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15 April 2007


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I do not know what the south of France sing for your readers, Corey...
For me, your pictures sing "bleu, blanc, blond", an old song I used to hear on the radio when I was a teenager...
The chorus goes:

"Bleu, bleu, le ciel de Provence (=blue, blue, blue, the sky in Provence)
Blanc, blanc, blanc, le goéland (=white, white, white the seagull)
Le bateau blanc qui danse (= and the white boat that is dancing)
Blond, blond, le soleil de plomb (= blond, blond, the heavy sun)
Et dans tes yeux (= and in your eyes)
Mon rêve en bleu - bleu - bleu (= my dream in blue blue blue)

Betty C.

I've just finished two posts with a lot of blue from the Tarn. Not so much yellow, though. It's not Provence!

Here is the address because for some reason, Typepad is refusing URLs this morning (I had the same problem on another Typepad blog.) So this is not for undue self- promotion! Just thought you might want to see my blues...


Paris Parfait

Beautiful photos!

lauren Mumford

So pretty today Corey! Those lavendar wands are HUGE! I didn't know they could make them so big... they must smell heavenly.
Sigh...all so pretty, I wonder why when one is sad it is called having "the blues" when it can be so beautiful?


I love everything that you share my darling!
Oooh La la.
Love is at the door
Let him in quick.


Thanks for the wonderful French eye candy. I would certainly not be singing the blues if I could go back there!


Magnificent, tantalizing photos.


French Husband looks like he's happy to see American wife greet him at the door.


Your photos took me back a few years to a lovely summer we spent in Provence with good friends.

It is a warm sun shining over the blue northern hemisphere garden today. And with the wild "leirfivel" (tussilago farfara in latin) blooming at random in my harbgarden, my colours today are also blue and yellow. We are enjoying gardening in The Blue Garden.


Your personal colour week! Love these vibrant posts, they make my heart sing :)


Bleu et jaune!

I LOVE the lavender bottles, and my "French" husband loves bouillabaise! (Did I just spell that correctly?) Now I must track down from which part of France my hubby's family is from... your photos have me intrigued!


One would only have to look at my blog to know that you've written about two of my favorite colors...in combination together...LOVELY!

Junk 2 Jewels

I've always loved that color combonation. It just says " Summer" Tracy

pam aries

I am thinking NO..the south of France NEVER sings the blues! It is tres magnifiqe! always happy! Who or what..wouldn't be forever joyous in the most gorgeous place on earth! I am sighing....my heart is bleeding yellow and blue...


Blue and Saffron are so right at home together in the South of France!

I adore Lavender wands. I have even made some.

Hello to you Corey. Beautiful idea for today's post.


Lovely sunkissed chalky colours, that make us smile.
Add scents and sounds and you have memories that can instantly take you back in time to almost anywhere in your past.
My heart and eyes are wide open, and I am inhaling deeply...

Vanessa V

I would love to be any of those places. Oh, just any...Especially if it entailed treasure hunting with you. Yellow and blue...Ahh yes. When I was an interior designer, I had a client who was set on a french country home. She wanted me to have this unusual fabulous brand new couch upholstered for her with 42 different yellow and blue fabrics. It was the biggest most overwhelming nightmare. But, it worked in the end...It was amazing..Funny enough, the next summer, she wanted to get rid of the couch (which by the way eneded up costing her 7,000usd) and go with a whole new look...I would have kept the look, it was lovely. But, as the French say, C'est la vie...


Gorgeous Corey. I read this as the warm yellow sun broke through the clouds against a blue sky and streamed through my window.

Merisi's Vienna

I wonder which places the people of Provence ache for, other than their saffron-blue paradise?
I shall pour my tiny bottle of lavender oil all over my place and drown myself in the smell. Ahhhhhhh.........
(Note to myself: Don't read Corey if you are not willing to suffer pangs of Reiselust!)

Wendy B

Corey, just want to complement you on the very beautiful pictures and also your loyalty to your lovely web site. I can always count on clicking onto "Tongue in Cheek" for recent updates of beauty...


I am back ! I missed your posts , le regard que tu portes sur ta vie , sur la vie !

I usually don't appreciate yellow with you it's just pleasure for the soul !


I don't think the essence of the air in the south of France has any competition, anywhere in the world.

simple me

You live in a beautiful sunny place. Lovely
I didn't know you call those "lavender bottles" ... my grandmother used to make them to put in drawers and inside "armoires".

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

The french blues and yellows have been a longtime favourite of mine! Wonderful pics, Corey. (Hope you got those roses!!) xx, JP


Love them all, and I especially like the way the colors are so true to nature's in that beautiful old fabric in the quilt.


I want to go bach there!!!


C'est magnifique! As luck would have it your timing is wonderful. Samantha Brown was in Marseilles in her episode on the Travel Channel this morning!!! It looks wonderful..can't wait to visit. I love the lavender bottles and that water.....

Mlle Smith

I've just discovered your blog after hearing about it for some time and may I say it's absolutely beautiful? I love the photos of your vintage finds. This post is about Provence...I'm hoping the rest of the photos from your blog are from the south of France as well, because I'm moving there soon and hope to be surrounded by such beauty.

I'm adding your blog to my blogroll...I'm looking forward to reading more. :0)

Lisa Oceandreamer

I LOVE the colors of Provence...I have a few Provencal linens and pottery. We stayed there for 2 weeks right outside the village of Mouries. Tasted and bought wine at the local winery. We also went to Marseilles for the day and ate outside across from the waters edge. My younger brother&his family lived there at the time for his work. We also spent the day in Saint Remy and were lucky to visit Wednesday Market, I bought some lavender field scenes in watercolor from the artist. There is SO much we still didn't see while there but I loved the richness of it all nonetheless. I love the Provencal blues and yellows! the color blue is a large part of my home.
and of course I cannot resist an oohlala for French Husband in his blue shirt! :)
Love and light,


Sigh, Corey, you really do live in a beautiful country!

ally bean

I love color and feel that we lack it here in the midwest. Your photos are a nice reminder of how pretty places can be.


You are surrounded on all sides by the beauty of yellow and blue. Like Ally Bean, I feel like we lack the basics of beauty that can be found in the Old World. Thanks for giving us a peek of it on your side of the pond.


simply beautiful quilt...I have been looking for table linens in those colors!


What a beautiful post! And to think I just only yesterday fell in love with this 'French blue' stove: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/content/features/lacornue/index.cfm?flash=on&cm_ref=http%3A//www.google.com/search%3Fclient%3Dsafari%26rls%3Den%26q%3Dwilliams+of+sonoma+stove%26ie%3DUTF-8%26oe%3DUTF-8
If only the price were a few thousands less... Did you get yellow roses? My hubby also loves yellow, funny since I think yellow means 'fickle love' - thank goodness the 'language of flowers' is blind!
Hugs to you!!!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Oh Corey...I lost my heart to Provence many years ago....how I envy you....


Corey you are living a dream!


How did I ever miss this post!
I love that BLUE and YELLOW of Provence...
I think they invented it with their Sunflowers and Lavender...
Totalment YUMMY :)


beautiful pics! it must be so wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty...your man is ever so handsome!

tiffini elektra x

Oh wow so beautiful I swear I can taste those photos. . .tastes like Bandol. We did stop in Berkley at Kermit Lynch's shop while on vacation and have some cases shipped back to Colorado. The closest thing we have to Provence. You however are living the dream.


Your yellow quilt, speaking of yellow and blue, reminds me of the sheets I bought for my daughters bunk beds today.
I am going to email you the photo. You will be astounded, at the yellow and blue!
Thanks for the invitation to swim, meet you at the water's edge!!!!


how did I miss this post!!! Gorgeous photos full of colour and life. Oh makes me want to visit even more...Nel xo

T Sheeley

Corey~ I just love every photo. The lavender bottles, and how I would love to have that quilt. But the beauty you get to see with your eyes must be such a blissful feeling. Thank you so much for sharing!!!



My one and only trip to France was to the Provence region nearly 20 years ago! I fell in love with the region and still remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks for the lovely photos and an opportunity for me to visit it once again!

angela marie

I have a touch of blue and yellow in almost all of my rooms. :)

Beautiful Post!!

Linda Harre

Oh Corey......just heavenly! Someday I hope to see for myself:)

Sandrine, Cafe Waterford  (Irlande)

Bonjour !

I come from Marseille and now I live in Ireland, where I miss the blue sea a lot ! I can't help going a little emotional at the sight of this beautiful picture of Cassis Bay.

I'm glad to discover your blog, I'll surely be back :).


Yes, of course, I adore that delicious quilt. And look at those perfect quilting stitches! I wonder about the lady whose hands worked on that quilt. Any name? Any history?


What a truly lovely set of pictures!
Thank you so much for sharing them.

Yellow and blue,
I love you.


The absolutely best air I've ever drawn a breath with is in Tende.Fresh mountain air scented with fresh wild herbs. We can hardly wait to go back this September. Carte Isabella here we come!

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