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02 May 2007


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My lily of the valley pips have just poked through the cold ground - soon the air near my door will be perfumed with their scent. Thanks for the early glimpse. If you should ever come to my area of the world you'll find 30 (count them) antique shops in a 4 mile stretch!

Dear Thinker,
Thank you for the perfect bouquet of lilly of the Valley!
Short of jumping over a neighbor's fence to steal some, I haven't seen any in New York.
BIG Merci :)

Oh Happy May, what a lovely tradition to give flowers ... beautiful.

I could not have walked away from those chairs they are devine.

Bon jour, mon ami!! Muguet des Bois! I remember my Grandmother having little bottles of this perfume! See...you always make me think!

Looks like you had fun yesterday! The Lily of the valley are beautiful!

What a lovely tradition!


How tantalizing! Wish I could poke through all the choices with you! I'll vote for you, Corey; you always make me think, and push me to do so in such positive ways.

Ok Corey...What willpower to walk away from those chairs and the sweet table! I would not have had such strength! Thanks for the lily of the valley pictures...one of my favorites!

Those antiques were to die for! I was trying to figure out how I could fit something those sizes in my suitcase. There will be a lot of heartache when I realize all that I'll have to leave behind when I fly home :(

Ahh but wouldn't the Lily of the Valley looked lovey sitting atop that table -- I don't think I could have walked away from that one! You have much strength. Congratulations on the award, you deserve it in bunches!

Ah, Corey, the temptations! I think I would have found a space for that table and some of those buckles. I will be tempted later this week at Bastille. It runs through May 13th, if you have a chance to come up.

Enjoy your photos and remarks! I LOVE my cologne that is Lily of the Valley...ummmmmmmmm!

The belt buckles...oh, Corey! I looked at some faux ones at Wal-Mart yesterday...
I can imagine them with silk ribbon threaded thru and then tied on lots of things!

Oh Corey, how delightful! I called my hubby in to see this post, as we own a family cookware & tabletop shop! So we were both intrigued with the photo of the kitchen items! That mustard pot is astonishing to say the least. I'd gobble everything up in that photo! =)

Congratulations of the award, you DO deserve it. Your photo's and posts always inspire and usually start me off on a little mental journey of my own.


The true Lily of the Valley here is you!!

What a nice purchase you made!

Thank you for taking us along on your lovely May Day excurison.

That is a holiday I can get behind :o)

I love the idea of the little stands selling the Lilies.

They smell so pretty, don't they.

Picked up a copy of the new Somerset Life magazine yesterday and it is so beautiful. Was especially happy to read your article. Love all your beautiful photos of life in France. I am living my dream vicariously through you. Thanks so much for sharing.

Your photos are great.

Joli muguet,hmmmm ça sent booon ! I admire your résistance:these buckles and giant letters are gorgeous and so are the chairs and the table .As for the mustard , yes we like it ;here in Brazil it is sweet(yuk!)with no sting at all and everytime I see an imported pot I jump on it! I suppose the big jar came from a shop(épicerie ?) because mustard being a condiment that could keep for a while , it could be sold by the weight (you know ,like they do at the Maille shop in Paris).But that's just my guess...And last but not least , félicitations for your more than deserved award :your blog is so thought-provoking , beautiful , well written !!!

i love, love, love this tradition. flowers are magic.

Where was this brochante? I didn't see any advertised in my neck of the woods. I love that little white table-I want it too.

When I went to pick the Lily of the Valley here it was just finishing blooming and not bouquet-worthy. You have such willpower at the brocante! The chairs are especially beautiful.

The lily of the valley was very early in our garden this year thanks to the summer-like weather we've been enjoying for nearly one month now! I've made it a habit to walk about the garden every single day and to just watch and smell it then.
I LOVE its fragrance!!!
Yesterday I bought a little bunch from a street corner seller in town ... only a few stalks, just enough to bring happiness home for the year to come....

Hello Marie Noelle!!

Thank you! I can always count on you to give me the extra plus thoughts, or answers to the French-ness questions by your good information, and pure pleasure notes about France!!
Thanks for the link:

ps - Mustard.
I guess the big jars were used by "vinaigriers moutardiers" (= vinegar and mustard pedlars) from the 17th century onwards. They carried them on wheelbarrows or carts or on their shoulders. And much later, maybe in the 19th century, the grocers used them in their turn.
Customers had to bring their own receptacles (jars, bowls or whatever).

Antique shops, and everything in them, call to me too. And I shush them very well. If not my house would be full to the rafters. And then where would I live? :)

You are a stronger woman than I. I don't think I would have been able to walk away from that sweet table.

Sending you May 1st bouquets. (Click http://thegreengreek.blogspot.com/2007/05/wordless-wednesday-may-1st-wreath.html
to view)
And if you do come across a Provencal double seater, would you please have me in mind?
Here is to wonderful springtime!

You showed such amazing restraint my friend. That sweet table would have been very difficult for me to resist..and the buckles! Although the flowers are absolutely lovely! Years ago, I mean years ago, I wore Muguet des Bois perfume. My love of fragrance started as a wee girl and continues today.
Thinking blogger award? Most assuredly this is well deserved!

Those chairs are not screaming my name. They're whispering seductively. LOL Would I have been able to resist? I don't think so. I'm weak like that..

Oh now I see exactly what you mean about your flea markets. I will be there ASAP. Wow this has made my day. Makes Paris flea markets look like Wall Mart

I paid five euros to buy one tiny "brin de muguet" from the village's local soccer club! Fortunately my cleaning lady brought me a whole bunch today -- much prettier than just one sprig!

I was writing about this, too. How I love this day in France. The scent that absolutely fills Paris, and the good mood, the whole sense of happiness...it's the best day of the year.

Lovely pictures, Corey, as always!

I want to be in France now, perusing the antique markets. Thanks for drawing me in, again.
I love the idea of giving Muguet to friends. I remember making flower baskets to hang on doorknobs for May Day as a child. I think I want to start the French tradition of giving Lily of The Valley; afterall, I do have French blood running through these veins.

I know the pain of walking away from what-could-have-been-furniture-affairs, and I admire your restraint.

I wish May Day was still celebrated here; I remember participating in a maypole when I was 7 or 8, and when I was 10, I ran around the neighborhood putting little flowers on strangers' doorsteps just because, but I had completely forgotten about all that in the years since. I love the sweet in-between holidays.

I love those letters....I have been collecting letters and our old house numbers for quite some time!

It's all so beautiful!! But I agree you came home with the treasure of the day in the Muguet! Good choice!

I think you made the correct purchase - just beautiful. I think I will actually buy myself some flowers on the way home. They really cheer up the abode.

I remember 'Muguet du Bois' was one of the very first colognes I had as a teen - I've always loved the scent of Lilies of the Valley.

I'm so glad the French continue to celebrate May Day with such a charming custom. I just posted yesterday about remembering leaving May baskets as a child - unfortunately, it's a custom here that seems to be fading away.
It seems to me, you made the perfect purchase of the day. I'm glad you had a happy May Day!

Enjoyed your post...the antiques look yummy.

Dear Corey,
You're photos are always spectacular and I've always loved Lily of the Valley...it is pictured in so many vintage illustrations. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your article in Somerset Life ~ they couldn't have picked a better person to do this feature...you are loved by many! Take care, Dawn

I found your blog last week through Donna's (Quiet Life) blog and I have been dreaming of France ever since. You are a gifted photographer and writer and your blog is fun too!

I just love the red letters and those gorgeous buckles...you are so spoilt with choice in France for antiques. Here in Australia...hmmm! Great post...Nel xo

I just love the red letters and those gorgeous buckles...you are so spoilt with choice in France for antiques. Here in Australia...hmmm! Great post...Nel xo

What amazing finds you found at the market, Corey. I'm pining away for those buckles, especially those deep red ones...sigh! I'm also trying to figure out how I'd fit one of those chairs onto an airplane! Maybe I could pretend it was an aisle seat?

Love the Lily of the Valley! A chilhood favorite!

sublimes : le muguet, la table et les lettres, je vois se dessiner une jolie mise en scène !

Couldn't you just buy an extra house? I think that would help solve your problem! You know, all that stuff needs a home somewhere!
I don't think I have ever seen Lily of the Valley before, except in a picture.
Love those big letters - I wonder where they came from.

Nothing like an antique market on a holiday, when you are not pressured for time and can browse....and browse....and browse....can see you had a lovely time

Thanks for the thanks Corey...I`m thanking you...as I say...my "lifter-upper"

It really is a good thing that I don't live where you are. We would be permanently broke. That table! Sigh! I have been looking for a table like that FOREVER! Maybe you should set up an eBay store for us North Americans...

Congrats on your thinking blog award, you deserve it! Beautiful flea market finds, I don't know how you resisted the arm chairs and that gorgeous table! My favourite has to be the lettering and the buckles :)

The Lily of the Valley, has a fragrance like nothing else on earth. I was addicted to a candle here that held the best "real" Lily fragrance. The woman stopped making them, because she said that fragrance didn't sell well. I was sad.
This white table is beautiful, and I could see it in a bathroom, with some Lily of The Valley in little vases on it~!

Love those chairs! I have one too and don't need another but still, I too would find it hard to pass them up.

The love potion bottle is beautiful!

I still want to come to the markets with you someday Corey!! Gorgeous things you stumbled across here! I love the letters and the little table!

i love spring! i love may! i love holidays like today! (ah ha that sounds good!)
Actually today isn't may 1st at all but this year someone gave me a Red Rose! Yep just like that, on the street.. Then said 'Bonne journée Mademoiselle' and walked away smilling!

Okay it wasn't white Muguet which would have been more understandable (because i do admit i was somewhat surprised!), but i love when things like that happen!

"It's the deal that makes my day!"

As difficult as it must have been to resist those antiques, I think you made the best decision when you bought the muguet des bois!

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