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17 August 2007


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Corey ,
Thank you for giving us your recipe of hapiness.
You are such a jewell.
Thankg God , I have met you .
Mélanie xxx

I send you ribbons in the sky
bundled in love
Love you
We are all tied together with heartstrings!

Bon Jour! Pretty ribbons! Some thin..some wide..some wired! and a variety of textures and colors! Just like all of us! oui !

Thanks for the 'happy' thoughts! I don't have to tell you where my 'special place' is......I think its obvious now! ;)

This was simply beautiful!

Nice way to start my day, and nice words to put my move to Rome into perspective!

I wish I were too! I'm going through a rough patch and have to make a big decision soon. I'll keep hold of a ribbon or two until then.

I have been reading your blog for months and months; just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying its simple beauty.

I love the picture ribbon! For some reason it reminds me of little children bursting with energy!

I wish I were that colorful when I unwind! (Think dull grey sweats and ratty socks!)

Hi Corey-
How long are you in CA? I am coming back mid-Sept- Love to see you!

Well good grief isn't anyone going to BEG?
Coreeeeeeeyyyy what is the secret?!!!! Does it involve chocolate...that is mainly what I want to know?

When I'm traveling. Also, I think in chocolate stores! :)

I love the ribbon image! Thanks, Corey.

Why does my eye go immediately to the pink ribbons? Love it!

Hope you're having fun playing! Are you bundling up memories to take back with you?

My special place is in the eyes and heart of the people I love.
In the mind and heart of the people I admire who touch me and whom I touch. All things art and beauty. And on the pulse of the wold.

When I paint. When I garden. When I think of my children. When I look back on my life and realize it isn't going to get any easier (really, but the difference is age and maturity) and time can't be bought.........you can't unring the bell so you'd better do whatever now....

And, when I read your posts, Corey, I am inspired and my heart bursts open with creativity.

My bell is tinkling for you! Ribbons of love on their way to you and yours!!!

Have fun today and tell Mary hello!

bless you.

Corey, anywhere that I'm with my dear friends. :-)

Not every moment I'm afraid....but then maybe it would not be so sweet if it were there every moment.....

oh what's the secret? and i raise my hand for a helping of ribbons, flowers and creative friends! you are a firecracker corey! so happy to know you "blogically" hehheh.

A secret? I love secrets...BUT...only when I know what that secret is!

Be blessed today, Corey!

A secret> Did someone say secret?? I LOVE secrets!!! (only when I'm in on them though!)


Your words always flows like the colours of these beautiful ribbons.

Your enthusiasm is infectious, and that is why I need to visit you every day!!! =)

Friends with bells on their toes! :)

I knew you were a fairy being Corey ... weaving colorful ribbons, making tapestries, of laughter, good will and friendship.

I just love the bit's and piece's of your heart that you share with us. The ribbons are so reflective of the many different, talented people that we come across in our daily life! What a great post!

I think I have just been lucky enough to purchase some of your French flea market goodies from Stampington...can't wait to receive them....Like having a bit of your blog in real space, not virtual! 'though I hope you don't mind that they sold them..?
The ribbons are lovely, I'll have to choose the right colors to tie on the porcelian (sp?) Limoge charms I've ordered!

My secret love is to share tea parties and watch others as they begin the journey of appreciating tea. It makes me so happy!

I have no secrets. But I want to know yours, so I wait with bated breath......


Great photo, and I love your ideas on happiness too!
When I feel less than happy, I try to focus on what I have, my blessings, instead of poor me. It usually works! Not always, but usually, and yes, creative, wonderful friends indeed help!!!
Like you!

staying attached to the many inspiring and colorful ribbons of life has become essential to me. many of them have been cut throughout the years, yet cherished as treasures in a precious box tied around the golden garments inside my mind.

If only I didn't live 2 1/2 hours away.....it would have been joy, nay a blessing, to have hopefully been part of the ribbon fest.(you see, I believe I know your secret)

I love the ribbon. I am there every moment.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Love to know the secret.

Oh! Happiness is playing with beautiful ribbons!!

Oh Corey I'm sure your creative gathering will be wonderful again! Wish I could be part of it! Hugs Carol xox

P.S. Don't miss out on my little blog give away this week!

WHEN ya gonna tell US the secret???
Signed left wondering,
Twinkle Toes - lost my bells last week at the mall :(


jewel spangled...

ready to swirl...

the swirly skirt...

on my party dress...

under pink skies...

dancing, laughing, sharing...

my heart is bursting

with creative joy!

xox - eb

My place is where I have ink -- covered with a bit of paint -- on my hands. I think I am virtually there as often as physically there...it is a good place!

NOW I know your secret!
ULLA gave it away on her blog...
AND you did not invite US! :(

Hi Corey,

The place the place...well i'd have to say in dreaming (literally), especially when you are dreaming with the one you love beside you. I deeply believe in dreams...

Blessings on your weekend dear one : )



I found you through Paris Breakfast. And what a wonderful find this is! Lovely site.
I find my true happiness when I am teaching my chocolate classes and see the looks on the faces of my students as they begin to understand what a divine indulgence chocolate is.
thanks for this lovely site.
PS: Are you Portuguese? I ask because you appear to have the same thick, gray hair that I do.

Hi Karletta
Thanks for coming by, Welcome Paris Breakfast readers!

By the way I am Portugeese. My four Grandparents came from the Azores.

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