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01 June 2007


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guess deep friendship often needs no endless conversations of superfluous words...just a simple look can be an intense yet sufficient expression...
!the animation of women paintings throughout centuries of art speaks for itself.

...so very true, Corey...

Oh my...how true.....

a marvelous interpretation of an inanimate object's life -

Hearts connect us and the electricity of the souls.
Love is all you need.
Love you Sugar Plum

Just as much as meeting a kindred spirit is one of the special moments along this path we call life, opposites also do attract! We all have something to offer one another as long as we're true :-)

Where one person has what another lacks, two incomplete people can form one perfect friendship.
Have a lovely weekend Corey..!

Dear Corey,
You bury surprises into your posts. I like uncovering the treasure. I loved the surprise today. Just so amazing!

I am struck by how several works had similar faces. You know I love faces. And I love the writing on the communion card. You made me smile this morning. Thank you. Blessings,

...and where they stop...Love the YouTube

This was great! Vicci has this utube on her post right now too.

beautiful women.

My best friend and I are this way; sometimes it amazes me how very different we are. But in the end, we are always still connected.

I've seen this YouTube on several sites and it always floors me how anyone can make one image morph into another. Really beautiful.

a very cool youtube - i love the morphing

Very true!!
Have a lovely weekend.

Wonderful pic and words, Corey. The "Women in Art" YouTube piece was fascinating! Much peace, JP

mesmerizingly beautiful

the inanimate world speaks... we have only to listen

xox - eb.

such a beautiful way of putting it... so very true! :)

i've been lurking a bit lately, but wanted to let you know i've really been enjoying your entries (and photographs!) lately... :) keep it up corey; you always manage to bring a little moment of calm and peace to any day through your blog...

Beautiful pensmanship, wisdom is embedded in your words and love crosses all barriers.

"Wow"...where do you find such lovely, inspirational things? Have a wondrous weekend!!

I love these items having to do with communion; it's important in all senses of the word.

You charming little thing, you. I love these little snippets of posts :)

Could come straight out of Gabriel García Márquez' "Love in the Time of Cholera". Such florid fluid handwriting truly is art.

Corey, your hommage to friendship hit another bullseye for me.

Cough it up: This is about Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, isn't it?

Hey Bossy, how did you guess it to be true?

Very sweet.

I love the pictures! And, of course, the words too!

What an imagination.

Hope this works...my computer has been "banning" my comments for the past few days!

i've been so out of touch lately and i miss reading your post so much. coming here, i'm reminded of the elegantly subtle way you allude to deeper things. the artistic spirit with which you infuse everything you create. i feel like i am on the other side of the universe from this right now... thanks for bringing me back from there if only for a moment. big hugs, snowsparkle

Lovely. Really love this...every bittybit.

What gorgeous handwriting on this card. And your words on both this and the previous post are so poetic... You are always a joy to read Corey.

I wish people still wrote in such pretty handwriting today like they used to. I start to think life might have been simpler back then, but then I stop and realize life will never be simple. That is one of the great things about life is how complex it really is.

Hi Corey! Loved the YouTube video. As always, love your writing and your blog. Have a happy week-end.

Diverse. Mismatched. Unique. Yet oh-so-similar.

What a treat...thanks for having surprises in your posts, you know we love those!

Loved the video...it really makes me realize that women, all through the centuries, are really all more alike than we might want to admit.

Lovely picture.

Found you while "falling sideways" on the net-
Shared with friends.
Seeing with Heart & mind- Priceless!
Bon-bons of beauty & insights. Thank you.

This is just a beautiful, touching post - and link! Oh, that was amazing - I watched it once by myself and then again, to show my husband. I may have to watch it yet again - Beautiful!

This really was beautiful. I loved the link too.

Nothing sews the seeds so well as heart-felt conversation.*

Nicely done.

* except maybe a well-timed gift of dark Belgian chocolate! :-)

So much said in so few words. Magnificent. And thanks for the video link. I enjoyed it immensely.

thanks VERY much for the you tubes link...it's hypnotic

The youtube was quite hypnotic. Thanks for sharing.

Short, succinct and to the point article!

Wow, thanks for sharing the link to the 500 years of women's faces in Western art.

I may be one of the few guys around here but hey, as you said, "Love is diverse..."

really diverse :)

Loved the photo and was enthralled by the YouTube link.. All very cool!

This is gorgeous!!

An amazing homage...
Shouldn't it be called a femm-oge?

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