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11 January 2007


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Having a tea and thinking of thee

I'm a little tea pot short and stout
Here is my Handle here my spout.
Love you


This just shows that you don't have to be functional to be special. Also that each of us can be beautiful - leaks and all!


It's adorable, I love it Corey!! It would make a beautiful addition to my collection of teacups and saucers.


Pauline Clarke

LOL! Well done! (You get what you pay for :)


That's too funny!My morning chuckle!Thank you smiling.


Why not lift the lid, pop in a small vase or bottle and have flowers gushing from such a beautiful teapot? No-one need ever know it leaks (except the thousands of us who read your blog!!!!!!). LOL from Australia.

Tongue in Cheek Responds: Great idea, except for the moment I am having to much fun pretending to serve tea with it!! Everyone gets a good luagh and alittle wet!!


I love it!!! I'll take mine steaming hot.

Tongue in Cheek responds: When I serve tea from this pot, I serve it cold, it flows everywhere, I think there are seven leaks in all.

Afterwards I serve hot tea, what type do you like?


Gorgeous tea pot, make mine Lady Grey please.



Aww, everything needs to feel wanted and useful. The leaky teapot found a new role as a conversation piece....or at the very least a comedy bit.


Very good! I think you've managed every cliche there is. Glad you rescued teapot from the unknown.


[your version of "the leaky cauldron" in harry potter.]

well, at least it looks good. set it in the corner like one of those "antique" disfunctional things they sell all at Bombay [ the store ]


But still so pretty!


yes! bring friends...the more the merrier!!!


A lucky Tea Pot indeed!


My dear Dad made several beautiful lamps for me out of antique silver coffee pots....yours could have another long and lovely life, just with a different function (*~*)


Clever teapot, just wanted to be adopted...can you buy Stop Leak in France?


Poor teapot--with age comes incontinence sometimes. But it has a good home with you and can count on being the center of attention when a good story is called for.

Nice contribution for PT.


It's stunning, even if it leaks :) -come to the river of life you will find healing here, come and drink freely here, come if your heart is searching, come if your soul is thirsty, draw near and drink. Your love like its beauty overflows...


Cool! tea for two or tea for three. Depending on how many leaks you see!

Pam Aries

I love coming to see what cool poem you have written! It is so much fun! It is life and poetry in one!


HA! You had us all fooled there... What a delightful 'fairy-tale', with such a funny ending... Poor little Miss Teapot, certainly she needs a mate???

Gypsy Purple

Oh, how delightfull.....at least it is lovely!!!


Thanks for starting my morning with a chuckle. Maybe you can host a special April Fool's Day Tea.

stephanie s

she is beautiful! lovely leaks and all.

teresa (maggiegracecreates)

I too have leaks. Leaks from the mouth when I don't engage the brain first. Leaks in my heart when I try to hard to protect it. Leaks in my love when it scares me too much.

But with all those leaks people get in, or love gets out. depends on the perspective.

Now to work on those word leaks.

Heather T.

Giggle. I love that swirl pattern on it. She is lovely and will look so nice up on a shelf. Her pouring days are done and clearly she worked hard at one time to have all those worn through spots!


Leaks? It will make a beautiful setting for seasonal dry floral arrangements. An Ugly Duckling of a pot. How lucky she was to be found by you.


Leaks and all, a lovely tea pot! I couldn't have resisted it either. :-)
Addicted to tea in Vienna,


Since I will be away tomorrow I am already on my way over to muerto de risa's tea party.

Paris Parfait

So cute! It's pretty despite its leaks!


It conjures up a wonderful image for me of a handsome teapot con artist, batting his eyes at you - who cares for a couple of tiny leaks when I'm just so good-looking!


this little beauty would
look lovely with a few
flowers in it...:)

Mountain Mama

I love it! The tea pot and the story.
I would open the lid and arrange some silk posy's in it and find a very special place for it to live.

Di Overton

Put a small vase in it Corey, so it won't leak and fill it with flowers. I have a pewter one that is battered but beautiful and that is what I use it for. Or am I teaching my Grandmother to suck eggs? That's an English saying not meant to be rude.


That teapot is a fairly good representation of my menopausal brain some days. I keep thinking, "this too shall pass".........yikes, I sure hope so !


Ah C, but this pot she is so elegant ( even if she has a continence problem!).


You are pretending to serve tea with this? Ah, Corey, your mischief knows no bounds! Nor does your appreciation of beauty. It's a charming combination.


oh! and don't forget to send me your snail mail so i can send you some party favors. :)


Love this post and that teapot. It's unique and inspiring - just like you!


Love does not require perfection!


This made me laugh out loud like a hyena!! Thank you.

Veronica TM

So much truth, so much wisdom in this post.


Wonderful, good drainage, fill it with potting soil and grow flowers and ivy, you don't have to drill holes in the bottom, set it on a pretty plate. That's what it is crying to be now in its old age, potted!


Hi Corey,
Beautiful find! Why not turn your teapot into a light?I made one that is a light,a secret piggy bank and whenever one goes to dip into the pot music plays.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xO


Decorative, but not functional..I could live with that..!


C'est la vie ma cher. Laughter is the best medicine!
I like your use of cliches.
And besides, Sometimes the look of a thing is what matters more than functionality. It'll look good on the shelf while making for a good tale.
Fri. is strength traing day, ;-)

Maryam in Marrakesh

What a sneaky, wee teapot. It will have to coast on its good looks!


Maybe it was designed to work that way???

Never mind, I still think your motto of "Making a bad decision is better than making no decision at all" is worth keeping.


It is still a lovely teapot. I would have bought it leaks and all. I like the idea from above of putting plants in it.


That made me giggle :)


I loved your post : words and picture... as usual they helped that little door within me open into a gazebo, in which a pot of warm tea was awaiting me... My eyes appreciated while I was sipping a mug of hot "tisane" made by my husband especially for me... How spoiled !!! THANK YOU !!!

mary ann

i so know what you mean! the teapot is lovely though!

i saw an old round wooden stool. at an antique fair. it was distressed, time-worn, shabby-chic white...i wondered why it was only $7? the dealer, i'm not kidding, placed the stool on his head, like a hat, & i saw it was missing a leg...it only had 3 legs. we both laughed & i told him i'd take it anyway! i just loved how it looked, even that it was 3-legged! in fact, it stands proudly in our bedroom & holds magazines!

so corey, sometimes we can still salvage a "sneaky" find & repurpose it...

enjoy your leaky teapot!

xo, mary ann

Tiel S-K

It makes a lovely watering can. Teapot, what teapot?


Well, even leaky, it's still pretty!


Oh how wonderful - I love it anyway and Im sure you do too!! so pretty!


oh it is so pretty...wonder if you can repair it at all...it would be fabulous to use!!


A teapot and fountain rolled into one! A steal!

simple me

Can you get better? 3 in one...cheap, strainer and teapot

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