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19 August 2007


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What a welcoming she provides. You are blessed to have her for a godmother.

Oh Corey how I wish I could join you at your magical Godmother's fairytale home for a cup of tea!

My beloved Grandmother's name is Mary and my Mom's middle name was Mary they too share your Godmother's beauty of love and kindness and
working with God to make this world a much better place.............
How beautiful and you are truly blessed as am I!
Beautiful photographs and words as always that truly touch my soul!
Love and hugs

What a sunny slumber party that is - Your godmother sounds like an angel - and she decorates like one, too! What lovely photos and words, Corey. xo

If EVER there was a day to click and enlarge...this is it! I want to be just like Mary when and if I grow up!!!

Another stunning post. What would I not give to live in a house like that, and your description of Mary brought my Grandmother back to my side. I always leave your blog with my insides lit up. Thanks Corey x

Corey you will have to provide tissue warnings at the top of some posts for example: "I believe Mary knows that being broken is being made whole." Yes you are blessed.

I am just blown away by the beauty of this post. Her home is a fairy tale come to life.

Your Godmother seems to be an angel on earth. Lucky lucky you!

What a lovely tribute to your Godmother. May we all aspire to become like her. Thank you for sharing her!

You are a most fortunate lady in every respect!

Your Godmother is very much like my Mother. Mother would bring something old, dirty and forgotten and bring it new life where it is not admired and loved.

What a wonderful slumber party, beautiful girls and women of all ages.
I send you all a cyber hug with thanks for the enchanting look through your photos.

*blush* that sould be....now admired and loved

Corey, everything. looks. HEAVENLY!!! Her home is divine ~ I know you all had the MOST wonderful time together. Thank you so much for sharing with us ~ xxoo, Dawn

What an enchanted place to have a sleep over! Every house that you step foot in seems to be amazing and magical!

Wow, what a vintage, shabby chic treasure trove she has. I would get lost for months in there.... Hope you had fun at your slumber party ;)

Oh my it looks like fairy land. Everything frothy, pink, glittery, old, perfect. I love it. You are a very blessed woman Corey. I am so sorry I still do not live in CA and did not get a chance to meet you. Enjoy all those wonderful memories. xoxoxo Clarice

Oh Corey, how I wish I could have been there. You are so blessed and I am blessed to have shared this.

When I read about the Flower Bed, I remembered seeing your pictures of it on the beautiful back porch, in a previous post. Thank you for allowing us into this wonderful woman's home and sharing her spirit with us. I liked your words so: "I could spend a million years with her and never be bored."

She IS the pot of gold at the end of the rainbows she paints.

Peace and joy be with you.

What an incredible woman she sounds like. Everyone should have someone like that in their lives.

A slumber party! Your (fairy)godmother really IS the best! And her house should be in the pages of Country Home or Romantic Homes magazines. Pretty!

It is all true... and the memories and friendships shared spill from these pages and touch all who visit here... how lucky for the world... when Mary came and dipped her being into this earthly existence, blessing us all...

I am in GREAT need of a Godmother!
Are there any vacancies?
Plus I can see she has a most excellent cup collection.
Brush is ready and will travel!
Hi ParisBreakfast,
You would simply go mad at the feast of teacups! My Godmother paints as well, you too would have ball together..

Godmother Mary is incredible! Her home looks like something from a photo essay in Victoria Magazine. I bet everyone who leaves her home leaves with a smile on their face and in their heart and feeling loved (i.e., the warm and fuzzies).

I had to reread the post as it made me feel so happy. Shelley was at your Godmother's party? Wonderful! Hope she is doing really well.

We caught a glimpse of your Godmother's soul in her beautiful environment...I was hoping as I scrolled down that the final photo would be her portrait....seeing someone "of age" living an authentic life is very inspiring. Thank you for the fabulous post!
Hi Trish,
My Godmother is sitting in the middle of the flowerbed. She is the most authentic person I know. Thank you for seeing her beauty too!

Corey, your Godmother is priceless! can she adopt me? :-) and I am in LOOOVE with everything in her home. I could just imagine it during the holidays...warm fuzzies abound!

Your Grandmother sounds like a beautiful woman. I think you take after her.
Hi Cat

Mary is my Godmother, my second cousin too.

my heart

is dancing

and holding

your sweet soft hands

spinning under

the stars

in the moonlight

sharing secrets

with you...

my bliss sisters

xox - eb.

Who could possibly ask for more enchantment than that?

sigh~ I missed a wonderful party...
I wanted to meet all of these beautiful women. Your God-mother sounds lovely and heavenly.
The photos are dreamy and you told it beautifully.

Thank you Corey again for inviting me.

Simply Beautiful!

You know what ? Knowing that people like your marraine exist , in places such as hers , suddenly , it makes me feel happier .

your godmother's home looks like a fairy tale house where broken means restoring and sorrow turns into joy. and the way you describe she touches life sounds even more fairy-like. blessing to you mary, the godmother of fary land where life seems wonderful.

Oh WOW, Corey! I love every bit of her home! Your Godmother Mary is an amazing woman!


How amazing her home is! But oh lordy, how does she keep it all dusted?!

What an amazing house! Your Godmother sounds wonderful, you are surrounded by so many larger than life, loving people - a blessing indeed.

Oh, my. What a wonderful place, and she seems like an angel- suddenly I miss my Godmother, even though her house was filled with cats and Elvis collectibles... Godmothers are such a lovely person to have in one's life. I could always tell mine anything.

What a magical place. You can tell that your godmother is a very special lady.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Glorious! Simply divine. Such a place looks as though it were on some kind of rarified plane of reality! It probably does!

Hi Corey! Let me tell you, would NEVER want to leave your Godmother's house. It is so lovely and filled with things I absolutely love. Your Godmother, no doubt, has a wonderful soul. Thanks for posting about her, I love it! You are bleddes as well having this wonderful lady in your life.

Hi again...I really can spell, I didn't realize my keys were sticking and skipping words.

Perfectly Magical, Life just would not be the same without Mary and Your Matching Generous Heart!!! Tell Carol (Paris Breakfasts!) that I'll meet her there when she comes, and we can hold court with Mary and her Tea-cups together!!! I miss you already, and cannot wait to cuddle in worn textiles again...!

What a wonderful Lady! And what a wonderful home she must have. Oh I'd love to be able to take a tour. :-)


Gasp!! I want to be a guest at
Godmother Mary's fantasy Oasis! gasping!! NG

Oh my...I would have to pinch myself if I were in your Godmother's home...for surely I would be dreaming!

What a beautiful ode to and celebration of Mary!!!! Your love and tenderness for her, and admiration of her are palpable. I feel it all the way to Somerset :-)

Your godmother's home looks generous and abundant just like her.

You have amazing people in your life and Mary is certainly one of them. I know they consider you to be one of theirs, too

Oh to be enveloped in all that love. All those vintage linens worn down with love to a softness that looks and feels like down, you can just dissappear in their folds to emerge comforted and at peace,what joy. I am with you in spirit.

Thank you for sharing your godmother (fairy godmother) with us. She is such a wonderful example to all of us, to live life to it's fullest, and be generous, loving and warm hearted.
I hope to grow up to be just like her!

Oh my....to only have a 'fairy' godmother as you do! I'm jealous, her home tells of stories we can only dream about. Thank you for sharing just a small portion of your 'forever land'.

Your Godmother's house is truly a magical place you are a very luck lady to have a "Fairy Godmother" for to be sure she really couldn't be anything else living there.

a magical slumber party...magical memories.

I agree let's have a slumber party!!!!

How wonderful that all sounds and looks. The house is charming and the company looks enchanting (how fun to be able to meet up with relations *and* cool bloggy people?)

Charmed life, indeed.

Oh to be just a little bit like Mary some day! If my nieces and nephews, my children and my grandchildren to come, will ever see me as a wonderful spirit like Mary then my life will be complete!

How blessed you are.....so many beautiful things in Mary's home....

What a magical space she's created for herself!


This is over the top wonderful


Goodness...I must go back and look over each picture again...

This is such a treat!
Thank you !
Love, S.

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