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15 March 2007


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Fly me to the moon.......
Your husband will have many adventures for the two of you.
Out of this world.

Love you

I think flying in France must surely be safer than driving. When my Australian husband drove me around France (note: we drive on the opposite side of the road in Australia) I was much more frightened of what we might do than the French drivers! Yes, stick to the air - give it a go!

I can't read all that text.
I just wanna gaze at the pictures...
What was the name of that club in S.F.?

Corey Responds:
I-Beam in San Francisco. I wonder if, "Fly me to the moon," was playing? No I think it was, "Magic Carpet Ride."

er ummmm errrrrrr! ok Corey I have to take a happy pill before I take to the air ever. I once got a ride in a small 4 seater cesna plane and PULK I did, no matter how darn cute the pilot NO WAY! tho yann is verrrrrrrrry tempting! xo

It is much more fun to pilot a small aircraft than to ride in one (I've done both) so perhaps you should have French husband teach you to fly?

French husband cracks me up...and so do you! I love how you relate to each other :)

My father was learning how to fly and wanted me to go up with him (with the instructor as well). All was well until I felt my breakfast coming up. I'm not afraid of flying so much as I am of throwing up!

P.S. Is French Husband seducing you into flying...or is it otherwise? ;)

I'm afraid of flying as well, Corey (take offs and landings mostly..the in between is not so bad). I think I'd rather fly in a very large commercial airliner than a little single engine "toy" plane. The only two-seater I want to "fly" in is a sports car on the open road with the top down... :-)

Re your photo caption,"French husband trying to seduce me"---do we even need to ask if he was successful? ;-) (It should be illegal to look that good)

After having been on airplanes between continents, over the oceans, too many times to try to count, I still dread each flight. My fear of hights is such that I once almost walked six hours down a mountain in sandals, to avoid the gondola ride back into the valley (I did ride down after all, sitting down on the floor, eyes closed and praying).

May you both always stay happy and safe!

I forgot to add... at least French husband isn't attempting to build his own plane as well..is he? My nextdoor neighbor spent years building his own single engine plane...YEARS, some sort of kit job I think. We often joked about it being put together with Elmer's Glue and Duct Tape (it looked like it). Thank goodness he never finished getting his pilot's license so we never had to have the uncomfortable task of coming up with a good enough excuse not to fly with him. The most flying that plane ever did was in the summer time when he'd start up the engine and drive it around the back yard. More than 15 years later, it's still sitting in their backyard, untouched, never finished... I'm thinking they should fill the cockpit with dirt and use it for a giant planter. It would be the most unusual garden ornament I've ever seen. :-)

Corey Responds:
This sounds soooooooooooooooooooo much like French husband, I wonder if he has a secret twin?

I laughed out loud at this. ARE all men he same..?!
I told mine in no uncertain terms that I would never fly with him if he got his licence, for exactly the reasons you give.
Sometimes a 757 is too small..!
I can see from these photos how much Sacha looks like his Dad..!

Ditto to Paris Breakfasts...you are killing me with your 'photography' shall we say.
I used to work for American Airlines and lets say I filled my share of 'comfort' bags LOL.
Tell FH we would miss you too badly if anything went awry!!

Girlfriend.... When you have a gorgeous French Husband who wants to fly you to exotic lands...don't ask questions... GO! ha ! XXXOOOO!

Corey Responds: Getting there! We have to get there...and well, I doubt we would ever find our way to any exotic land. I imagine flying in circles with my eyes closed.

I can't believe he mentioned the statistics to scare you :) Love overcomes all fear, I'm sure that when your French husband is flying, you'll feel safer than you ever flown before.

Corey Responds:
Uh...No, no, no...

My condolences! Even flying with cutie pie Frenchhusband.

Swoon...I just passed out, Corey, he's so pretty!

I'm hearing Tony Bennett singing "Flyyyy me to the moon" lalalalaaa lalalaalaa

French Husband is a wild man! Flying low to read highway sign indeed! hehe

Ah, Corey, it's a scary prospect, flying in a small plane with anyone, But by the time French husband is an experienced pilot, perhaps you'll feel better about venturing onboard - I mean Seville or Barcelona or pretty good enticements, are they not? And he is so nice to look at and would no doubt take you to marvelous restaurants and flea markets to make up for putting you through the "fear" of the actual flight.:)

Helas, my Frenchman is careening down an Alpine slope at this very moment. But fortunately or unfortunately depending on perspective, I don't have to watch. Interesting how popular these guys are with Americans. Sure, they are cute, but I think it is the exotic accent in the middle of the night that clenches it. :)

Corey responds: Unless they are talking planes, motorcycles, ropes, caves, deep sea diving.......

There's a motorcycle in our garage that I refuse to sit on. As much as I love the guy driving it, I'm too scared. Now, flying is a different story. Maybe a glass of champagne before takeoff?

My husband would love to learn to fly. He has computer programs for both flight simulator and air traffic control. I'm so glad he is not a blog reader; if he saw that your husband was doing it he'd want to also.

Thanks for sharing those aviator photos ;-)

That is one handsome man! It's rare to see a male that is attractive anywhere. Even male models don't look like --I don't know how to say it, it's like Yann is "pretty" but in a male way?! Oh, forget it, great portraits, Corey! Perhaps good to use in a Photoshop montage?

I too am scared to fly. I admire people who get on the freeway and planes like it's nothing. But my daily life is so precious that I can't easily put myself in what I believe to be harm's way.

Corey responds: Hi Shelley, Thank you for the links you sent me regarding how to use photoshop.....maybe you could fly over and give me private lessons, and give Yann those pretty red culottes you made for him! (ps Check the culottes out on SHelley's blog!)


Excuse me, what were you saying? I'm so sorry, I was a bit distracted by French Husband.
oh right, flying...my husband did the ground school part but because we couldn't afford much air time after he finished from that books...he never really got off the ground. I am fairly ok with flying in a commercial plane but small, private piloted ones make me nervous for some reason.
I laughed at flying low enough to read the freeway signs...can you just picture the people driving below -
woman: isn't that plane flying a bit too low?
Man: nah, he's probably looking for the blah blah exit.
Good luck to French Husband and Good luck to you Corey...might I suggest Dramamine and a blindfold?
(that would be me)

Don't tell French husband, but to be able to fly with him, in a small, two seats plane......I would NEVER say NO! ;-)

Corey responds: He reads my blog after dinner. He might look you up. Norway is on his "must-see," list.

No amount of cuteness would ever get me to be in a small engine plane with my European husband!

I am not exactly scared of flying, but I do wish I could just "pop" over to Europe for my buying trips instead of flying for 11 hours or so.:)

Corey, your blog is wonderful...I am glad I found it!


Corey.....very, very dangerous to post those pictures......

I've seen him ride a motorcycle....I wouldnt fly with him either.
Cousin Chris

Corey responds:
The truth has been spoken! I am certain my brothers (Mathew and Orama,) will join my cousin Chris with the same sort of sentiments.

You could do a tour around the world and visit each of your readers...

I never used to be afraid of flying, but I have flown about 500,000 miles on commercial flights in my short lifetime. Then one day, I realized that, well, that's an awful lucky streak of incident-free flying. Now I'm terrified of getting on a plane. Go figure. But I still do it.

I still do want to get a private pilot's license, though, because then I would feel in control, and that makes all the difference.

Corey, I'm in love with that handsome Frenchman of yours. If I could hear him speak, he'd probably make me swoon! Tell him I'll fly with him anytime, anywhere!

Corey responds:
I'm going to sell tickets, do you want one?


That is so funny. But I must tell you, I wouldn't fly with him either no matter how much seducing he does. I am afraid of flying just like you. I would prefer to keep my feet on the ground. LOL

I enjoyed the post and very nice pictures of Yann. You are so lucky!


Oh, I hate flying, too. I wish there were fast boat rides to America.

The seduction worked! I'm hooked! LOL

Seriously, that was the funniest thing I've read in a long time.

Oh how fabulous having a husband who knows how to fly! I want to learn, too but not in a plane.

I have a fear of flying too but would love to overcome it because the feeling without fear must be exhilerating x

I know I'm probably the 47th person to say this but your husband is um, hot! Now flying, flying, nope, nothing to say about flying!

I am scared to fly as well- and after having endured one too many flights over the Pacific, I still am not used to flying...
Mr. Sparkle is cute like French Husband, though, and holding his hand or shirt or any other part of him while taking off and landing somehow makes it all worth it...
Te hee...

yann, i will fly anywhere with you. i love flying....thats the least of my worries........

Your childhood friend COREY responds:

This summer Shelley, Yann is going to scoop you up and take you on a ride. I bet I'll hear you laughing all the way to China!

Oh Corey are you trying to make us all jealous??? lol...forget the flying, does he have a brother???

Frenchhusband can take me flying any time! And...I am also not wild about flying.

p.s. Will Frenchhusband's calendar be out by Christmas?

MORE of the same tomorrow please :)

French Husband is very handsome! My brother flies, yet he has never offered to fly me anywhere (only his wife). Must be a pilot/husband-wife thing! I was never afraid of flying until I became a mother. I've only flown twice since!

Handsome French husband could seduce me into flying with him..sigh
Of course you would have to be with us!hugs NG

I would endure a flight to Paris, no matter how long it was!! Just knowing I was going to one of the most beautiful places in the world would get me through it!

Hah! Yeah, I'd be nervous flying in a small plane, too, but I'm sure that he'd be extra cautious with his Femme Americaine in the passenger seat. It's great that your French Husband has a joie de vivre. And he's a supercutie, you lucky woman! :)

I'll fly with him.

(I DON'T fly.)

I flew in a small plane for the first time this summer. I thought for sure I'd be terrified. I loved it!! I didn't want to land! It was nothing like I thought. Somehow I was much less fearful than in a jetliner. I think you might really enjoy it, Corey. Seriously. It certainly surprised me that way!!

Not seeing any new post of yours, I decided to go ahead and click on your FH. "Blank" went the page. You are so whicked! :-)))
Have a great weekend!

OK..alternative suggestion.
Let this post run 2 days?
When IS the calendar coming out?
It's already March!

Corey responds:
I am working on it...What is a calendar if there isn't some shots of French bikinis or the man in his flying machine?

Corey, I completely relate. A phobia I have tried to overcome with great unsuccess. So, I just say no, unless I absolutely have to.

I love my husband but he is the worst driver ever. He can hardly back out of the garage so there is no way I would get in an airplane with him flying and I'm not even afraid to fly.

Oh, just fly with him Corey!
How fabulously romantic... x

I am laughing at the inate male that seems to come out of our men...are they all born with the "Trust Me" look I wonder...

I too am scared to fly, i find myself fanatically watching the news and praying whenever my darling is cocooned in an airplane which is all too often for my linking.

Love is crazy the things we do.


I don't blame you at all. I don't like flying either.
Sorry you were unable to leave a comment on my blog. I hope the problem repairs itself.I checked my e-mail addy. and blog URL here, and it is correct.

Hi darling, Just passing threw.Come on over and sat a spell on my front porch.

I don't mind flying in a big plane but not a bouncy light aircraft, vomit making!

Oh dear Corey, your blog delights me everyday. I am sure that you and French husband often fly together with out ever leving the ground :-) Who needs the plane and air space when you have one another as the two of you do.
I adored the post yesterday of the baby feet and those cute little legs on your niece too.

Heehee, oh my gosh this entry just made me laugh. I'm with you, regardless how cute they are, I would not fly either!

hi corey. welcome home. the other day when you told the jan, john story, i posted a comment and said "....you are so lucky..." today i want to add: boy, is frenchhusband lucky to have you. you are a true gem. regarding flying: perhaps you can soon call him "superfrenchhusband"
hope you are having a wonderful weekend despite the weather :(. it's bad here too.

Hmmm... directionally challenged adorable husband needs a new hobby - preferably one involving a hunk of cheese and big wine glass! XO Deb

what a funny post!! I love to fly...the plane trip is the start of my holiday!! love it!
your man is very handsome!!

Ha ha what a nice story Corey and I can imagine it must be hard to resist him when he looks at you like this! I can absolutely understand your fear btw!

Honestly! That is the funniest post Corey.
I am new to the blogging arena. I really like your site. I was immediately pulled in by the sense I felt browsing around. You express yourself well through words. I can hear you now.
About the post at hand! Well I've read all the above comments and I was laughing hysterically. I'd be a liar if I didn't come clean, that when I initially saw the pictures I thought "Wow what an extremely gorgeous man". I think it's safe to say, all are in agreeance with that. I'm still laughing at the comments, like does he have brother?
I have been a flight attendant for 12 years, and I have no desire to get in a small plane and I wouldn't even compare the safety statistics of a jet with a small AC(aircraft). I am not afraid to fly, hello I wouldn't be doing this for as long as I have if I were now would I? It could be good fun and romantic and all that other stuff, but you can still board a jet to Paris, Spain, and yes even California. I think I might go up after, oh say, 1000 hrs or so. hee hee
Who needs a small AC when you have a husband that likes to dance. I'm a bit envious I do admit.

Ahhh...why do men with the lust for flight have to be so d*****d handsome...yes your man has the skylust and the good looks....I married one too that got the bug when he was 21 years old and now has flown for 30 years and owns a Beechcraft Bonanza ( I am terrified to fly too but when I was younger I flew with him a few times)...ohhhh so many stories I could tell you...too private though but one thing I will share...mile high club...try it once...;) Good luck and Blessings to you both in this new adventure calling...

Wow what a looker! :)

I'm afraid of flying too.... I haven't read the other comments, but I would like to say that your hubby looks like what we here in the USA think Frenchmen should look like....WOW....lucky Corey.....

My wife was hesitant about flying in a small airplane until I took her up on a beautiful calm spring morning. She absolutely loved it, and even held the controls for a little while. Shortly after I got her started on her own license. You've got to try it yourself, but ask for a morning flight when the air is most calm. You'll love it. Art Lynch, the avid aviator Learn about Pilot Licenses

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