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27 April 2007


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I love these photos of you! Love 'em. Tres jolie. x

Thank you!!

Wow, I am speechless! This is really so much more than I asked for;-) And the "ABOUT COREY"-thing was actually French Husbands idea, all I asked for was some photos of you.LOL

I am truly satisfied now, but 50 years till the next one?????????

Greetings to Yann.

Hi Britt-Arnhild

Your welcome!

I have received emails asking me for more photos of myself. Plus, Yann's off-handed comment, brought him a slew of emails. Though I think 'they' really want to see and know him instead, 'they' are using me as a cover that's all :)!


That was fun! Felt like I was sitting cross-legged on the floor watching you goof around while we giggled. Even without words, your line-up of photos tells a lot about you.

LOL...Candid camera indeed.
Lovey photos..!
Fun photos..!
Every photo is great. Thanks for your honesty and courage, and for being you.

How beautiful you are, inside & out! Thank you for sharing some of your story with us.

Great photos...are you using a different camera these days?

Hi Trish

Nope, I am using the same camera: a
Canon S12S powershot 5.0 mega pixels.

Thanks for sharing yourself with us! You are very photogenic...I think. I have 2 additional questions...

1. What kind of camera are you using? Looks like a Canon...but what model?

2. What area of the South of France do you live now?

I bet all of that work for the Catholic church are being around faith is what helped in yours and Sashas time of need. Thank godness for the outcome....we are truly lucky for that!!!


Hi MyMelange

Hi Trish

1) I use a Canon S12S powershot, 5.0 mega pixels.

2) I live between Marseille and Aix en Provence.

Just a quick note to let you know how much I value your blog.

You are amazing!



what a beautiful person you are corey! fun shots and good to know you more.
i like those smiley ones best!

Wow! When you do something, you do it big! Love the photos, love the words, love it, love it, love it! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Thank you so much for sharing!!

I missed Yann's comment....must go find it.

Aw Corey, I just can't wait to meet you.

The more I learn about you the more I like you!!

Beautiful you are, Corey --- inside and out!

You're beautiful - inside and out!! Hmm if everyone were dyslexic would our words come out as beautifully as yours do???

" Being who you are is the best gift you can give to yourself."

So true and difficult to do. Thanks for telling us who you are. And showing us your beauty-- inside and out.

No you do not need to erase this wonderfully honest and beautifully illustrated post. Thankyou.

Absolutely wonderful as are you dear Corey! You had me smiling and giggling and applauding all at the same time!

No meat, huh? I see a ham!
A very pretty one too.

I am shocked to learn you had cancer...and ever so thankful you beat it!

About that aubusson...

I want that sweater! And babe, you are sporting some sexy cleavage.. finally your readers understand that French Husband is getting as good as he gives!


Sheba is one of my million cousins. If they all wrote on my blog it would clog the blog!
Dear Honey bunny Sheba,

You got the best cleavage going!!! You know it is true, I am the pancake, when it comes to comparing the cousin's cleavage !!!

I had to squeeze my arms real tight to get this much showing.

Sweater is from my favorite cheap-o-la-granola store (you know the one...it is our secret!! Silk/cotton blend for 6 euro!!

When do you fly in to France dear cousin???

Tee hee! You are too cute for words! And, I have to say, sharing as you do with all of us has been such a blessing for me in my own life! You are my inspiration...

You are so brave! Its amazing to find out what bloggers have done, been through, accomplished. Sometimes when we just see the shopping and pretty pictures we forget everyone has challenges and struggles.

You are both a delight and an inspiration.


Wow! You have certainly been through a lot. Isn't it amazing how adversity can strengthen us, and make life taste so much sweeter?

I love the way you look at things! You are an inspiration.

Here she is !!!
Isn't she pretty ?

wow, what a great post. of course everyone who visits your blog frequently knows bits and pieces of your life, but photos have been few - you dyed your hair! you are beautiful, fun, and creative!

Oh, my! So much to comment on... such a rich and full post, and "hello, so nice to 'see' you". I always enjoy reading your particular slant on things, of being allowed to see the world momentarily through your eyes, I love that you can write of the positives of ovarian cancer and of learning a new language. Always, you are so inspiring. And, as to the order of words, I like yours just the way they form. I'm at a loss with numerals too.
take care, g

Not difficult at all to understand why you have chained her to your heart Yann :-)You won the first prize!

YAY Corey has jumped out of the comfort box I am so excited!!!!! You are so lovely my friend it is a gift to the world that you share what is outside for all to see and what lies in your heart.


PS I do not like the dark either.

How fun to get to know you more Corey. I see we are both dyslexic and find writing agonizing. How did we end up with blogs. Are you like me, I use so many pictures so I do not have to write as much :-)


I love the person you are!

Beautiful - magnificent - wonderful. All decribe you. I love coming here. And I quickly jotted down the quote for my quote book, because life is so very full of surprizes.

Big Merci Corey for this lovely post!!!
Though I wish you'd had a chance to meet Rudi...
My Beautiful Belgian Sheepdog. He spoke perfect french and had perfect manners.
He would have shook hands with you and have given you only 2 kisses, not 3 like his mom...

No! You should not erase this. This is your story, and it makes you the beautiful person that you are. You've had amazing experiences; each one worthy of its own post. Oh, and I'm not waiting 50 yrs for another photo of you. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and posting all those nice things. I really appreciated your words. :)

A rare glimpse of Corey! Thank you! I enjoy your blog so much. A unique perspective that never fails to put a positive spin on life.[and on my attitude!!!!]

You are just beautiful!

You tell such wonderfully simple stories, yet so complex..I always wish I could tell a story like you...but I'm toooo wordy!

I love this post:)

what a spectacular post! both you and your blog are beautiful, just beautiful.

You know I adore every single post of yours, every photo, every thought-provoking word, every tour along with you....BUT...in all honesty this is my favorite! It is YOU - beautiful, playful, courageous, honest and wonderful YOU! The you that is no wonder French husband wanted to dance with you for life. The you that so many adore never having met you in person. The you that despite "D" manages to write so prolific. The you who says lines like "Being who you are is the best gift you can give to yourself"....something I constantly need to remind myself. The you with the light in your heart!
Thank you for doing this post - thank you for being...YOU.

I was right!

I just knew it!

You ARE beautiful.

Corey, I LOVED this post! I feel so lucky to have "gotten to know" you, even in a blogger sense. You really are a bright soul. You've experienced so much -moving to another continent, learning a new language, overcoming cancer, living with dyslexia - and have still maintained a terrific sense of humour. And isn't it amazing where life will lead us and love will find us? A monastery? A gay discotheque? Who would've thought...? :)
And do NOT wait another 50 years before posting a photo of yourself!

mereilleux commentaire Corey ! je suis ravie de voir votre visage pour faire mieux connaissance ...
et quelle vie !
j'aime la façon dont vous vous êtes photographiée : ne seriez-vous pas un petit peu clown ? je pense que oui !
au fait : j'adore le tableau-tapisserie qui se trouve derrière vous dans la salle de bain : il faudra nous en dire un peu plus dans un prochain commentaire sur votre blog
Sincères amitiés : Françoise
Bonjour and Merci is the extent of my French writing skills.

I wrote about this tapestry in the very beginning of my blog...I must go find the link.

Lovely & open, just like your beautiful photos and journal entries. Thank you for sharing - you are beautiful!

Each morning I come to your blog and find there, tucked in its nooks and crannies little gems that sparkle when brought to the light. The gem today is YOU. Thanks for this beautiful post and for sharing not only your thoughts but yourself so willingly.

AMAZING@@ YOU my dear are a shining star of inspiration and wisdom. I'm so happy that you are HERE! & not THERE yet:) gorgeous gorgeous ummmm ummmm GOOD!xoxox

Wonderful, wonderful, fun, fun pictures!

You have an enchanting and fascinating story -- I think you should publish your memoirs.

(I, too, am afraid of the dark.)

And you complain about your kids and husband making faces and fidgeting all the time ? Well, as we say in French , les chiens ne font pas des chats !!! They get that from you !Anyway , you look different from what I could imagine after the thumnail photo of your blog but I like this difference .You SHINE .
And I too am envious of your sweater AND cleavage ....;0)

I'm glad you didn't erase this! It was like having coffee with a good friend and sharing. You have such a positive outlook and the photos are terrific.

Oh how awesome!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful face with us. Your story is so just amazing and wonderful. How beautiful you are on the outside and the inside. It amazes me how inspiring and magnificent you are everyday.

Corey dear, you are priceless!!! I love this photo charade, and French husband definitely does not need to write a blog, you do enough for both of you!!! Number 5 is my favorite! Hugs...


Great blog. Loved the pictures. That wasn't so bad was it? LOL!!! You should have your picture taken more often. :)

I'm late as always. Finally!! the beautiful Corey. WOW, you have had an "interesting" life. I come to your site for you, French husband, who's he?

Corey being my sister I've obviously never given it much thought to see her up close and personal. Reading her words and seeing her pictures daily...it is what she is.

French Brother is fun too.

Just don't care to see him up close and personal.

wow! what a wonderful post. i loved getting to know you a bit better. thank you for sharing!

Yes, don't we all love having our photo taken! (no) I love your photos,of you and all that you see, especially the door knockers! You have a lovely blog, Corey, whether it's old stuff (love it too), you, your family or dear old France. cheers

I love this post.
Adore the photos of you with the camera-as-your-nose and the laughing one after it. (love all the photos, actually)
and I like that you mentioned the monastery and said it "made praying fun". woo hoo!

I agree with the others. who knew you'd meet a french husband in a gay discotheque?!

your blog ROCKS!

I love the line-up of words to photos. It's nearly animated. And I do feel a kindred connection as I am dyslexic too. Actually techically I have dyscalculia which is more of a math impairment but also affects language and means that I often don't know the order of things and the coming from the going.

I'm glad I was here today so I don't have to wait 50 years to see your face.

I'm dyslexic too. Plus I am really curious if you are going to take that 365 challenge. Bummer about the "lost" crazy quilt ...

Wow, what a life and you are an inspiration to us all to confess and open up to us this way. We will all now know what makes you such a remarkable person. If only there were more Coreys in the world.

You should definetely NOT erase it! I want to hug you silly. LOL I hope some day that I feel as comfortable in my own skin as you do.

What a cutie-pie!!!

Seeing you in photos, shows us you are adorable!

Reading about portions of your life, shows us you are extrordinary!

Reading your blog each day. . . . . . . . priceless!

Blessings to you Corey, for hugging the world with your beautiful soul.


Hi there-

I just googled Ovarian Cancer and your blog came up. It is very nice to hear about other survivors... I do advocacy work and so many people come up and tell me about loved ones who died from the disease. It's been over a year and a half since I finished chemo... I hate to say it but I hear more death stories than I do survival stories. Thanks for your post - you add one more to the survive column in my mind... Survival stories make me very happy.

Keep keeping on!

You are one-of-a-kind.

Most people cannot start their day without coffee...I can't start mine without 'visting' Corey.

Love you for so many reasons.

i love your sense of story telling with the photos. you are amazing corey.

Hooray, this is a cause for celebration, the best post ever! I love how everything that happened to you in life made you a stronger and happier person. Many of us would fall at the first hurdle, but you inspire and came out a shining example. Thank you for being YOU.xox

Great post!!I felt like i was sitting in your little white car scooting along French roads enjoying your tales! I consider myself very fortunate to count you as a friend.

Hi Patti

I met Patti while working with antiques.
My little white car misses you.
Are you ready for another adventure!

XXX to you and all!


Like Sheba, my eye went straight to your décolletage and thought, "Ooh, la!" Hey, what can I? I like boobs. And you are right, next to Sheba's prodigious bosom, you and I are raisins on a board.

PS The 5th photo from the top is pure Coco.


(is another cousin I am not kidding when I say I have a million cousins!)
Okay, in the fruit basket of bosoms... I do not mind knowing we have raisins...but please lets set the record right....ours are plump.

You are beutiful my lovely friend. Yann is surely a fortunate man. Yes, Yann, she is pretty. The world and it's experiences and laughter are written in that face. Although the photos make me want to see you in person again...sigh (NO! Not coming there so don't ask!)
Having had the privilege of meeting you in person I will share with everyone two things I observed about Corey...
-She is tiny
-She is very soft-spoken, most of the time, but every so often, quite unexpectedly this loud voice comes out of nowhere!...
-She is goofier than you would ever expect.
(o.k., that's three, but I couldn't leave out the goofy part.)
Anyone else out there who's met Corey want to share a couple of things? (only nice attributes of course Corey...)


Hi Lauren!!

I am goofy! Duh! A total and complete goof ball, I am so glad you know that about me! It is my quality that comes naturally and is hard to shake off.

Lauren is one of the most creative people I know! her artwork is amazing. Check out her site!!

YOU are one amazing woman, Corey, who is blessing us ALL!

I admire you even more! Thank you a million times for sharing. Please, please don't hesitate to post photos of yourself, your beauty glows!

You are looking good! I like Your hair color...(similar to mine!) I remember the photo you posted of your mother with her gorgeous WHITE hair...someday, maybe we will be so lucky!
In the meantime, you are looking cute so keep on posting any photo you like!
Hi Lila

My hair is nearly all white. Not as white as my Mother's but close enough. When people started to say I was my husband's mother and my Father's wife.....I dyed my hair.

A fine photo-story, Corey, I love the way you've fitted the photos to the words. You are a master story-teller, even when put on the spot to tell your own story!

I always make faces when I take my own photo too. I'm not quite brave enough to post the results on my blog yet though!

what fun candid photos.....I wouldn't expect anything less from you. I just posted a pic of myself today as well....I rarely take pictures of myself either.

happy Friday

Corey, I love this post and love all I know of you. No doubt French Husband fell in love with such a wonderful, real, daring, caring and funny woman... even though you happened to meet at a gay club! You're all heart and soul. Virtual hugs from a finally "back online me" now happily ensconced in my new English nest.

These are such lovely photos of you and I thank you for sharing these and your story with us. You are as beautiful as you are amazing!

Gosh, Corey, this was truly delightful to read, but I see that I am commenter #80! Will you teach me how to be so popular?

Seriously, though, I loved getting a glimpse of the real you, and learning disabilities like dyslexia often go hand-in-hand with high degrees of creativity so celebrate it!

(BTW if you want to know whether you write like a woman or a man, pop over to my blog.)


Oh Corey, 79 or 80 comments and I hope you have time to read mine, likely you do. Having cancer like you did makes your eyes open wide to the beauty around you I suppose, and now you share it with us everyday. Good girl. Your journey has taken you many places, and sculpted you into this wonderful woman.
You also have the biggest, most expressive eyes I have seen in a long time. It makes you self conscious, posting pics of yourself. I always think people are enlarging the pictures and looking up my nose or something, and then I think...well if they have time to do that they deserve to see what they see. xo LOL!!! You are gorgeous inside and out, lucky lady.

I loved this post! The photos are delightful and lovely...as are you! Many prayers for continued good health, and wishes for all of the happiness in the world for you, in return for the happiness you give us.

Love, Andrea

Corey, you are so beautiful! I am sending you a great big squishy, grandmother hug. You have added so much to my life by what you have shared here. You are truly a blessing to anyone who has the good fortune to meet you. L'chaim!

eighty-four comments ahead of me. what else could i possibly add that was new and original? so i'll say just one thing. you are FABULOUS.

Did you know....

That Annie's package to Freida arrrived. Annie collected warm woolies for children in the war zone and Freida (a volunteer worker in the middle east,) delievered them. Annie posted about it on her blog.
Annie and Frieda are true messengers of love!!

Corey, I did see photos of you recently on your blog and on Annie's. These are great photos and your warm philosophy and kind heart shine through every photo and your words, dsylexic or not! And your salle de bain seems tres chic!

J'adore votre humour ! Cela rend la vie et ses épreuves plus légères...
Merci pour cette gaîté ! :-)

LOL ~ Corey I adore you!!!

Happy Weekend!!


wow Corey, what an amazing post! and what an amazing life you've had, I really admire you for going through all you have...It's clearly made you a very cool person...thanx for sharing so much with your readers and fans!

As another camera-phobe I know how hard this post must have been. But you did it with a lot of grace. Happy writing.

Corey, I love these pics they made me lol each one is cuter than the last. You are my goofy california friend from france. Can't wait to see you this summer...you to yann,chelsea, and sasha.

Hi Shelley!!!! Thanks Garret (Shelley's 12 year old daughter who types her messages for her.) Shelley is my childhood friend. I have posted about her many times. Shelley has ALS. Please send her all your funniest stories and prettiest decor from the blog you can find.
Most of all your prayers of healing. Miracles can happen.

Corey, thank you for the first comments on my blog and for being so encouraging - you are a kind hearted soul. It was very cool to read about your cancer stuff too - it really is a bit dream-like,isn't it? Why don't you like having your photo taken? I think I have my photos working now - perhaps someone out there can tell me if they are not coming through.

I haven't taken the time to read through all the previous comments, but I'm sure I will have nothing original to say here.

You are beautiful and brave and strong. It explains so much about your love for things beautiful but touched by a darker story.

May you receive back twice the beauty you have shared.

You are a cutie. A wise cutie......which is the best kind :-)


I can't believe you received 96 comments. That is so amazing!!! I wish I could receive that many comments on my blog. Any suggestions?? It was so cute the way you photographed yourself. I am not very photogenic really and always seem to close my eyes when someone takes a picture of me. Your very clever for taking pictures of yourself this way. Actually, I did kind of the same thing on my blog one time, but showed my little fairy furniture on top of a pretty antique hat I was wearing. It was fun.
I love your blog. You find the most treasurable, beautiful things!!!

COREY! you are absolutely the greatest poet, writer, photographer, blogger--plus mom and spouse, I"m sure--you'll have to put these in their proper order. I hope we meet some day. You take a great photo, miss!

You are an absolute delight!
I am so happy you left funny comments at Ree's so I could hunt you down and read about your fabulous French family, look at your beautiful photos and laugh and cry at your perfect blog post!

Bossy usually can't stay serious for four seconds in a row - but this whole post was truly fabulous. You have a habit of doing that to Bossy!

Am I really 101? You are wonderful. Adorable, funny, kind, witty, and an amazing writer, the "D" who knew?? Well, you of course, but not us. Thank you for sharing! xxxooo, Vanessa

oh Corey you are adorable!!! love your expression, smile and warm face!
a beautiful post! so sorry to hear you had cancer and with a
newborn too!! How scary for you and your family...your positive outlook and beautiful daily words and images are very inspiring to me...

How cute is this? You look delightful, and like you would be so much fun to know

sandy haynes

Corey, Corey,
102 posts for one day. I think that must be an all time high. I read your daily posting and to say I love it is an understatement. You are a sweetie. I didn't know you became a vegetarian right before I met you. You are a doll.
Hello Gail,

(NOTE: Gail and I were in the monastery together. Gail was the smart accountant in the abbey, and I was the sous chef. In the monastery everyone had their role (as well as praying constantly.) Monastic life is made up of work and prayer. Day to day things exist there too...Bills to be paid, and food to be prepared.

Corey, I had to come back and see the reaction to your post (since I was the 1st to comment last night - my time). Just as I thought... tres, TRES jolie! x

I love seeing your face in these pictures! And I'm so glad to get to know more about you and how you got to be so wise.

My first thought when I read this was love. You are so loved.
It wouldn't have mattered if you posted a foto of yourself, although it was delightful and I love your crinkled nose and smile.
You are a beautiful soul Corey and I have felt that from the very first time I read your blog, mind you it wasn't all that long ago. I immediately felt the gift you possess.
This post is like icing on the cake. You are all things delightful wrapped into one.
Thank you for being real and genuine.
Truly a gem are you!

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