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12 August 2007


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Maybe it's also a sign for yourself?

"trust, let go, fly"

I really thought you where referring to the ULM aka Mosquito....

I love the pictures of those hands, and the contrast of both pairs!


Those birds are so adorable.

We give our children roots and wings.
The birds are so very lovely indeed!

I'd love to see those little birds on the fence in person. Maybe a road trip is in order.

Hopefully that little blue one went home with you.


The trusting artist with his apron and little birds was your Angel yesterday. It's uncanny how many Angels come into our life just in the nick of time, if we will only open our eyes to see! And hand you my most precious silk hankie with a C.

I meant to write I'm handing you my precious hankie with a C

Empty nests! We all experience them, but hearts remain full. With the teachings from you and your husband I'm quite sure your children will have a wonderful flight. Quite positive! Have a wonderful day.

You have such an amazing way with words...enchanting.
All the best to Chelsea as she starts her new journey.

I love these little birds and how the potter puts little signs on their tails or wings.

Another harbinger perhaps? I seem to be forever drawn to Mendocino. And I think I must have some of those darling birds!

Wishing Chelsea a wonderful time of exploration, learning, growing and flying at university!

Birds have a strong homing instinct. We can let them go knowing that in the fullness of time they will return to the nest.xx

Oh what a beautiful reminder!

I'm sitting here near tears, Corey, because in 6 days our nest will be a little more empty...but I also know that college and dorms and new horizens are the best way.

Oh my!

On a silly note, when I first opened the page and saw that green creature in between two hands, I thought French Husband was out catching frogs!

Very touching, and very revealing...

It is wonderful that there are still people who are trusting in this world. What hit me the most is the sign that said to leave the money! Trust is such a small word with a huge message....easy to say, not so easy to put into action.
With appreciation for your thought provoking post,

I will be in that area in September. I can't wait-one of the most beautiful areas in the world.


How lovely! I am sure Chelsea is excited about her new adventure! BTW, I love Mendocino. When we lived in California, we went for a long weekend...the ocean and coast is spectacular there! They call it the New England of the west coast :)

How I feel for you, Corey! Your inspirational thoughts are the wings which will carry you through the start of your empty-nest days. My children are too young to leave just yet, but I fear the day as if it were tomorrow!

She may take flight on her own but Chelsea always knows where her nest is. You are the ones who taught her to fly with confidence and love. Thanks for the birdy link. Will get one for Favorite Aunty (she adores blue birds) for Christmas.

What beautiful thoughts!

I love Mendocino. I have such wonderful memories of Mendocino from early childhood…camping at Russian State Park…clothes shopping for school…new binders and school supplies from the General Store.

I shall have to buy my own blue bird or maybe a yellow bird...or both!... the next time I am there.

I have read everyones comments. I am going through this. So this was really nice to read.

I found it comforting.

Moments hit us like tidal waves sometimes, opening up the floodgates that house our thoughts. We must allow our thoughts the same freedoms as we do our children, to trust, let go, and fly!!!

Beautiful thoughts--and birds...I have become quite fascinated with birds lately, and your post might be giving me some insight as to why!!!

My step daughter is about to empty our nest, driving, not flying,from Oregon to Texas to start life as the girlfriend to a grad student in music. He's been living in our home for the last two months, but they are off into the unknown tomorrow. It's quite a frightening and exciting prospect.

I love these birds and I love the message they gave you - poignant but true.

G and I have been planning a weekend to Mendocino, I know I will be seeking these birds when we do.
I remember as a young woman when I fled the nest... just knowing it would always be there helped my wings to expand.

methinks ingridd will see many birds fly after your words...i am off to make a pick...it is so hard to let go of your birds...yet so easy...they just seems to go...one minute here...the next they are off to see the world...such a lot of world to see...blessings, rebecca

This is especially meaningful to see Corey, in light of our recent conversations.

Your heart has eyes of its own to see the little things that will help it make the adjustments. Those little birds are so symbolic.

Such a precious post...really spoke to me. Life is really about that isn't: Trust, let go, fly. And, the concept of fly can be a command to another or the self. So important to remember that (for me).

What precious birds... I love how sweet they are and what they symbolize. We must all let go and fly sometime in our lives- it's Chelsea's turn now...

I am a big believer in signs....so is the blue one hers now?

Oh, those birds are darling and such a lovely reminder for Chelsea of her flight to California with her mamabird.

fly leetle birdie fly! Hang in there darling c! No worry those leetle birdies do come home to roost every now and again..family only gets bigger! think ahead at all of the new memories coming to make! xoxoxo
aka oneblueegg
aka mgm

my oh my how will you ever keep me straight? same ole me tho and thinking of you:)

Every experience holds information for us ... Chelsea, like the young bird leaving the nest, will fly with the strength of her wings. I'm sure you've prepared her well. Much peace & love, JP/deb

*sniff* It's so difficult to watch our little birds leave the nest. Beautiful post!

I wish i could always trust on that; let go and everything will as it should. It is like a mantra for me sometimes...

These birds are magic.

Oh my goodness that is just adorable! : )

oh what delightful birds! i love your story ... and i hope that chelsea's flight will be gentle on you!

Charming birdies...
Charming story...
I would love to own one of those birdies...

These remind me a little of those plaster of Paris birds we made in kindergarden...
We poured the wet plaster into the bird molds, waited impatiently...
And then then we got paint our own birds..
Where is my bird now..?

How charming! A bluebird of happiness on trust. Isn't that the kind of wonderful thing that it makes your day to see?

What delightful little birds. My little girls fled the nest and grew to be a beautiful women. Take heart

My dear, dear, Corey. You make me smile, cry, remember, look forward. Every emotion is stirred by your photos and words. Chelsea's sweet, still childlike hands holding the bird tug at my heart with memories of my Aimee as a little girl. She is now a beautiful woman with a loving heart and a free spirit. We are so blessed to have such wonderful creatures in our lives!

This was so touching and poignant. Every little bird was born to fly :)

Those birds are too lovely. I want one! Artist everywhere.

And your wise words are lovely too.



little blue one

fly away...

into the world


you will shape


your own hands


your own dreams


into the blue

little blue...

xox - eb.

What lovey little birds.

Thankfully, even though the nest may empty, the branches of the family tree still stay full - like the swallows returning to Capistrano, they do come back home to roost, every now and then!

Un air de poésie au creux des mains !

They do fly and they SOAR!!

I must go to Mendocino...

It will be gradual, you know. She will be back again and again; she'll never really go. You know what I mean. xoxo

Oh God, Corey, you made me cry again. I love those ceramic bids, how charming they are and the way they are sold.

Let me tell you a little story of what happened here at our house, named "el Nido" last week; Pigeons roost on our sills, we always have nests, eggs, budgies, adolescents, adults, and even (dead ones, eek), doing their pidgie thing.

I had been photographing one bird from egg to maturity every few days, worrying whether his parents would make it back each day to feed him.

This went on for weeks. He got just as big as his mama and papa yet still demanded food loudly. Two days ago I woke up to find he had finally decided to fly off to the rest of his life, or maybe he had to be pushed.

I decided that he would have had no way of knowing he could fly unless something pushed him out into the air where his nature would show him what to do.

I learned the value of being booted into who we are, even when we have no notion of our untried strengths just then.

My loving flying out to you and Chelsea.

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