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16 March 2007


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I am inspired by so many things fabulous people, places, words, books, flowers, every animal, songs nature and everything God presents to me in His divine wisdom.
Needless to say you are a big inspiration as well.

I can't muster inspiration today. I hope my well fills up soon.

Corey responds:
Hey Shannon I loved the DNA art you had on your blog. What was your DNA for inspiration?

I don't know what inspires me but yesterday I was! Wonderful ideas flowed and I was grateful :)
The day before that-no...

All of the above and raindrops with initials carved in them!!

Corey resonds:
If you haven't peeked over at Patpaulk's blog go take a look. He is very poetic.

Wise words like yours speak to me and inspire me. Kindness inspries me. Beauty in nature and photography inspires me. Having things to look forward to also is inspiring.

Inspiration is imperative. It fuels the creative spirit. Reweaving like a dream all we have seen, touched, heard and felt into a new and unique expression.

Corey responds:
Wow! I want to erase my words and add your instead!

Lots of things inspire me, I suppose. But one stands out: conversations with my grandparents.

Your pictures of YANN, I find truly inspiring.

And then I do find YOU inspiring too...

Written words on the page that move me.

Dawn breaking the horizon.

Music and just the right sigh from a fellow traveler on a bus.


1.The smell of wind after a good rain. 2 Sunsets (God is the most wonderful artist). 3.Hot tea, warm pastries. 4.Good friends. 5. Delightful conversations.

These all inspire creativity in me.

Yet poetry...poetry is ripped from me when I am most distraught...and I don't know why.

Incredible books, museums, tangled gardens, storytelling, warm rainy days, bright sunshiny days, colors, travel around the world, amazing photographs, playing the piano, the thought of raising children, the thought of learning how to sail and building a sailboat, other people's wonderful blogs, and, most definitely, the links you hide in yours, like a little treasure hunt.

And I notice some red and yellow in your floral earring! More inspiration to make me happy throughout my day - thank you!

I would say what inspires me are people I meet who touch my soul. People with a ready laugh, a generous heart, a genuine openness and eyes that sparkle. Someone who with words written or spoken opens your mind to possibility and exploration in the world. A new friendship formed from serendipity and alikeness...sharing the beauty of art and music and life's ups and downs. Even if its for an instant or a lifetime...blogging or in person. Nature inspires me too of course, but no matter the setting or season...it is the company in which you find yourself that makes everything brighter. That's what truly inspires me.

Like Beachy, I thought I noticed "red and yellow" in your fairy tale and also in the earring. Even without effort, you are coordinated!

Such a perfect description: "Twilight as it sets the stage for the moon to grow large."

YOU inspire me, Corey!

Well, dear Cory ~ YOU are my inspiration !!!!!

I think everything holds the power of inspiration if only we make the choice to accept it.

The teacher appears when the student is ready.

My 5 year old and 2 year old daughters just watching them explore and the question they ask make the imagination go and inspire me to be all I can be for them and myself. Scene I started reading your blog and seeing your pictures of painting and other wonders. I found myself looking at a picture of a dancer putting her shoes on. I wondered what she was thinking and who she was wishing to be out on the floor waiting for her and a whole story started in my mind. What a wonderful gift you have give me. And of all place a doctors office bathroom. LOL

Happy Birhday Orama.

Tu es belle.
Il est beau.
Ils sont beaux.
(les enfants)

Conjugating verbs, learning your homework, while impatient to go out and play.



This post is such a sweet mix of words and emotions.

Inspiration what a lovely word, there is so much that inspires me you are definitely in that mix!


I love unexpected beauty, this is so much like Lisa Solomon's thoughts of her view from her backyard (http://www.monkeybrains.net/~dietrich/musings/2007/03/on-cusp-of-weekend.html). Friendships, love and nature inspires me.

I read your entry and felt refreshed by the things that inspire you.

The photograph is lovely!

Oh, twisty paths... me too!

Lovely post, Corey - much inspiration in all your posts.

I have just discovered your blog and am inspired by it.
Cheers to you for taking your friends dare to start a blog!

Nature and all life inspires me! Lovely post Corey. Keep an eye on that devil daring French hubby of yours...hehe.
Oh by the way my friend JAN is moving to Paris this July. For sure I'll have to get her to join our blogging community, record every day life and send her off shopping for me...hehe.
Life is beautiful!!!

Luv Annabelle

Moonlight, children laughing, music heard from afar, clouds, cobalt blue, the wind blowing the curtains, books or even fragmens of sentences found at a glance, words and images found - including this here. This post is certainly inspiring! Thank you.

Happiness, love, laughter, and beautiful words to read are always wonderful inspirations.

And, from your post before, I am afraid of flying also, and if my hubby were flying, I may go a few miles with him only because he makes me feel safe...but I would be scared silly to take that first step! And where did you find that gorgeous frenchmen anyway? :)


I feel inspired when I wake up and the sky is blue..the birdies are singing , the weather is perfect, flowers are abloom, people are happy...Why..I believe that is now..SPRING! My favorite time of the year! Of course I am also inspired by other's creativity and generosity ! ..My pets inspire me....A great book.... A glass of Sauvignon Blanc, maybe? Ha! My future miracle trip to Paris inspires me ! Woo woo!

As cheesey as it sounds, I am inspired by my kids to be the best person I can be!

I feel inspired by following my priorities to the letter. It always leaves me feeling full, like a job well done. When all the loved ones are cared for, and the house smells of pine.

Nicely done.

faith inspires me.

Lovely - now I'm inspired to write something about inspiration.

flowers red :)

Liked your inspirations.

Like that list! As I see it, all of us at SS inspire each other.

Beautifully poetic & picturesque. :-)

Spectacular inspirations, all.

Inspiration is everywhere and available to each of us. Like you, we must open the doors of receptivity....inhale the world around us and let it reveal it's wonders to us.
If the world would follow your example we'd all live in a garden of eden.

"Moments of uprooting, challenging perspectives, twisty paths, or when things are against the odds, I find inspiration."

So many things to be inspired by - this particular item on your list resonated with me. Although there are times that challenges can seem overwhelming I am inspired because any challenge demands creative thinking.

Great list of inspirations, Corey!

beautiful inspirations! I find everyday life inspiring...watching my boys play, angry gray clouds, beams of sunlight against the walls, vintage images, tea dresses, blogs like yours...the list goes on & on....

My garden, it's plants, flowers and visitors like all the lovely birds. Also I love inspiring blogs like yours! xox

Such a lovely post, Corey.

The subconscious is a marvellous mystery. It is an inspiration in itself.

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