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30 April 2007


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I ENJOY reading (books, blogs, poetry, French, English...)
I ENJOY drawing
I ENJOY embroidering
I ENJOY gardening
I ENJOY writing (all sorts)
I ENJOY swimming
I ENJOY watching (pictures, landscapes, photos, paintings, people, ...)
I ENJOY talking (all sorts)
I ENJOY helping
I ENJOY painting
I ENJOY sewing
I ENJOY posting
I ENJOY cooking
I ENJOY(ed) playing tennis
I ENJOY driving
I ENJOY teaching
I ENJOY walking
I ENJOY cycling
I ENJOY taking pictures

NOW the fateful question is:
Am I good at doing those...? at least ONE of them...?
You've made me wonder, Corey...

Always we look for that balance between what we love and what we are good at. Perhaps we should examine our passions and seek work that somehow supports those ideas?

Congratulations to Chelsea!

And when we do figure it out...does it stay the same? Or do we have to tweak it over time?
I remember taking a test in H.S. that was supposed to fit my personality with a career choice...ME a dental hygenist???? OR an Air Flight controller? Ha!

Congratulations Chelsea! Your new yellow bag tells me you are going to be a bright success!

I say go for what you love! Also, life is a journey. No one is committed to do anything forever. Say "Yes" to what you think you want, then take action. Your action may lead you down the way you thought or perhaps a differnt one. But it will be yours because of your willingness to try. I think it is rare for people to know what they want to do when they grow up.

What a perfect post for me; I am desperately trying to figure out what I should be doing right now with my life.

As for what we are good at, and what we enjoy... more than anything else, I do NOT enjoy two things: talking on the phone and asking for things. And yet, my old job, at which I was very, very good, required a great deal of calling people up and asking for things.

My favorite activity is playing the piano, because I don't HAVE to be good at it! No expectations from anyone, least of all myself.

This speaks to me on so many levels, at a crossroad in life and thinking a lot about passions and talent. It is easier to turn a passion into something you're good at instead of the other way around. Best wishes to Chelsea and her future.

I'm trying things on for size to find my passion. I'm good at very little, but enjoy lots. Finding something I'm passionate about is my goal. I'm not passionate about much at all.

I have missed reading your posts! I finally have my computer back. I feel as if I have been in a cave! ha! Unraveled! ha!

Love your pictures, questions & posts. When I saw this one I had to stop lurking and rather type to let you know that I loved todays question which really really made me think. I don't have the answer yet, but I'll keep searching :)

Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming graduation!

I HOPE I am good at something, because I know there are MANY things I am not good at, yet enjoy doing anyhow! =)

I think the thoughts in my head are best left tangled. Your creativity is boundless!!

Creating art, writing, photography, decorating - am I GOOD at ALL of those things - not necessarily but I LOVE it. Yet I worked in Accounting for 19 years, I was good at it...I hated it. So there you go! There is something to be said for following ones bliss.

Congratulations to Chelsea! How exciting for her! She's about to start a new chapter in her fabulous life. :)


And I so like how you've connected thread to what we like to do, what we are good at doing. I read somewhere once that if an artist were to lay out her artwork in chronological order, she would find her "personal thread". Everyone has a unique way of looking at the world and a unique way of interpreting the world.

She will find her niche eventually. What you think is the ideal thing for you when you are Chelsea's age may not be ideal 5 or 10 years later.
Be happy and enjoy your journey Chelsea. In the words of your mother - It'll be a blast!

cleaning house: good 10; enjoy 0
singing: good 0; enjoy 10

There are those who'd like to take that string when I sing and wrap it tightly around my neck.

So exciting to see her off to untangle her dreams....

I am enjoying painting! these days.

Bossy doesn't really make occupational decisions, she just falls backward into things. Likely from three foot ladders.

I wish I could just come to your site and look at the pretty pictures! But when I come for a visit, you make me think - I literally have to stop... and sit and think (sometimes my brain's not up to it!). Your post for today is all about something I have been trying to unravel for years - it's really hard but so so worthwhile.
"To thine ownself be true"

I am among the blessed. My work is what I love doing. Each and every day, I walk down the stairs, open the door at the bottom and step into the cafe'. It's my world of work, laughter, love, happiness, everything I could want. I share my day/life with everyone who enters this world.

Therein lies my dilemma...do I do what I am good at, but don't really enjoy - or am I good enough at what I love doing, to just do that...or is there some third option I'm not thinking of?

Thanks for a thought-provoking post. Best wishes to your daughter!

I've spent a lot of time with threads and fibers in my hands...very peaceful and meditative for the most part! Your way of weaving words and phrases is truly an art. You are good at it and I think you enjoy it! Looking forward to those Lilies of the Valley! (My first child was born thiry years ago today! I love May Day!)

yummy posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - oh my oh my oh my...
I will think on all of it
thank you so much for the bounty of your beauty
I first went to France on my 21st birthday some 32 years ago
I love visiting you
xox - eb.

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