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10 January 2007


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Such gorgeous words, what a lovely post. Always inspirational. xx

It's the year of the pig darling Oink Oink
So I send you hogs and kisses
I love a good sweet kiss.
The kiss of the sun for pardon
The songs of the birds for mirth
There is no place closer to
Than a garden here on Earth!
Love you Sugar Plum
I send you lots of Hungarian
kisses with lots of garlic

Oh french kisses, thanks for the reminder, well I still remember them from when I was 22 and an au-pair girl in Toulon *sigh* Wonderful memories!

I have a white marble floor in the hallway and someone once trod a berry into it, the stain is still there. I wish I had felt as romantic about that stain as I do about this delightful post.

I just love the way your mind works. :) Great post.

My last kiss
Was from Chris,
During our trist.
I miss that kiss..
It was bliss.
I'll just have to

French kiss is the best!!! Corey, an excellent story!!

This is quintissential optimism...seeing the good when others see the negative.

Kisses no matter where they're planted are good!

Kisses... kissing...delightful, delicious and should be a daily habit. Love your thoughts, Corey!!

My first kiss was much sweeter than my last! Quelle honte...


My first kiss! I hadn't thought of it until now for years, but I was 16 and in England for the summer and his name was Clive and . . .

French kiss,
American bliss,
couple's feast!

Love this beautiful story, an alternative to the well-known parable. I wish for your clump of berries to grow bigger and bigger, gaining strength together and sharing in the joys and adventures ahead. The ones that fell on the line are too cute to be looking for awards :)

lovely post
It's so enjoyable to stop by here.
(I'll save my answer for a very late participation in Sunday Scribblings.)

You have such an imagination, Corey. I love the perspective you have given to the various berries--being on the line must signal a prize has been won, the comfort of being grouped together with others and the freedom of having elbow room.

I need to get cracking with some stories this year.

Thanks for a great start to another day!

You write the nicest stories. I wish I could borrow your brain for a day.

You strike again Corey. Now with this lovely start to my day, I will go dry my hair, find some coffee, you joining me with your tea and we'll chat.

Oh my. Three of us gals came into the office early today and the conversation got around to that movie "The Lover" and that fabulous scene where the young girl kisses the car window. Such a sultry kiss.

I guess today is the day of the "KISS".

Smooches, Paula

A kiss is a kiss is a kiss....

í love the picture! it's one of those omen thingies that "The Alchemist" talked about.

"Look around and you shall see."

Your blog always reminds me to open my eyes and mind to the world, to see something beautiful.

luscious and thought provoking!


baisers .

A baby grandchild's first sloppy kiss has to be one of the best.

more kissing in 2007, definately.
is this "kiss" somewhere in france?
too funny - we just watched french kiss this weekend - love it!
xo, h

Last kiss.........
I wake up and hear my man getting ready for work, he is late....but he doesn't forget to kiss me before he dashes out of the door.

How divine! What an imagination you possess! This made me clap my hands with glee! (I'm not kidding!) I absolutely love it! Quite a juicy little writing!

my last kiss? it was a few minutes ago when my dh came home!!!!

blowing kisses your way!
mary ann xo

What a beautiful, beautiful picture!

How do you do it, Corey?
I don't think I can live without you now...

Oh your postings always cheer me up, especially on days I need cheering up, like today!!

First kiss, last kiss, and all the kisses inbetween, all good!

Wonderful post, Corey. Oh, the remembered kiss... And here's to the next kiss!

so..falling on the line and looking out to see what they won huh
a kiss for sure..

There is nothing more heart stopping, more delightful than a first kiss.

I looked through your French Antiques section yesterday - what a wonderful eye you have for the impact of detail, and what an imagination you bring to it. You know, as I lay in bed this morning re-seeing the pages, I thought what a fabulouse book that section would make, for the coffee table in hardback, or to read in those short-attention hours when recovering from an anaesthetic - though with all those wonderful colour pictures, it would probably be too costly to produce in paperback format.

I sense that while for me antiques and bric-a-brac are a hobby, for you they are a passion, a preoccupation, a lifestyle. I have never seen them presented in this way before and it draws me in -I fly to you in spirit!

which is the best kiss??

So beautiful...your words...the photo...the feeling...

Great use of words and photos.

I missed so many posts while I was away staying at my sister's farm.. just reading down the page this morning I find myself feeling quite emotional about how blessed we are to meet here! It is a kiss of heaven.
Praise God for you, Corey.

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