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10 February 2007


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Oh, Corey! Quel disastre! But your quick thinking no doubt saved the party! Love your Directorie dishes - saw some in my friend's antiques shop and was so tempted to buy them. The lack of space (and the two sets of Limoges and about six other sets of porcelain) gave me pause.

I used to love to cook but lately when honey pie asks what is for dinner Sweetie
I say reservations.
We are going to one of our favorite places tonight.

Kiss the cook often and season
everything with love.
Love you Sugar Plum
Love Jeanne ^j^

Oh my - we've all had these disasters but often they turn out wonderful because everyone then has a shared story! Sort of hard on the hostess though!

As my french son-in-law is fond of saying, "no way"!!
I've been there and done the same thing. I don't think I was able to suppress the stream of sailor talk though.

Good save with pizza!

Quick thinking old bean! You saved the day, but I am sure your friends would have bean happy withwine and dessert?

Even in France pizza saves the day!
You naughty girl....thinking of serving that food if the floor had been clean ;) The same thought would've run through my head too!

Oh, Corey --- how well I can relate! As a newlywed desperately wanting to impress my in-laws, parents and in-law-grandparents with my first dinner, I filled a blender to the very top with beef gravy, put the lid on, pressed the button. Gravy exploded onto me and every surface from floor to ceiling. Can you imagine the Lucy Ricardo expression on my gravy-covered face?! One of many lessons to come....learned and remembered.

oh I love those dishes too..
your table settings are so scrumptious ! Loved the pics of the pizza truck too... good save girl !

Aww man! I was just heartbroken reading this! Until the pizza arrived, of course.

Big points in my book!! The most challenging aspect of entertaing, the thing that seperates the truly great into their own private catagory, is how one deals creativily with disaster. Sounds like you kept your cool, came up with a scrumptious solution and lived to tell about it.

P.S. It's already made a good tale with a delicious, ending.

I would love to come to your dinner parties, how much fun we could have! Even pizza and chips would make a fantastic party here.

Oh, you certainly know how to regain control! That moment when there's silence in the other room is a difficult one, but you wrested it back with your quick thinkinig.

And I also love those dishes on the table.

The wonderful thing about this story is that you had FRIENDS there. No judgment, just lots of laughter. I picture them all pitching in to help with the clean up and then squabbling over the best pizzas to order. Candles and pizza - mighty romantic solution in my book.

Oh, that hasn't actually ever happened to me, but you recovered grandly!

I love those TUBS!!!!

Oh my goodness!!! You know, I look up to you, I think you are worldly and wise and lovely. So, the next time something like that happens to me, which, it will...I will think of you and know I am not alone.

A casserole is broken.
But it's just a token
Of your supreme savoir faire.
You did not swear.
You didn't tear your hair.
The words unspoken.
You know how to share.
Beyond compare!

Your dishes are divine. I am loving the pizza thing though. I am sure the party went well.

Oh Corey!! You are too much!! LOL

if i had pizza available from a wood burning oven right down the road, i might never cook again. congratulations on a dinner no one will forget.

More wine my dears......

bravo pour le post : j'ai beaucoup ri et vos amis aussi j'espère
vive la pizza !

Wow! What a challenge!
Pizza is good :)

Oh Corey I'm sure you saved the meal with style but did you save the silk? Tomato does stain.

Guess who's coming to dinner...the pizza guy..!
Oh gosh..!

lol - they're called dinner disasters and they happen to everyone. How I would love to meet you!

Oh no! LOL Thank goodness for the pizza man! I would be happy to have pizza at your place at your gorgeous table anytime! I love the boy,girl arrangement. How exciting and interesting to sit with someone new. Love the photos of the trucks too.

We've all been in this spot at one time or another, although I don't think mine has ever involved silk!

Sounds like you found a lovely alternative.

I have had quite a few such disasters.

Thank God fast food saves the day!

I think your guests can easily forgive you and forget that their dinner "went down to the carpet" (="crashed" - like a plane)if you bring them one of those pizzas from the truck or take them to "La Tartine Gourmande"!

So, if I come to dinner French husband won't mind me sitting next to you?? Don't worry about the mess I know how to mop.

So was that one of those "I bet I look like an idiot foreigner" moments or are you better settled in France than that?
I saw your article in the craft magazine--Scissors, paper or some such--I'm bad with names. I had a "I know her" moment. Good job!

I loved the pictures of the trucks! I've always been fascinated with old vehicles left to "pasture" next to the farm house. Makes my mind create stories about "what came before"........oh if those tires could only speak.

Oh Corey!

Well good thing you had Pizza down the road! LOL!


Oh no! I've had that happen to me, too. Argh! But then, you still had Yann pouring the wine, good music softly playing in the background, and fabulous friends gathered 'round the table eating pizza! Wish I was there!

No problem...drink and be merry. :) In these modern times there is a solution to everything.

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