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09 April 2007


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To the queen of door openers-
Like Bob said,
Knock, knock, knockin' on Heaven's door

What a wonderful, welcoming tradition, beckoning one to enter.

Oh, Corey, how fun! I want to go through each door.

Take every opportunity. Enter every door you can. We only pass this way once.


Such an interesting element of culture, they are fun too!

You should collect these and publish a book! I'd buy several.

Pomegranates have always held a special place in my heart. As a child I would ask my mother for them when they were in season, and I would slowly eat the little seeds one at a time, savouring their sweetness. It was a treat!
The door knockers must hold the same passion for them!

More inspiration - that's precisely why I keep coming back! Thank you, Corey!

As usual, Corey, you leave me with imaginings and fancies; more questions than answers. The book about doors and their meaning is intriguing. I will need to look further.

Love your door knockers, And the beautiful doors too. The symblol of the hand is Gods protection I have heard.

I do imagine that. Occasionally, you open the door, and it's a little scary on the other side though. Whoa! Do you close the door, or greet what's on the other side with a grin and a how do you do? Sometimes scary can be good!

these all look so welcoming....with a gentle rap at the door you are ushered in to hearth and home.

I fell in love with these hands while I was in Provence. I can't remember if I showed you my photo of one I saw in Saignon. I almost bought one at an antique fair in Perugia but chose not to. I think I now regret it but I was on the road and those knockers are heavy!!! Love the pics.

The greatest gamble in life is to open each door regardless of what you may find behind it. The biggest prize will never be found if you're too afraid to open any doors.

I remember the first time you you put up one of these hand knockers with your post--it intrigued me then and these still do. In the US we would expect them to be mass produced, but each of these looks slightly different. I love your gentle take on these...

I knocked and it opened! I wasn't afraid, just thankful...pretty!

Now those are definitely something you don't see around here everyday. I would love to have a cool knocker :)


I photographed several of these recently in Portugal and Morocco. They all differ slightly as you show. I was fascinated to learn the history of using them as door knockers. The pomegranate has lots of symbolism too, so perhaps it's a way of doubling your protection for the hand to be holding one. Alas I have only a door bell..!

Interestingly enough, despite what is commonly believed (an apple), the bible doesn't say what type of fruit Eve ate and then gave to Adam. All we do know is that it was the one thing in the garden God had reserved for himself.

Love how you always notice the details Corey.

Do you know how Fatima's Hand came to protect so many French homes?
They are all beautiful, though, and we can never have enough good luck bringers and protectors from evil spirits.

Isn't that interesting. I think they (A & E) got caught being naughty in the fig leaves.

One cannot be gone long from here or there is catching up to do. I've so enjoyed it, the catching up.

Wow, what great pictures, I've never noticed the handknockers, they look fantastic, not to mention a little scary.

I have always notices hand knockers! They have always intrigued me. I have always wondered the meaning behind what they are holding.

Thank you!

That's interesting! I don't think I ever would have noticed that!! Happy Easter!

Beautiful message and great pictures...I would LOVE one..


Those are without a doubt the coolest door knockers I've ever seen!

I wonder if there is a connection with the goddess Aphrodite? Almost every statue I have seen of her-the love goddess-she is holding an apple. Just guessing here.

i seem to keep coming back to the hand of grace. Something is so precious there...

Love these door knockers, don't know if they are Fatima's hands which orginate from the middle east and are some kind of good luck charm. Eve was supposed to have given Adam an apple, but I wonder?

These are facinating and beautiful...

Ah, yes, Corey... I will never look at my door the same. Nor any other I pass for that matter.
see you, g xo

I'd love to know all the meanings of those symbols: hands, rings, apples (or pomegranates)...
I felt I had to make researches...
I haven't found much so far... The hand door knockers are from the 19th century. Before that they were other shapes: rings or beasts.
But I didn't find why (nor how)the 19th century went for feminine hands...
You have aroused my curiosity there !!!

Corey Responds:

Ahha! Good! I know you will find the answers!! I do not think these are Fatima's Hands. They are from the 19th century, older handles are not the same, that is certain. I am thrilled to know you are taking this project on!!

"What knockers!"
"Why, thank you, Dr.!"

Beautiful photos, Corey. Yes, they are unique. And I like the idea of them holding pomegranites...doesn't that fruit symbolize love?

just passing threw,enjoyed the hands on doors.

Derrière cette porte la paix de l'esprit et de l'âme ...

So cool.

I think Eve gave herself.

Hey , I have some knockers like that (how often do you get to hear THAT statement in your life-laughing))))

I also bought your Wonderful Beautiful photo at Art Espirit of the blue door and knocker and I LOVE IT.


ART ESPRIT that is...!

I, too, took a picture of hand door knobs in Monchique, Portugal, but I haven't been able to find out the story behind them. Anybody know?

Love these knockers- just been to Egypt where they are widespread - We thought they were hand of Fatima knockers but not yet sure. We bought 30 of them along with some doors they are special.

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