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09 January 2007


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So funny, you two are the cutest pair! Gorgeous frenchman, and just love the amoire! Always entertaining, Corey. Happiest Anniversary! xx

Happy Anniversary darling one.
When the one man loves the one woman and the one woman loves the one man surely the very angels leave Heaven and come and sit in their home and sing with joy.
May the magic continue.
Your husband and you are soul mates.
God bless you both real good.
Love is all you need.
Love you

This photo is really good as it lead my imagination in 2 different directions!
1) I thought about all the photos in magazine ads showing all sorts of men (not as warmly-clad though!)... at first sight you can't possibly say what product is advertised until you read the word or the phrase written at the bottom...
2) I asked myself: "what is he hiding therein?"...
(...?...?...maybe tons of "cretonne" for his apple!?!)

Happy Anniversary to you two!

Tongue in CHeek responds:
Marie Noelle sent me this site that shows the different gifts for each year of marriage. How do they differ from the ones in the States? 19 is Cretonne (fabric.)

WOW. Yes, I want a calendar :-) What a great photo, man, post, marriage, love, armoire, everything.....

You really NEVER stop to amaze me Corey. Your blog is my number one favorite!

Higs to you and Mr.Dream.


I have to admit that when I saw the picture I sort of cringed a bit - of course, I have flu - everything's making me cringe right now. Then I read the post and laughed out loud at the end. Happy Anniversary. Let me know if you produce the calendar.

He is as beautiful as the door of the armoire!
~*Happy Anniversary to you!*~

Very nice armoire errr I mean man. Sign me up for that calendar of Yann. Happy Anniversary!!!

Tongue in Cheek Responds:
Yann says he thinks the reason people want a calendar is because they like what I put around him...like the armoire! Little does he know, what I am going to do! HA!

...and a mousepad, and a mug, and two t-shirts...and a poster...

you and Yann have a good sence of humor. This post makes me smile.
Congrats on your anniversary!

p.s. will you please tell us about the publication you wrote in C?? . What is it and how can I read it?

Happy Anniversary, dear Corey! Yann is not only handsome, he has a great sense of humour! As for the Stade Francais guys, two of them live in my neighbourhood and what a vision they are - even with clothes on! :)

Such juicy senses of humor!!! Happy Anniversary, Corey and Yann!

eh hem! Nice Package!The man can wear a pair of levis that's for sure! I'll take a coffee mug;o) I could sip on this alll day! quite a looker you've got there ms C but he is equally as lucky to have you! HAPPY ANNIVERSERY TO YOU BOTH! xoxo

Happy anniversary dear -
you are made for each other...

Happy Anniversary!

LMAO. You are so funny making Yann act like he's in love on the beach....and he did it too!! Oh boy I can't wait to hear about his reaction to this post.

Happy Anniversary!

Tongue in Cheek: I am not saying a word...I want to go out to dinner tonight!

Happy Anniversary to you both! May the blessed fabric of your lives together, always be woven with with love and laughter..xx

Anniversaries are magic and this is a lovely tribute to your willingness to play together. But my favorite picture of your beloved is still the one where he's petting the dog in the photograph along the way of visiting your cousins last summer. Good looking, sure. But the sense of humor is every bit as valuable ...

Tongue in Cheek: Wasn't that picture of him petting the dog in the mural funny!! I'll use that in the calendar, thanks for reminding me!!

happy anniversary you two love birds.... xo

Happy Anniversary! Will the be a Yann-only calendar--or will we get to see you, too?

Tongue in Cheek responds:
Ummmmmmm, considering I do not like photos of myself...I think Yann only. He is going to throttle me!


Didn't I suggest it awhile back..?

What are you waiting for!!!


Where's the Paypal button..

Can we pre-order?

How do we enlarge that picture please :) ?

Tongue in Cheek responds: By kissing the screen ;)

you are subtly giving us all french lessons, right?

i'm on to you.

Tongue in Cheek responds: Oui, exactment! C'est vrai! Because I can parlez French without an accent on the computer!

Can't resist a second comment...I know exactly what you are doing...going for a 100 comment day!
You may top 1000.

Tongue in Cheek Responds...Well, if it hits a 100 I am certainly going to do a calendar! And I'll send you a free one :)!! LOL!

Can I just say, "WHOA!"
Happy Anniversary indeed! Let's see- he's gorgeous, you're beautiful... and 19 years of wedded bliss?! What more can one ask from in life! Thanks for sharing this very special picture on your most loveliest of days!

How do you enlarge the picture? "By kissing the screen"!

Oh my, you naughty girl!
Have a lovely anniversary....both of you!

Happy Anniversary to both of you! When I saw the picture I thought what is he doing. And then I read the story behind it. That is funny. Enjoy your day.


Happy Anniversary Corey & Yann! Your husband looks like my relatives, actually he looks a lot like my nephew. Is there some Picard in him somewhere? LOL! :)

Happy Anniversary! I hope you get your dinner out. And it doesn't seem that long ago that everyone was talking about how you would look so beautiful in The Dress; I can't rememeber your Mother's or Grandmother's?

Tongue in Cheek responds: Gee, you remember the DRESS!! It was my Grandmother's, nobody had ever seen it, as she didn't like it she had it hidden. I found it as a kid and vowed to wear it on my wedding day. It was hyper fragile, yet I still danced up a storm in it and it held on!

You two are wonderful together, absolutement! What a joy.

well, shoot. it has been nice knowing you this last year corey... i will miss your daily posts. but you went out with a bang, that's for sure!!

Tongue in Cheek responds:
Not sooooooooooooooo fast missy!! Folks, Stephanie won a million British pounds and since I am her new best friend, I asked her for half of it! Now she is wishing me goodbye! What a friend! ;)

Stephanie Responds:
Thought I was off the hook there... I suspect if you are going to get
one half of my one hundred million great britain pounds yann may decide
to keep you and your camera around...


Your posts are always delightful!
The calendar would be a hit!

Happy Anniversary!

I saw the picture and laughed out loud. "By kissing the screen," now I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. Oh my, Corey, no wonder he married you! What a great couple you are! Here's to many more happy years together!!!!!

Tongue in Cheek responds:

See Yann!! See Yann!! It isn't soooooooooooooooo bad that I put another funny beautiful photo of you on my post! See, everyone is kissing you! And I won a million pounds, and and and....MB thinks we are happy!!!

Happy Anniversary to you both! I wish you a lifetime of making each other happy. It's the honor and the pleasure of marriage.

Happy Anniversary! And many more. As a still-newly-wed (17 months, now), I am totally encouraged and inspired by long-lasting marriages like yours.

My husband and I met dancing, too, sort of, except that it was to AC/DC to a song I once heard played at a wedding when I was 13 and thought was so tacky - "You Shook Me All Night Long." And then, of course, since that's the song that brought us together, we had no choice but to play it at our wedding.

Tongue in Cheek responds: lol!! We danced to, "Stand by Me," because it was the first FILM we saw together. The first song we danced to was from The CURE, "Should I Stay or Should I go now?" How fitting, n'est pas?

Corey ~ Isn't it wonderful to have such a devoted man in your life? Bliss.

I'd pay money for that calendar. Yann is such a sweetie.......yep, I'd pay money.

What a fun post ! Just when I think you've run out of suprises !!!!

Smooches, my dear.

Tongue in Cheek responds:
I have many many more tricks up my sleeve!!
If you want a calendar, gee maybe I should set up a paypal button like Parisbreakfast suggested!

Happy anniversary, Corey. Your stop is one of my favorites each day. I just started a blog last week and really admire your persistence! Yours is inspiring. Have a wonderful celebration!

Oh, Corey, leave it to you to give 'us' a gift on your own anniversary (ok, so it wasn't just you; Yann had to cooperate)! Has Yann seen the link the other calendar?

Your marriage reminds me so much of my own. Full of love and playfulness, support and adventure. (Although our dancing is done mainly in the kitchen as we cook.) And I might add to your post title that the blossoms (you and Yann) bloom bigger and more profusely as the years go by.

Sending congratulations and best wishes for many more happy years ahead.

Happy Anniversary, Corey and Yann. Think Calendar Girls and remember the bunch of 50-something women in England that took their clothes off for a calendar? I think calendars of Yann (clothes on or partially off) would sell quite nicely. Those of us who know him, know his true beauty is from the heart, but for the rest of the world, the physical specimen will have to do. Enjoy your day!

Dear Darling Wife,

Wait until I come home... I'm going to get you!!


Tongue in Cheek responds:

Oh Baby!! I'll be waiting inside the armoire!!

Happy Anniversary! You are such a lovely couple, looks like you backed Yann reluctantly into the beautiful armoire :) So much fun to put your husband on the spot of so many swooning admirers!

Hah! You made me laugh out loud this afternoon, Corey! You are SUCH a hoot! And so is your sweetiepie armoire homme debout! What fun! Of course I'd love to see the French Husband calendar.

Jeepers, I forgot to wish you a Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary! Have a fabulous time in the armoire tonight! ;p

Happy Anniversary!!

I'd like to place an order for one of those calendars *wink* =)

I came over here to look once more today, and what did I find - your blog working as a chat room. This is the nicest chat room I've been to. Must be because we all have the photo of Mr.Armoire Love in our minds:-)

Keep on Corey, I can't wait to drag out more secrets from your sleeves.....

you made THE right choice ! to pick up your husband in the french ARMOIRES !! c'est là qu'on trouve les meilleurs !!

joyeux anniveraire de marriage !!

Happy Anniversary Corey and Yann!!

PS Yann should definately make a calendar, I would buy one.

Happy Anniversary!!! I love this post, it's so funny!

OHH Laa Laa
Happy Anniversary !!
(I think a calender is a brilliant idea)
Blessings Clarice

You two make a great couple! What a wonderful husband! Happy Anniversary! I wonder what my amazing American husband would think of me hanging up a French husband calendar...oh and what a lovely surprise when I clicked on "calendar".

Tongue in Cheek responds:

And to think two of the guys in this calendar (link on post,) live by TARA of Paris Parfait!! Can you image that, i would sit otside all day...I probably will be sitting outside after this comment!

"Inside the Amoire!" have the camera ready!!! Oh Corey, this is just delightful... Lots of Anniversary hugs and kisses to you and yours!!! Put me on your Calendar list too! p.s. Love the Amoire!!!!

Hope your anniversary (congratulations!) is as happy and carefree as this post - dance on!

I'll be watching the mail for my calendar!)

You've got the power girlfriend:) There is no way I could get Rog to do that:) Good for you......tee...hee!

Oui ! Oui ! THat is so cute! 30 years..Damn!

Whoa.. why did I say 30 years??? Uhhh... musta beeen that Pinot Gri!!!!

Oh, Dear Corey,
I love to read your daily posting. Happy anniversary. You make me laugh.

Tongue in Cheek:For your information Gail was with me in the monastery. She was the accountant nun. I was the goofy nun. She could tape so fast it made me dizzy! After all these years we are still in touch, by thought and prayer!

So-when does the calendar come out? Happy anniversary..and many more to come!

Is this your father?
He's cute!

Does the wardrobe come
with the calender?


(Sitting giggling) What a delightful post - and what a lovely, lovely man to play along with you.

"...to the man who will do anything for me, (at least once,) ..." lovely!

Happy Anniversary!
take care, g xo

oh corey!!! your last line made me burst out laughing! happy anniversary! how do french men make looking sexy seem so easy to do? i think you'd become rich if you made such a calendar. :)

May you be blessed with endless years of growing Love.

I Love the sillyness that led to the picture =)

Tell Yahn he looks great for 70 (hee hee)
Mb in JT

I wouldn't buy a calandar with men in the photos (although your husband is a cutie), but I would buy one with your great photos from your blog--if you need something to do.

Happy anniversary to you and Yann.
After the armoire do we get to see more dancing?

Happy anniversary Corey, you two are so lucky to have found eachother! Yann is gorgeous!

ROFL You are too funny. The pic is great and he did a superb job of modeling. Happy Anniversary!

The photo of your hunky grandfather is a classic "mug shot." This is what I call the shots of my family when I ask them to pose and try to elicit a smile or emotion. If one emerges, invariably, I'm laughing so hard, my camera shakes...even though I'm a professional photographer. So I have to resort to alternate methods.
As for that calendar, hahahah, you're a hoot!

Please pardon moi-
I forgot to wish you two lovebirds a belated Happy Anniversary!
(My anniversary post is "Sealed with a Kiss" and you can see why skiing is not my forte...)

I love it, love it, love it! You give me so much to aspire to as I start to plan my wedding. I have so many wonderful years ahead if they are anything like yours.

I am smiling, giggling reading your post and the comments! Happy Anniversary and keep dancing!

you two make me laugh !
Happy happy anniversary !

I'm laughing like mad :D
Happy aniversary to both of you.

Hello, I would like to pre-order the calendar;)

he he, such a handsome guy, you two are just great!! I will think of the both of you when my frog and I are at 19 years...2 down, 17 more years of bliss to go:)

Happy Anniversary!!

Oh la!
Tell me does this gorgeous man live in your armoire?
Happy anniversary to you both.

bon anniversaire!!!!! you two are a perfect pair!!!!

xo, mary ann

p.s., i do hope you reach 100 comments...'cuz i want that calendar!!!!! :)

You both have wonderful senses of humour! Congratulations on so many love filled years together!!

xo Heather

Happy Anniversary Corey!! Your husband is such a handsome man *hunk*. Can't wait to see calendar photos.

Oh my. so handsome!

It came to me in Italian:

La felicità dell'amore.

Happy happy anniversary!

Tongue in Cheek:

Pasta is what comes to me in Italian! Your words are sweeter I am certain!

a turkish newly wed blogger lady made a sideshow of the husband and put it on the main page of the blog..
I fell off when I read the comment of the husband on the page..=D
happy many years together.. many 19's..

Two people in love plus a sense of humor = heaven.
Congratulations to you both,

Nice armoire!

Is the armoire FOR SALE ? ? ?

Tongue in Cheek responds: I will put a piece of cheese it in for you?

Funny! All too often my significant other reads my blog to come back at me with constructive criticism or just plain BOOS! I just shrug it off... :)

I'm wishing you a belated anniversary Corey and Yann. I was remembering your wedding, it was at the golf course here in willows, food was good and there was alot of dancing.Many more. Love the photo,can't you see Doug doing something like that?

Tongue in Cheek Responds:

Julie is my cousin, we call her JULA!
I cannot see Doug doing the "love on a beach armoire trick..."
but I can see him doing "Honey-dos," and gee at the end of the day I
Yann are you listening...???? Honey do?

do you post calendars to Australia? I am sure I could sell a few for you (hee, hee )
by the way - he looks very much like my oncologist!

I died laughing over here! Definitely a way to get a lot of comments!

Corey, Happy Belated Anniversay. Can't believe 19 years. Seems like yesterday-- it was a beautiful wedding, and yes-you looked so beautiful in your grandma's wedding dress, and Yann was so handsome. You both make a lovely couple--


You have yourself a "keeper" for sure! Happy belated anniversary dear one... and many more to come.

19 ans d'amour et d'humour : Félicitations !

Is Yann for sale in your "flea market"?

Having just celebrated our 24th anniversary of happy marriage, I am hoping it is not in too terrifically poor taste to look at another woman's husband, lick my lips, and think "yum".

Tongue in Cheek responds:

You can lick your lips, but he is all mine for kissing!


What a babe!

Joyeux anniversaire !

Vous êtes un couple charmant et très drôle !

Happy anniversary to you !
You are very charming and funny !


LOL! Corey! Now I see that Yan is just as nutty as you! A perfect match, I say.


Happy Anniversary! Handsome AND willing to be photographed for your blog? He's a KEEPER.

If the comments reach 100 and you really do produce a calendar... please put yourself in it too! "Yann in love" would not be as compelling without the object of his affection!
Happy Anniversary to you both.

(my man and I celebrated our 15th in December)

Just had to add one more comment! Happy "Belated" Anniversary! Lovely Armoire! oooh la la! Handsome French husband you have there!

Yann, Can I make a calendar of you? In Velvet shorts?

Oh, let's make it an even 100!

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