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05 April 2007


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I love this post! What fun, seeing Paris through Fifi's eyes. Yesterday I saw a convertible with a French Poodle sitting up so proudly as his friend drove him to where ever he was going -- and guess what, I thought of YOU! Did I have a premonition of the Fifi post?


hi corey. elsa here. why have you been sending postcards from paris all week? are you in paris? excuse me, i haven't been online for almost 3 weeks. if you are in paris, can you see if you can find nina simone's grave? i think that's her resting place. thanks a million.

Hi Elsa,
I was in Paris.
While I was there I thought in would be fun to send "postcards," to the readers of my blog.
Next time I am in Paris I will look up Simone's grave. Is it in Pere Lachaise? I added a link to the site yesterday. If you type in her name, and if she is buried there you might see her tomb.


That WAS a creative way to see Paris....through the eyes of others. I'll bet you noticed things you wouldn't have noticed if the readers hadn't called your attention to it.

Thank you soooo much for posting all of these pictures!!


I'm not ready to leave Paris.
More pretty please...
Can we have more?


Corey it was a wonderful adventure. thanks for sharing!!


How delightful that you allowed us to travel with you to Paris! Thank you for photographing what we were dreaming of while you were experiencing it!


It looks like Fifi is having the time of her life and is quite pampered. There is something at looking at were we live but through tourists eyes. WE see things in a whole new light. Clarice


It has been such fun sharing your time in Paris. Thank you, thank you for tirelessly pursuing our requests.

You must return to try to capture the elusive Fifi!


next time i'm in Paris, I hope you can meet us there!I saw more of Paris in your pictures than I've seen in 10 yearly juants to the city!thanks!


This week was absolutely marvelous. Next time you go to Paris, don't tell us. Fifi obviously reads your blog, so you may just catch her if she's unaware that you're coming!


Voila! You did find a poodle in Paris. Thanks for Fifi and her very gorgeous tour of Paris.


Dear Corey, Thanks so much for the photo. I'm sorry the guard was angry. Maybe he was having a lousy day. Anyway, the picture will be on my desktop throughout the Triduum.(Thanks for the prayer,also).



Thank you for sharing Paris with us. It was wonderful to see it through your eyes. You gave us so many beautiful images. I hope that one day I will get to go to Paris, and that you can meet us there. But I am afaid it will be a looooong time. But one can dream! Take care and have a safe trip home.


Corey, this walk around Paris has been remarkable. I became emmersed in your posts and photos each day, soaking them in - feeling the excitment of what may come around each bend.

The image you captured of the elderly woman behind her shutter (whose door is blue)...well, Corey, tears well up as I write this...because...that glance of her reminded me SO much of my Grandma. It was almost erie, in a GOOD way.

Thanking you feels so trite...I wish I could give you a big hug.

You are such a GIFT to each of us.

~jolene marie


More masterpieces.
Thank you for everything
my sweet love!
Love Jeanne

Mountain Dweller

A great post and a great week! I actually feel like returning to visit Paris - something I haven't felt like doing in years!


Thanks for finding Fifi the F. poodle fianally!! I'm glad I was able to spend April in Paris. Thanks for taking me on your journey!

Is French Husband excited to see his Corey or what?


Life of a French dog - couldn't get much better! Woof!!!

Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy

Wonderfully creative posts from Paris. Your pictures are beautiful! You are talented with a camera! Love Fifi. She is busy! Oh, also, thank you for the links.



Bossy thought she was a little blue before she read your post and fell inside all of your amazing photos of Paris -- and if in fact she began her day a little blue than she is now seismically depressed. Next time Bossy will take prophylactic anti-depressants before logging on to her new favorite blog. :)

Franca Bollo

Coco Puff at her best.

Merci à toi mon petit puff.


Thank you for sharing Paris with us! It was a delightful week.


I thoroughly enjoyed this Paris tour, you are the best guide and through your eyes and words, I experience a land that is cultured, friendly and full of humour! Merci.

Kristen R

Oh Corey many thanks for the lovely tour you have taken us on.



Thanks for taking us on this beautiful tour. I thoroughly enjoyed it. x


You mean *sniff* its...
Thank you Corey!
When are we going back?


THANKS for the hilarious and beautiful trip to Paris!
you have a unique way of making me rediscover my own country!


I guess the police no longer ride horses in Paris


Corey Thanks so much for the tour of Paris, and your blog pals! I love each and every link you provided and plan to visit them all. Fifi and you could be twin souls! Goddesses of Paris...

Lori Witzel

Corey! How marvelous -- and your joie de vive is one of MY favorite things!

Thanks for sharing!


Loved the tour of Paris!I have been told by natureboy that I shall be visiting.. yes! in Aug. next year!
Happy Easter to you!hugs NG


You always make me smile! Merci!


Dear Corey, thanks for this impressive guided tour.


Thank you so much for a week of wonderful posts. Reading each one was like Christmas morning, savouring your words and photos, then...opening the links, each one a gift...to discover even more fun from your readers.
Happy Easter to you and your family..xx

Pauline Clarke

magnifique! merci, merci mon ami

Petite Capucine

Oh, I LOVE the cafe you picked! It's exactly, exactly, exactly what I imagine when I picture having my chocolate chaud with my Frenchman in Paris! Merci, merci, merci and bisoux!

- Petite Capucine


Fifi really gets around! Gorgeous photos Corey. Especially of the pink/white roses. How I WISH there were a flower market here. I'd be there everyday!

Di Overton

Corey, you have done on amazing job on this Paris Visit. It must have been hard work but you seem to have enjoyed every minute.
Congratulations on a week of great posts.


you are amazing Corey...I'm sure everyone enjoyed your tour of Paris. I certainly did! Amazing, beautiful and inspiring...Thank you, Nel


You took SO MANY people around with you these last days that maybe mademoiselle Fifi wanted to keep away from that tourist mob....
I saw a "petite annonce" (=classified ad)in "Le Parisien" about little poodle Looky searching for company... Maybe that is another answer for you, Corey...
Enjoyed thoroughly that tour with you - virtual and live!


Fun post, Corey. Thanks for the tour! I'm glad your camera didn't get smashed.



sniff, sniff...please don't go!! We want more photo's! Thanks so much for the trip...the strangest thing that I saw in Paris was a dog sitting at the table across from his owner...eating together like a couple in love...


Corey, you are amazing. Thanks for all you give so freely.

Alison Whittington

Corey, what a great idea this was and such an amazing thing to offer to your readers. I have been a few days behind on everything this week, so I didn't get a chance to make my own request, but it's been so wonderful to see this journey unfold!

Cousin Linda

Thank you so much for the lighting of the candle in the Sacre Coeur. It remains one of my favorite places in Paris. You gave your readers such a beautiful gift. Blog on my dear cousin.

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