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28 April 2007


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I was a day late to your post and photos about you. You look like a fun and nice person, which you show yourself to be in your writing. I love the photos of your pink roses. I think pink roses are the best of all-so feminine. Who knew blogging would open up such an interesting world?


Hey I posted roses today too...and a little something for you personally as well :)


It's all about balance isn't it?
We tolerate the thorns because the rose smells so sweet and looks so pretty.
In the same way we are better able to deal with life's ups and downs, with the sweetness, kindness & understanding of friends.
thank you friend...


There is a central kindness to all your posts that shines through. Thank you, Corey, for all you words and images.


Thank you for the roses and your comment about the thorns - I hadn't ever thought about it that way. By the way -- I LOVE your pink sweater!!


Wow, your sweater cost 6 Euros?!

You're sweeter than a pink rose :)


Ur-humm...you don't get away that easily French husband, a lady NEEDS her roses :) Have a fabulous weekend Corey!


116 comments!!! Holy-smokes, that has to be a record, don't you think. What a wonderful testament to the kind, warm soul you are.
I didn't want to get lost in the crowd so I commented here.;-)
Thanks for the photos, you have a beautiful and refreshing countenance.

You would never get lost in this group of friends! I read every single comment, and re read them too. Your comment (and the comments gathered here are like finding the prize in the Cracker Jack's Pure Joy!!



A rose is a rose is a . . . COREY!!

Blessings to you French Rose!


p.s. Might you ever share your favorite 'cheap-o-la-granola store' from whence your darling sweater came? Or is the secret too sweet, one you must keep?

Either way, you bless us all!!!

Bonne Journee -

Bonjour Cindy

Nope! :)
Okay one clue...it is in France. And it is my favorite store, and Chelsea and Sacha blush when I go inside, and yet secretly hope I will dig something up for them.


MORE beautiful picture from you!
Thank you for touching our hearts everyday Corey :)


These are beautiful, but don't hold a petal to you!!


Dear dear Pat,

Gee! Blushing pink here! That's a nice compliment!! French husband do you see this??? Oooooooooooo made my evening extra sweet!

Paris Parfait

Very sweet post, Corey. But you are the real rose!


Your roses are so lush and pretty. They're just perfect.

Di Overton

Thank you for these lovely roses. Beautiful thought.


Lovely Corey.

I have a suggestion and a challenge to all bloggers. Let's make April 30 (Monday) the Caring Bloggers Rose Day.

Hereby the challenge is sent out.......


Thank you for the roses Corey! And the scenic views, and the antiques and the FRIENDSHIP...everything. What do I owe you?


I loved the post below, and like Paris Parfait said; "You are a rose" :)


I really enjoyed those beautiful roses this morning! Thank you so much for sharing them!


I fancy I can actually smell the roses! Just lovely!
I can't help but ask after yesterday's blog...Please explain the gay bar...


Hi Elizabeth,

Probably the most famous "Dance Clubs," in SF of the 80s, was called I-Beam. It was a landmark place, it was also a gay club on most nights.
It was the safest place to dance for a woman too.
Yann's American friends took him there to show him this cool, upcoming totally hip place....we met. The rest is music.


Ahh...the perfect rose! I can almost smell it..even this far away..and it is my favorite color. What a garden you must have. Your mom must be proud!!!!


Reading your blog is like getting a rose a day!


You dear girl! You have made a grey day shine brightly! Thank you so very much for the bouquet of flowers!


J'aime trop la langue anglaise et je ne la parle pas suffisamment bien pour risquer de la déformer, voilà pourquoi je ne vous ai encore jamais laissé de commentaire.
Je préfère vous dire en Français combien j'apprécie le raffinement de votre blog, la joliesse des photos et des sentiments exprimés.
J'ai été Parisienne jusqu'à ces dernières années et cependant j'ai eu grand plaisir à redécouvrir Paris à travers votre regard.
Merci pour ces ravissantes roses aux pétales parchiminés, merci d'aimer notre pays et tout simplement merci d'être Corey


Corey, thanks for the roses sweet lady!
You may call me nutso, I don't care. I was just looking at your family album. I prefer you with grey hair. You look super sophisticated with grey hair. The brown IS beautiful, but the grey, WOW. xo


Dear Blue,

I loved my grey hair, oh yes I did...but I hated (that is a big word isn't it..okay...) I disliked being called French husband's mother.

Lisa Oceandreamer

You are among the sweetest roses that enhance the landscape of the blogging garden, dear Corey!

p.s. I never did comment that, I too, love your pink sweater! I have a passion for cardis!

ana rose

Just when I need some softness you provide the velvet to cushion me from the thorns in my life.


I can smell the rose for miles....how beautiful! thank you....


I think I linked to you the first time from Two Peas.....and I am so thankful I did. You continually amaze me with your photos and make me think.

Happy saturday

karen Cole

What an incredible journey you are having.

Love your stories and photos!!!!!!


Corey, like I said in my email, you are a beautiful gal!

French husband's mother indeed! Bah!

Southern Heart

The roses are so beautiful...but not nearly so much as you!

Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy

Love your roses. That link is so cool!!



okay, after saying the last one was best, you bested yourself again.

Everyday is a gift of love.
Thanks for using this day to share your love with all of us.

I never thought when I started blogging less than 1 month ago it would open up to a world of friends!xo Lidy


It's no wonder you have such a following... look how cute you are! And very photogenic, I might add. Beautiful roses. Thank you.

And I have a Sasha, too. :)

Vanessa V

A beautiful lady who writes such wonderful words is what did us all in. However, I have to admit, those little ruffles around the collar and cuffs of that sweter did me in. Show me a ruffle, and that is it....Okay okay, not always, but on you...Swoop..Butter...xxo,V


Corey, You always touch my heart and help me think of my own life with your blog. It is so nice to see you, to put a face with your words and pictures. Please keep posting, maybe a book by Corey someday.


Corey, I hope you know I you! You are a very special and inspirational woman. Had a craptastic day here and your post brightened it up a thousandfold!


Each day your blog makes me feel a bit more spiritually uplifted, and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart!


Mums always have the best expressions - mine used to say something was - better than a poke in the eye with a pointy stick (!)
And i agree, when people are given a kind and encouraging word (as long as it is not gratuitous) you can see a little glow in them.
I imagine with all the love around you, you are feeling pretty darn good!


Dear Corey,
My English girlfriend has had breast cancer; one had to be cut; I went to London several times just to be at her side, helping her in choosing her wig, going to the hospital with her, and speaking with her about life; she is wealthy and can have all what she wants, I could feel this illness has change everything in her way of seeing life and has made her more human;
je te félicite pour ta grandeur d'âme; I like your soul. Have a good day !


You captured pure beauty there... to which I can only sing Gilbert Bécaud's song:

"L'important c'est la rose
L'important c'est la rose
L'important c'est la rose


Thank you for your nice message.
The pink roses are so delicats, very beautiful.


Hi Corey, I can sure understand the outpour to your sweet photos, it really touches something when such a kind spirit reveals more of her heart : )

Roses btw, are what remind me of my trip to Europe, that and the chapel in the moonlight. The deepening love of roses started in Germany on the trip, when i fell head over heels in love with the nature there, but was cinched on the journey back when i came through France. Not only the flower but the feeling...there was one woman i memorably talked to then, coming over from the train to the airport, she was French but spoke (heavily accented) English too, and her person and personality had this feeling of a rose garden, hard to explain, but it stayed with me.

Hope you might be enjoying a "stopping to smell the roses" kind of weekend : )

Paix, Wendy

Dana Smith

Just got my Somerset Life and there you were!!! What a wonderful treat. Life is pure eye candy and you made it even more special by your sweet words.
Dana in Virginia


Gorgeous roses , my favourites , with something like a thousand petals and a real delicate scent . Do they grow in your garden ? And...err,doe the name of your mystery shop begin with T. ???...;)

Hi Massilianna

Yes, these roses grow in my garden. They are one of my favorites! You would think it was my newborn baby...because I take so many photos of it each year!

Nope the cheap o la granola store that sold me my pink sweater does not start with a T, though I like their shopping bag better ;)


Gorgeous, gorgeous! Completely captivating... merci!

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