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18 May 2007


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Beautiful lessons, beautiful illustrations. The lady in lavender looks as tho she knows a secret.


So many beautiful pictures...
How to choose?
So many lecons?
How to choose?
I'll take ALL :)

My heart is ruled by love and romance........
I have missed visiting you each day.
I have missed you.
I love you
Beautiful postings as always.
Love Jeanne

ohh la la! Tres Sexy pictures Corey! Thanks for sharing....

corey, i kiss you on both cheeks!

Romance makes the everyday tolerable.
The illustrations are definitely, absolutely and beautifully romantic.
The lessons, while some are learned, others need work.
I will begin my homework now, with lecon numero sept..

I love #5... in fact, I shall endeavor to find that sparkly ring for my pinkie finger today...
Kiss you on both cheeks as well!

Thank you. All importantt lecons. I will pin them on my wall so I can always remember.

OK!! Walking around naked and getting kissed sound like lecons I can master...with the proper instructor, uh, I mean instruction.

Beautiful illustrations and lovely and wise sentiments, Corey.

Love it! So poetic. So Corey when are you going to write a book? Daily devotions, or such. Such an inspiration, each and every day. Brava.

Oh Corey, you must have been picking up my vibe. I really needed to see this in print today. Thanks again, you've provided the inspiration to move forward today.

Double smooches, my dear.

Quelle grande jour you had at the marche au puces!
Okay, Corey I'm inspired to let myself dance and sing and live life to the fullest today :)
And...what issue of Victoria do I find your article?

These are all so beautiful. I tried to pick my favorite and I couldn't. Your words have once again inspired me to live this life I have more fully and with now with romance!

What beautiful pictures to go with beautful words and lovely lessons ~

Why we have let the world tear what and how we think about ourselves and our bodies. Corey, thank you for this thought provoking lesson!

I love it!

Oh! Oh! Oh! I truly needed lessons #1 & #6 today. My spirit is restless and my soul needs some tenderness. I will take all the lessons to my heart today. Merci! Rebecca

These are all beautiful and oh so essential lessons for a charmed existence, which may be summed up by an affirmation a dear friend reminded me of yesterday: I AM the lover of my life! How's that for romance ;-)

Romance can fill our days is such unexpected ways. Thank you Corey.

Planning to start with Leçon n°1 tonight...
The prudish sun must have guessed... and has just clouded itself...
There may be no moonlight tonight ... bad luck !!!

Thank you for all those nice pictures...

I tied bells on my toes and danced in the shower but the noise upset my husband!! I'll try something quieter now...maybe the red lipstick.

I would dance in the moonlight, but fully dressed! I guess I need to re-learn the lessons you've just taught!

Did you always have these romantic tendencies, or did France seep into your blood?

Thank you for this post today. You have no idea what it means to this crippled, middle-age divorced, 10 lb. overweight, lonely woman. How I long for romance and lovliness and a little tenderness. Even a very little.

When we long for these things we can reach within and find beauty.
Amen to the seven leçons.
There is something really magical when we finally get it! When we believe that beauty comes from within it always seems to manifest itself outwardly so others see it as well.
Merci for the most lovely words.

what a good teacher you are Cory!

Oh so Coco...

How's Sheba? Come back, little Sheba!!

Truly lovely words and illustrations.


Oh, that I could live these lessons and let my old ways fall behind! Too caught by the routines, the traps of square thinking...to live a life of whimsy. Maybe if I write a story of change, I can see myself put each of your suggestions into play...I'll let you know!

Meilleurs voeux!!

Merci beaucoup mon belle professeur!!! Vous etes tres charmante!!!

Bisous deux,

Thank you Corey. Beautiful pictures and words.

The french know how to romance, to soak in that bit of moonlight and to kiss the hands of time -my heart is in France today.

L'école française est en session ! Merci professeur Corey. Aujourd'hui je croire que je suis beau (même si je haine immobile mes cheveux).


haine "immobile" mes cheveux ? Non. Ce ne peut pas être exact... Que diriez-vous de , même si je "continuez" à détester mes cheveux ? Correct ? Non ?

I give up.

what beautiful pictures-I think I need to go to the flea market with you someday....

Hi Corey! Love the illustrations, love the lessons! Thank you for lovely images and wonderful words!

Beautiful pictures, and the things that you wrote, gave me the goosebumps.
I love it all.

Thank you for that lovely post Corey! I'm feeling rather sad - sackie and fragile today and lessons six and seven were exactly what I needed.

That was really GREAT! How did you know I needed that today? huh?,,,,,how did you know?

Oh,Corey, what a beautiful soul you are. You've got to write a book of your memoirs! Where did you learn to write and dream so amazingly!

Wonderful, wonderful lessons, Corey! I'm wearing my red lipstick and I kiss you on both cheeks for writing this.

wonderful lessons, all of them. thank you, corey!

This could be your BEST post ever! I love it!


Oh Corey.....this is one of my all time favourite poosts on any blog!!!!!!
I totally, totally love it!!!!!!
This will "lift" me for the month.....maybe longer....

Les belles leçons chere Corey ... merci mon ami. Bisous, JP

You are SO embracing your French experience. Just think of the people who have had your chance to live life in a foreign city and failed to take advantage, instead staying inside their homes/apartments and feeling sorry for themselves. I love the accompanying illustrations but being very broke right now I will just enjoy them in your blog.



Such wonderful illustrations would never, ever be found at our local flea (junk) market. But perhaps I need to seek out beautiful images right here in North Dakota.


Your illustrations make me long for a society where skinny isn't inny!!!
I love that old fashioned robust figure. I think we need to bring that back!
Thanks for the lecons!

If I looked like the one who has a ribbon around her waist, I might go naked all day !

I love these illustrations, they're so beautiful and the words are so beautiful and inspiring. :0)

I would hurt myself if I tried to dance in the shower. :) Graceful, I am not.
I love your encouraging posts. I've been having a hard time lately and they make me smile, if only for a little bit.

sigh...Corey, the BEST!! I am saving up for a French Flea Market trip.

until then, I live vicariously thru YOU!
Thanks so much.

Beautiful post, Corey. Just beautiful - like you. x

This is GORGEEEEOUS esp. illustrated with the artwork. Sadly I can never carry off red lipstick. The last girl is so beautiful! And so is the last lesson. :D

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