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21 June 2007


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Gorgeous picture!!
Brave girl!
Maybe today I'll fearlessly paint these black coffee cups...sounds so easy

I can always count on you for grounding, inspiration,... and great video finds.

It is really, really hard. But sometimes you just gotta let go of the fear. You just gotta let go. And see where you land.

These young adults are amazing.
Beautiful family you have.
You are truly blessed.........
They say we must face things that may challenge us head on.
Way to go!

What a sweetheart!

Isn't Chelsea all radiant after her jump :-) If fear didn't get in the way, I'd learn to ride wild horses. I would also learn to dive, not off a plane, but deep deep into the big blue.

Awesome! Did they go to Tallard?


Hi Meredith,

Yes they did!

Adventure Girl!

Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous. Watch out boys! They couldn't keep up with her if they wanted to.

Wow!! Fearless Wonder Girl!! She looks absolutely thrilled! And beautiful!

Yeah!!! Glad she loved it! Hmmmm...I would pick up and move to Europe if that FEAR thing wasn't in the way...although my first trip to Paris was solo...so that's a step I guess!

Wow! Doesn't she look proud and beautiful!

I don't know what I'd do without that fear of failure always there around me; it would be liberating.

Did you watch her, Corey, or only French husband? I'm not sure I could have!

Chelsea did it! She looks so happy and beautiful. You go girl!

If I were more fearless like Chelsea, I would market my talent with more courage, not minding that it might hurt( a little bit). Starting my Blog is taking a baby step in the right direction, thank you for the push Corey!

Liked the utube!

if we had no fear, we'd let our children jump from airplanes! your light shines through her beaming smile. what a gift to have such inner strength. xo

Chelsea looks so full of life and so happy. What a great adventure..! And one she will never forget.
If fear wasn't in my way I would be living in Portugal, but I always find obstacles to prevent it.

Ya know what..FEAR always gets in the way! Your post struck me quite squarely in the face this morning. It made me face a fear I am going through right now. I need to jump out of this Damn plane! Jump and the net will appear!

I wonder where that fear comes from? In some ways perhaps it keeps us safe -- but more often it keeps us from doing what we really want to do. There must be a way to banish it, or at least temper it.

Your Chelsea is like my Amy...never been fearful of anything. One brother was that way too...seems something they are born with. One grandson now like that too...they get hurt more sometimes, because they do not naturally have fears...but they seem to like their lives. I think I was born cautious! Not that life is not fun for me...it just takes smaller things to be fun!

Way to go Chelsea!!! And what plane are you going to jump out of??

Did you know beforehand about her plans?

Our son went skydiving without telling me (good thing, I'd have died), and our oldest daughter bungee jumped on a Greek island during her European Interrail tour. Didn't know about that either til after the deed. Thank the Lord! These are things I'll never loose my fear of, fearing for others. I can hike along the steepest mountain cliff without being afraid, though.

WHOOT WHOOT! Way to go Chelsea! May You NEVER Ever lose your fearlessness!

WOW! what a beautiful photo of a fearless girl! congrats to Chelsea on her challenge conquered! wow!

I did a post on this living and loving without fear...

Good for Chelsea! Whoo hoo!
She looks beautiful! And like she is ready to go up again! ;)

Well my hat's off to Chelsea...she's got guts!

after my last back surgery the doctors told me i could never 1)jump out of a plane; 2) go horseback riding 3) go snow skiing...darn!!! when i broke my neck they told me i could never 1) make a bed; 2) transfer laundry from washer to dryer; 3) vaccum - Yeah...Right...all i was concerned about was cold i dance...so glad daughter returned to earth in 1 piece...beautiful lady is she...blessings, rebecca

Woohoo for Chelsea! What a fabulous start to this next phase in her life.

Great video link, too.

What a beautiful picture! Chelsea is triumphant, full of adventure and courage! WOW!

What a beautiful and fearless young woman!

That proud, beaming and charismatic smile is full of confidence -
confidence in herself and in life...

... the only two things she need carry in her bag as she steps - or jumps - into the future...

Bravo and thank you Chelsea for inspiring us -

xox - eb.

Beautiful picture, she is already an inspiration. Letting go of fear is truly liberating and shows a sense of adventure for new challenges ahead.

oh dear - I didn't answer the question - what would I do if fear wasn't in the way?

I would gather my journal, pen, glue stick and camera and wander - preferably in and around the Mediterranean - watching, listening, writing, collecting little bits... collaging, weaving inner and outer, past and present together into a book.

xox - eb.

I would quit my job.

I would visit my mother.

I would tell my loved ones how I really feel.

There are so many thoughts that just ran through my head about what I would do if I could just set the fear aside. Then I asked myself what the fear was about ......... oh my, lots to think about today.

I believe there are really only two things that drive us, love and fear.

I don't always live what I believe, I wonder why that is.

WOW...she did it!! Brave girl!

I would love to fly over Napa Valley in California in a Hot Air Balloon! And why don't I?...FEAR!!

Perfect way to start my day! I was always fearless as a child and teenager and need to reclaim that as I go forward. So what would I do? What I am doing right now? Writing a letter of resignation from a very toxic work situation and trusting the universe will show me what to do next! Woo Hoo! Free falling!! Thanks, merci, gracias!!!

Hi Leau

Did you? That is more than jumping from a plane!

I'd do so many things if fear wasn't present. Is it being careful or worried about failure that prevents us? That is a great photograph of your brave and beautiful Chelsea.

Hi Martina

Hi MArtina

I liked the question you proposed about fear. I don't think it is just fear that prevents us from doing things. I think there has to be desire. Desire that can propel us to do things we might not want to do or are afraid to do. But if we don't truly want / desire to do something we won't, wouldn't you agree?


Fear of change kept me stuck in a bad place for a long time. The change happened anyway so I guess there is a lesson there. Being brave, even if afraid, is a great thing.

Beautiful girl...She will undoubtably jump head first into this life!

If I were fearless I would quit the day job and explore my art, travel and passions!!

It's wonderful when young people show no fear and aren't afraid to act. The jumping out of a plane must be an European coming-of-age thing - my stepdaughter did the same thing when she turned 18. And no, she wasn't afraid either! Congrats to Chelsea for her many achievements; no doubt she'll go far in life.

Thank heavens! And WOW doesn't she look GREAT! Thats it! I'm jumping out of a plane!!!

I wrote about fear on my blog a couple of days ago. Chelsea is my hero! And she is glowing with beauty.
And I applaud her magnificent parents. xoxo

Pretty cool Chelsea. Great treat for all the hard work you have done..congratulations!
See you soon!

She is so cute. What a pretty girl. Not to mention, a brave girl. How great!
Without fear, I would come and meet you in France.

I know a little how you feel. I'm not a mom, but I have a niece, also a Chelsea, but we spell hers "Chelcee." She turned 13 this spring. Today I sent her off on her first "big girl" trip away from home without any family members. She's going with several other students to Washington DC. But still my heart cries out she's too little to go without one of us!

You gotta give them wings. I hope she never fears the unknown! I am 34 and still trying to overcome it myself.

you go girl! Great job...though I can't say that I would jump out of a plane. It was a big leap of faith to go flying with a dear friend of ours in his little two-seater.

~~~ you go girl!~~~

both of you, daughter and mum!

i get a rush
just stepping out of an airplane ALONE
into a country i've never been to before...
and i walk out the regular door into an airport.

my biggest fear is not going,
but staying in the same place!


what a great photo to remember THE day.

Well maybe...



Well maybe...



I've only two words to say to you Corey - DONT JUMP

Awww, look at her, all excited and happy! Wishing you a lifetime of *living out loud* moments like this Chelsea.

Oh goodness, I'm such a wienie, my list would go on forever of what I would do if fear were not an issue. I will have to muse over this. As ever, much food for thought Corey! :)

I once bought a book entitled- Feel the Fear and do it Anyway.The book was lifted off my desk never to be seen again, but in some ways just the title was enough for me.I wonder if the person who stole it was insipired by the title too.
Your daughter is so beautiful and looks so strong in the photograph. How proud you must be of both of your children (?).

Cool! Way to go Chelsea. Embracing life!

Really, you are so kind. Kind words and always the only one to leave comments on my posts. I am grateful for it. It brightens my day. I refer to you to my husband always as "you know, Corey, French husband Corey?" It's funny. I recently thought about writing a post about how one would think German husband was French husband the way he's in love
with fine wine. I love that photo of Chelsea today. She looks like a woman!!!! In a way, today, I don't envy you. I know it's hard to witness all of this. I get sad just watching my little one insist he wants to hold his own fork!!! On the other hand, I know you feel so proud, and feel pride that I cannot wait to cherish as well. Thank you for reaching out to me. Elsa

Chelsea looks so happy, proud and beautiful. I am so in awe of her ability to have a wish to do something, then do it, and do it without fear.
What a gift to give her...confidence.

If I had no fear there are many things I'd do. For some reason the older I get the more I worry about and second guess following my bliss.


was French Husband beaming?

She's so brave! Good for her.

What would I do with no fear? Hmmm...I'd travel and live overseas...maybe live from place to place, visiting different countries. I'd give up stability for adventure. Probably not very practical with two little homebody children, but it would be fun!

What a breathless and amazing post. Your daughter is beautiful, and the sentiment is amazing too. And I believe you would jump out of a plane. I get that sense from you. :)

What a great photo of Chelsea! Way to go! I don't think I could overcome my fear to do that. Although fear once led me to learn how to fly a single-engine plane when my ex-husband bought a plane. I wanted to make sure I knew how to land the thing if anything ever happened to him. But that was another life... quite a few years ago...

Fear and worry seem to be two of the most prohibiting parts of life when they are allowed to make the decisions. Congratulations to your daughter for jumping right through!

I used to be fearless but the older I get the more fearful I get. How can that be? Is that normal? Is it because I used to only have myself to answer to?

And how to remedy it? I suppose the only answer is action.

Chelsea can be my role model.

My husband has jumped out of planes. I cannot fathom doing that because I hate the drop on a roller coaster..I'll never do even that again.


Chelsea said, "It feels like the first drop of a rollercoaster ride, except it doesn't stop, it keeps on going."

I am with you Jo, Let's go on the ferris wheel instead.

When I grow up I want to be like Chelsea...and look like Chelsea :)

High Five Chelsea!!!!!

Brilliant, Chelsea. Jumping even when there is fear is truly taking a leap of faith. Hugs to you Corey ~ you've raised a strong, courageous young woman. xx, JP

Bravo Chelsea et bonne chance pour ton bac avec mention bien sûr !

"Even for the flight of a butterfly, the whole sky is necessary" - words by Paul Claudel.

I agree with Alison (Whittington): Getting more and more fearful as years go by...
If I wasn't afraid NOW, I would do all that I used and loved to do when young and fearless !!!
Hang gliding, canoeing on rapids, ... etc...
Nice memories again ...



Well said!

What a truely beautiful parachutist.

The fearlessness of adolesence and early adulthood is a reflection of a child's upbringing. The fear of adults is predicated on the number of mistakes they have made while persuing fearlessness in their youth.
I'm slowly putting those fears aside now to enjoy the thrill of living again before I die.
Congratulations to Chelsea on her accomplishments. She has every reason to be proud, as do you!

I would jump ONLY if it was absolutely necessary....otherwise why I would pay to have my stomach passing by my head for...how many seconds?

I used to do some things like that just because they scared me (when I was a teenager) Now I don't have to. I will do it if I think it will be fun for me or I will not do things that I think are specially dangerous. Jumping from a plane is ok (with a parachute of course! ...:)...) just not my "tasse de thé")

I've jumped too. It's FANTASTIC! After reading this, I want to jump again.

You haven't really lived until you've jumped...

Holy cow she looks happy. What an amazing smile must have been on French Husband's face as well...what an exhilarating way to be Daddy's Girl in that moment!


Hi Acey

So very true.

wow...she looks so GLOWING!!! maybe if we weren't afraid and just DID it...we'd be as happy as that, too?
or is it just youth? nah...

OMG, i think letting my daughter jump out of a plane is MUCH scarier than me doing it.
Conversation in my head:
"Mommy, is it OK if i jump from a plane and hurl myself to earth at a hundred miles an hour??"
"Of course, dear. Just because i won't let you sit in the front seat of the car in case the airbag accidentally deploys and kills you, doesn't mean you can't rush headlong at death from the sky, you silly girl."

Bravo to you, Corey! You've got guts!!
and bravo to your daughter for following in your footsteps!!

Your daughter looks so happy and so fearless. What a terrific photograph! She is so beautiful!

gosh! just by looking at the picture my legs start to shake. she is brave that girl!
you are so right ... things would be very different if we weren't afraid.

She is beautiful.


Bravo Chelsea!
Have a great summer.

you have a brave and beautiful daughter, corey. i think i would move to another, city, country...if fear wasn't in the way {but i am working on it, not to worry}

What a wonderful way to remember a major life accomplishment! I have become such a weenie that I actually have to talk myself into riding my Vespa to work (US drivers do not think scooters are motor vehicles)each morning, although I cannot wait to drive it home! Oh yeah, I have to do that when I drive the car, too.


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