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27 February 2007


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Is it true that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?


Oh I so relate to that! So so true. And I just love that mended heart!! So simple, so beautiful!


What a beautiful mended heart! Thank you.


Corey, pure love, like gold, is purified with fire. Beautiful!!


A wooden heart stapled back together again... just what I needed to see today, Corey. Today has been 'blah'... there's no other way to describe it.
take care, g xo
(And here's hoping you were able to fit that blue horse and jesus(!) into your travel bag for your little ones.)


hoping that you are enjoying your stay with you loving family...


That photo is so poetic, sad but simultaneously brings hope. The stapled heart is made whole again, slowly the wounds will heal and we might even allow the hands of love to seep through the gaps in the staples, never the same but wholly transformed.


...that love does not need to be perfect to be good...

What a treasure you are Cory.


What a pretty image Corey in such an unexpected way. In your mom's backyard perhaps?


So beautiful this red heart that has weathered the storm with grace and dignity.


Ahh The Sacred Romance...I, too, have been stitched up and loved by the Wounded Healer. May your visit home be filled with love and grace and much healing, Corey.


How far short we would all fall if love required perfection.


So true that love doesn't have to be perfect to be good. A lesson we all need to learn in both loving and being loved.

Paris Parfait

Beautiful sentiments, Corey. And I love the wooden heart stapled back together - as though it's had heart surgery and survived to love another day. Wonderful!


'love knows no bounds' I sure hope it is not your heart that is breaking dear C..sending lots of love~~xo

I love this post!


That's a great heart. Where did you find it? Love certainly doesn't need to be perfect. For me, that would be quite boring. I only feel real joy through a comparison of the sadness that i've experienced.

kristen robinson

What a lovely sentiment that is so very true!


Di Overton

So wooden hearts can be broken. What a lovely image. Hope you are enjoying your trip Corey.


So many things are spoken through this picture and this broken (but mended) heart.
Thank you


lovely photo and profound words...compassion does speak through the wisdom of its own wounds and hurts. Lovely post!


This is powerful, Corey. The image and your words... you live grace. Thank you.

ana rose

You can see the ravages of time in that heart. All the little tears that have led up to the big break and then stapled together. large stitches to heal a broken heart. This belongs to a solid tree that never really learns its lessons but has kept on getting its heart broken until it could mend itself no longer. Just when I had thought that nothing else could hurt me.My sad and broken heart, wherever did you find it!

Laura Florand

What an extraordinarily beautiful image this is. Corey, you have a gift.

pam aries

You are such an imaginative poetess! The heart is so cozy! I love the idea that some one loved it so much they stapled it back together!


you can replace the word "mind" in place of the "heart" and our sentence still makes sense!

But do we love with our mind or our heart?

Liz Ness

So intriguing!

Tara Larsen Chang

They say that your heart is only able to feel more deeply by being broken, and hence expanded...

Lovely image and perfect words.


I keep watching this beautiful picture, reading your words, and I end up with tears in my eyes....

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