

the stitch, the pearl

and remember each...

and every one...

by touch - we feel...

the sensual loveliness

of life...

stitch by stitch

xox - eb.

those fabrics are yummy
simply piled up
like so many fancy pancakes!


if they were mine
i would play with them,
i think,
folding and draping and even, yes, even ironing them smooth.

don't you wish they were all yours?

Corey, this makes me think of the old country
and are great-grandma. The brightly colored woven tapestries, linen towels lovingly made by her own hands. With 12 children how did she
find the time. The thoughts loving intents and
prayers that went into each handmade stitch.
They remain tangible still in the cloth as I
hold them......Your in our hearts and thoughts
till our next party Love your Godmother

How wonderful that the textiles have kept their rich colors, and no matter what colors and pattern they are, they seem to match perfectly. :-) Beautiful!

Oh I love this post, I'm crazy about fabrics...

I had forgotten about lavender Bottles (?) We called them lavender wands. Actually spent an afternoon making them in a good friend's garden in Sausalito back in the 70's. Can you buy them there? The scent from that basket of them must have been so heady.

Just wonderful . By seeing these pictures, I'm so proud to be provencal .
It is gorgeous . You are such a good ambassador of Provence.

The photos are so lovely - and that last one, reminds me so much of some items my great aunt had sewn. I remember I loved a throw pillow of hers made from similar fabric.
I've tried so often to make lavender bottles - mine never turn out looking like these beauties! But at least they still smell good.
Thank you for bringing back some fond memories~xo

A few years ago, we went to the Riviera in the autumn (at school break) and we had rain the whole week through....We visited museums and indoor "places-to-see".... including Grasse with its perfume factory & shop + the history and art museum of Provence - where I particularly appreciated the sections of "furniture", "ceramics" and "fabrics and costumes"...

One summer we attended a procession (was it in Arles? can't remember...). We had a lot to see in the "arène" and in the audience (as all the locals attended the procession in their traditional Provençal costumes) -
an authentic colourful fête !!! magnificent !

i'm delurking

i have so many memories of provence from when i was a little girl (our family spent holidays in france)
my mother was a quilter and our suitcases groaned with fabric on the way home
so your fabric post has nearly caused me to explode with HAPPY!
thank you thank you thank you
this is just the most gorgeous blog
i absolutely love it. LOVE it

What lovely colors, patterns and textures. So evocative of time and place. Mmmmmmm....

I love my daily tour of your treasure troves.
How fabulous they are and YOU
Out of this world.
I love you!

Such beautiful fabrics and great craftmanship!

love looking at your blog--it's like having a new victoria magazine in my home updated often!! just absolutely breathtaking!!!

Now you're feeding into one of my obsessions. My Italian home is upholstered in fabrics bought at Provencale markets, the windows covered in those witty lace curtains from the same markets (sans fringy bottoms.) There are reasons why I don't go back. Next home will be smaller, not bigger.

as i strolled through your post, i kept wanting to reach out & touch those beautiful fabrics. i just bet the feel as luscious as they look.

such pretty everyday wear with so many beautiful details!

"love looking at your blog--it's like having a new victoria magazine in my home updated often!! just absolutely breathtaking!!!"

I second that. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

The vivid colors and intricate details in the fabric are beautiful. I love how they all match each other!

And the quilts...well, I love to snuggle with a quilt and book over here!

Cory, your photos are delightful, and I sepecially love the first one, whoever folds and stacks the fabrics into sucha rainbow of colour is tryuly clever, and so are you for spotting this and sharing it with others via your blog! Thanks.

...and my apologies for letting my fingers run away with me on the keyboard, and strangle the spelling below!

Oh what a feast!

I am full to the brim and inspired...............

Thanks so much for sharing.

That pocket purse is such a great design... wow!

Yum Yum Yum!
I've always loved Pierre Deux, so much I even went to their factory.
Not only the indigo dyes were from India, but the block prints too!
Who'd a thunk Provencal prints are really Indian?
But then look at the brilliant, strong colors...
Delicious post!

There is nothing more exotic sounding than the words "rare Indian blues". It makes me want to go out and explore the Indian market places and see the rich colors.

Beautiful and informative, you always seem to combine the two.

A pocket purse looks like such a useful idea.


aah...tissus provencales...you touched my heart corey!! we bought 2 large cloths in may in le crau du roi. i love them all but the boutis at the end is the best!!

What beautiful fabrics! I want to reach out and touch them!! To see the color !

Incredible colors...I love the yellows. The guest room in my house has yellow and red toile...one of those quilts would look beautiful in there.

Oy, this is like Thread Porn.

Gorgeous, Corey. now I want to go out and try my hand at making those lavender bottles - we've got loads of lavender in flower. I just need to work out how they were made. I love those fabric colours too.

I like this post.

I am not fond of sewing but a friend sent me some gorgeous Provencal fabric, so I made throw pillows for the chambray couch. Love the bright colors in your photos.

It's a good think that I don't live in France ... I'd be completely broke. Who could resist those gorgeous textiles! ~ Lynda xo

Being a textile freak I think I actually had palpitations looking at these photos!
I did bring back a Provencal tablecloth and cloth napkins when I was there...and a hanging bread bag. (oh and 2 clay dolls wearing traditional clothing). So I guess that's something! :)
Thank for for the glimpse of fabric treasures!

OK Corey, with all that fabric... you have NO excuse!!! :-) You could just wear the cape, but then I would have such envy... that you'd be right back to Lady Godiva... XO

Thanks for sharing, it's all so pretty.
I love that kind of fabric.
What a wonderful shop!!
Have a happy Wednesday!

Love the fabric,
the lavender wands,
the santos!
It's all good!

Oh my goodness, the fabrics are beautiful, so neatly folded and crying of traditional romance and country charm. Really love the traditional day-wear costume, I wish I could transport myself to the time when people walked around in them...must have been lovely.

YUM! Stunning! Breathtaking!!! We sell lots of imported Provencal textiles at the shop, but NONE compare to the authentic old ones!

I just the love those fabrics, and the way they're displayed. Love your photography, too!

What yummy fabrics! The colors are just so beautiful. Those lavender bottles are so pretty too. Your photos are so gorgeous I just want to reach out and touch everything!


Um, excuse me while I sop up the drool off of my desk!

Holy Cow! What a wonderful fabric orgy! Every one is drool worthy!

Those provencal fabrics are so gorgeous! I especially like the bright colours. And the little pleats in the cape and the ruffle -so beautiful!

When I visited France, it wasn't until the last two days, that I discovered where the "real" people shopped. It was so much fun buying french children's books, kitchen items, and fabrics. I didn't go home with any of the typical tourista stuff.


I just caught up on this raft of posts. Another wonderful week of eye feasts. Lovely.

I've always been rather fond of Provencal prints, they remind me of a summer spent in Grasse as a teenager. Have to say I have never seen such beautiful lavender bottles as these and now I'm really regretting having disposed of my lavender prunings!

Gorgeous gorgeousness. Love these prints, I could wallpaper my house in them. A different fabric in each room. Too much do you think? Must buy some when I'm there next and make a quilt from it what a great way to remember a holiday. Leanne

oh i just love those fabrics! and the clothing is wonderful too - wouldnt it be fun if everyone dressed like that again? ... maybe just for a day?

I wouldn't mind owning that stack of gorgeous Provencal fabrics...yummmmmm

I used to stock Les Olivades fabrics, and I still have a love for boutis. I think I shall have to post about this in my int.design blog sometime!

I love your photography!
You give a good image of provencal art!
thank you so much !
Jérôme (Marseille France)

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