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24 March 2007


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Mmmm, I can almost taste the gourmet lunch through my screen.

I spend alot of time in Italy, and I can understand the problem with grocery shopping. My goal when we go back to Venice in two weeks is to buy fresh fish from the Rialto fish market and be able to prepare a decent meal out of it:-)

Oh what lovely photos! They seem to portray the life I would love to live!

I remember the first week we moved to Holland and I bought buttermilk instead of regular milk and my children poured it on their cereal--ewwwwwwww!

I know there must be a part of getting used to a new culture and way of life that is tedious...but that is also part of the appeal for me. I love the idea of embracing a new way of life...perhaps that's the dreamer in me! Beautiful photos...have a lovely weekend. Nel

Thanks for your lovely food for thought my lovely friend.
I love to know all about your gorgeous life.
Ooooh La la.
Love Jeanne

Now that's a grocery list to my likeing!

I was able to pick out most of what was on the grocery list.

I would be like you and buying salt instead of sugar, etc.

Can I come to your house and learn how to set the table? Your photos are better than a magazine.

This table is such a picture of beauty and grace. I love the formality and elegance of each piece.

The grocery list is divine in itself, a lovely post Corey!


I love the pose-couteaux! I discovered those with my French family, too. Titi & Bruno (of course!) have several beautiful sets. And they gave me a set of my own once they realized how much I loved them.

I wish I could take beautiful pictures like you, Corey. I suppose I will have to be content with writing about embracing a new life and culture! (I like that turn of phrase, nel.)

Laura Florand

Your mother in laws table setting is perfection! Please tell her I said so.

I admire you for being willing to stretch your mind inorder to learn all that you have in France!! Love has blessed you with so much !

You are so right about the open markets they are wonderful. Every meal I had last week in Paris was heaven, most cooked by my daughter with ingredients from her local market. We are pretty lucky where we live here as we have a local organic farm that sells all it's produce from a farm shop situated in the farmyard. BLISS

It sounds and looks (from your photos) as if the French world is at the same time simple and elegant!

what a beautiful table, is shows so much respect for the guests and the food. just lovely.

I figured out all but the tuna. Such a beautiful table, but far more formal that what I would enjoy on a daily basis. It certainly makes for beautiful photos, though!

My husband and I are vegetarian as well.

I will imagine myself shopping for tofu in a french open air market today, my friend. I will sneak in some meat on the sly...

Oh my...love the silver and the monogrammed table cloth!!!!!

Oh Corey...beautiful table setting! I am just drooling over that monogramed table....I just love monogramed linens!!! You saved the 2 best schopping ingredients for last I see!

Lovely tablesettings Corey and such soft, peaceful colors. I remember looking for grocery stores when I visited France years ago. What I found were market and small shops. MUCH better.

Ah, the traditions of France, especially with food. The first time I suggested serving margaritas before dinner instead of champagne, I though my husband would have a stroke. I found out that the French like a change now and then.

You have brought back memories for me while living in Germany in the 70's when my former husband (ew!) was in the Army.
We had an apartment above a small German market - and I had wanted to make the pasta sauce I had grown up making (as taught to me by my mom who was taught by grandma from Sicily). Imagine my surprise when I could not just find Italian sasuages - and saw what seemed like a million versions of German ones! And of course I tried "a pound of Italian sasuages,please?"...which was met with a confused look!
I ended up cooking my sauce with bratwerst (sp.)! Not quite the same!
Perhaps that is why I have now been a vegeterian all these years! :)

Thanks for the absolutely, "magnifique" photos.
You have been gifted with an absolutely beautiful talent. As a reader, I just want to be there. You invite! I'm simply in awe.I want to be in France, at this moment, conversing, laughing, eating,enjoying,relaxing and taking it all in. This is what your photos have done. I guess that's part of the "joie de vivre", which really does not have the same meaning anywhere else but in France.

I can just imagine the expression on your face when you looked at your mother-in-law's tablesetting! I would've been wondering what to do, too! Do you adore the French way of setting the table now? That extra care must make the simple act of eating with family or friends more special.

Corey Responds: I do enjoy setting the table, and washing dishes...though ironing those tableclothes and napkins is another story.

Impeccable table setting, and I imagine this is a daily occurence not just for special occasion. How special every meal must be, and the list of fresh organic food sounds delish!

I am starving..in French. :)

Histoire adorable!
Ah..la vie francaise..
C'est pas facile..
Non..pas de tout!

Pardon et moi..
La langue c'est une couchemare aussi..pas jus'que le table..
Mais ton photos!
ça, c'est très beau..

J'aime beaucoup vos point de vu! Et j'ai concur avec Fleur Beaucoups - les photos!
C'est comme je suis la à table.

Ah, yes all these traditions and table-settings do take some getting used to! Lovely photos.

I could follow all of your grocery list, except 'thon'.. what is 'thon'?
beautiful photos - love the tablecloth but keep imagining how much time it would take to iron it!!! hehe

Goodness! Being a woman who has done a lovely relationship dance with several men from other countries, in the past...I have been at that vast and overwhelming table...And now, I might be able to meet you for lunch in Ireland, Greece, Dubais, or France, and know a wee bit of what I am doing....Wow, sounds much more interesting than it really is.. hee hee....

Really enjoyed this post, Corey... from one vegetarian at a large dinner table to another. I am constantly being asked if my iron levels are okay.
take care, g xo

I am in awe of your mother-in-law's tablesetting! And the knife rests are beautiful! I think I could live on wine, cheese, and bread while in France, so this non-vegetarian that I am could easily change my eating habits! I hear the street-vendors' crepes are delicious!

I just admire the heck out of you. What a gorgeous table! And you should write a book. With lots of pictures. That is all. :)

wow the table is formidable and inviting all at once, isn't it.

Glad you can keep your balance, however it's done

I like it when you share photos from your MIL's table. I find them intimidating, but lovely!

The pictures are wonderful, Corey. I love the beautiful and simple white table. And I always love to hear about your experiences of living in France. You tell them well.


Back in the good ole days of 4-H I got a blue ribbon for my place setting at the food feista, but your mother in law has more silver then I did for my blue ribbon. So do they give a new gal strange looks when she picks up the wrong utensile? Have a joyful Sunday.

i would have NO idea what to do with more than one set of silverware! and if i had a french shopping list, i'm sure i would starve. beautifully set table and great post.

I love the photos. And comparing the silverware to the keys of a piano!

Ah...La marché francaise
C'est encroyable non?
Et chaque jours..tout la meme choise - le Pain, yaourt, fromage, fruits, salade, huile de olive, thon, sel, sucre, farine, chocolat et vin...
La petites betes de la vie..non?
Oui, bien sur...
Mon deux!

Bonjour Corey!
Ma soeur, Fleure, me dit beaucoups de vos site charmant!!
je l'aime ça!
C'est adorable et plein de pensées...
Corey, vous ete une poete surment!

How beautifully that table has been set. I'd be so scared of spilling that glass of red wine all over the brocade table cloth.

Coreya responds:

Wine washes out, stains are just love spots anyway.

Ironing this puppy is the real scary part!!

I loved living near open markets in California.
Beautiful table!

Oh you made me smile with the grocery list. Mine used to be exactly the same, though it has become more North American over the years. But I still scribble yaourt and salade instead of the English words!

i love, love these photos! i have to say that i have always been in love with the setting of the table and the rituals of a meal, the tradition of the table manners, and i hope i can pass some of the to fiona, with a little twist.

Lovely pictures. I remember my days of polishing my mother's silver. I look forward to coming to your site and live vicariously!

I'm touched by these photos - what a good way to remember the experience of sitting at your mother-in-law's table! I never thought to capture my husband's family table, in my terror over the whole thing, but somehow your photos instantly transport me to the wonderful things hidden in the terror of unfamiliar food, language, and customs.

And the vegetarian thing! Bewildered and perplexed relatives are still trying to understand it, five years on. I expected thin French girls to know all about it, but it's quite an anomaly, you're right about that!

A wonderful post, I just had to comment!

Ha ha that french grocery list made me laugh because it's so true! And yes the open markets are always the best! I love the table silver ware!

Although I find that table the most elegant I think I would feel slightly overwhelmed by it. I don't think I could eat properly for fear of doing something wrong :)

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