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14 January 2007


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Fabulous delights for a lady that is divine.
I am so proud to call you a friend of mine.
Love you!

Embrace your bliss
it is the key to happiness!
Oooh La la!


Yyyyuuummy. :)


Nice photos. Plus, we eat Bonne Maman jams here! Now, I'm feeling very French . . .


For lunch, you can come over the The Blue Café !


You know, I always feel better after I visit your site. I'm trying to eat my computer screen because the photos are SO delicious. This lovely breakfast sure beats mine by miles! Chestnut cream sounds awesome, but I think I'd smother my bread with Nutella. Have a fantastic day!


I like it when you food blog Corey!


Delicious way to start my day visiting you and your blog this morning. Do you have a new format or has my computer changed it for me?

Garden Girl

Your collage of photo's has set me in the mood to make a large pot of home-made soup for lunch and with it we will have a baguette. Today we are being told that an ice storm may hit us so soup and baguette is exactly what we will need to warm us. Thanks for the inspitation.


That looks so sumptious and intrinsicaly French. We once did a school French exchange with a boarding school in Northern France. It was totally barrack-like, but the breakfast was heavenly - rich hot chocolate like yours to dip baguettes into.


I love the question - "What is your hurry?" from the post below, and the idea of lingering over a meal of bread and hot chocolate. I think the French half of me will take over this day.


Had I known the deliciousness I was about to view this morning, I'd have put on my drool bib. Now I know how my golden retriever feels when I begin to peel an orange.....a pool of drool always ensues.


Corey, I have to tell ya... God certainly smiled on you the night you walked into that San Francisco bar!


And Yann...He smiled on you too! You caught yourself a sweet and smart girl!!

Kristen Robinson

What a fantasy breakfast. I can almost smell the warm bred and cafe au lait. How delightful the morning must be!



Perfection !
And a present in each picture too!
What a Bonne Maman you are :)


Such homey and delightful images. Like your new sleek look as well. Finally caught up with your CPS article this week. Nice job!!!

Regina Clare Jane

Can I just say, "Yum!"
Makes me want to run out right now, buy a baguette and slather it with something ooey, gooey delicious!
Thanks, Corey!


If we get up early enough and are prepared to drive 27km, we can find a french baker here in the Hills around Perth. But that is rare and so a treat.
The weather is hot, so for my breakfast it was a banana and raspberry smoothie with a little honey.
Gorgeous images dear c.


ohmigoodness, corey. i haven't even read this yet and i feel like we are breakfasting together. yummmm.


ps, Thankyou for adding Secret Hill to your links! I am truely honoured.


What a feast, and how do you stay so slender??? Love the subway video, lovely...


my FAVORITE breakfast...

Crafty Green Poet

When I visited France years ago the petit dejeuner was my favourite thing....


Such a simple, yet oh so heavenly breakfast.

Di Overton

The best breakfast ever. Thanks



Teresa Sheeley

I just had breakfast, now I am hungry again :)! This is beautiful Corey, great photos,love it!


this drew me in so close i could smell the cafe and hear the crusty bagette being torn. i feel like i've spent a moment with you in france. thankyou, thank you... it was a lovely trip, though too short. :)


I was already craving bread today, but now I'm absolutely dying for it! lol! Lovely post and photographs as usual. I just love how you paint such pictures of France...


When my husband and I visited France we went to the bakery every morning and bought fresh bread... mmmm.

The weather was warm (it was April) and the sun was shinning bright... it was a small village.


Back in England...

We ate Coco Rocks for breakfast (that's what my step son likes) and it rains every day. Wahhhh.


What quintessential photos (as usual)!! Looking at them while eating my so-so American croissant and latte is making them both taste better!

I read your blog every day. It is a constant source of delight. Thank you!


I love the treasure troves you put together. This brings back so many memories. Yum! And your photos are terrific.


Delicious! I have never tried chestnut cream, but it sounds lovely!


YUM! *I* want a big bowl of cafe au lait or hot to bring to my lips! (J's on the road and last night for 'dinner' I had chunks of a Kalamata olive bread loaf dipped in olive oil with a side of cheese and avocado...and I was happy as a clam.)


Oh my, that lookds divine! I don't blame Sacha one bit for nibbling on the end while he walks home. There is just nothing better than fresh warm bread. Yummmm.

Kim Fuller

wow...each day your blog makes me miss france more and more...thanks for sharing!


YUM! Thanks for sharing breakfast across the ocean and continents....I should share some cheese queso, enchiladas and chili relleno with you! and thanks for visiting my site and for the advice, Corey. I truly appreciate your kind words.



Good for Sacha continuing the time-honored tradition of eating a piece of baguette on the way home! (I used to do that!!)


ooh I spy some Petit Maman - that is about the only french grocery item that I can buy here in my little part of the world. We have a bakery nearby called - "bakhouse on wentworth" - old fashioned bakers - my favourite bread is spelt, then comes a french yeasted sourdough followed closely by olive & rosemary loaf. I love bread, my hips do too!


i tried many other types of breakfast but nothing felt better than a baguette cut in half and dipped in a "bol de chocolat chaud"...


mmmmm mmmmm good and a Lovely collage of pictures !


Sacha tears off and eats the end of the bread on the way home..
I think I would need to purchase *two* baguette, and most probably eat a whole one on the way home..!


Oh boy! Does that ever look good!! I don`t get to visit very often but when I do, there`s always such lovely things to read and see :)



Oh this is what I would call the perfect breakfast...and why I love France...thank you for the virtual treat! It was delicious!


Yum! Mail me some! just kidding!


And all I'm getting is French Onion soup tonight. You do have a way of making me hungry!!


Not fair, you just made me hungry.
I loved the Baguettes in France.

simple me

Love cafe au lait bowls and bonne maman jam and french crunchy baguettes with butter...hum, hum...sorry I need to go and get some breakfast...after dinner....

Pam Aries

Whaaaa..you just made my day! I am drooling....Thank you for the books to ! Anything French! I am coming to France..I am!!!!!


Oh, for nice bread! The bread shops here make a variety of shapes of loves but they all seem to be made from the same breadmix. We visited New Caledonia in December, the bread was yummy.

Lisa Oceandreamer

It all sounds so perfectly wonderful and yummy and a great way to start the day dear Corey. I'd stand in a long line for great bread any day. :)


What?! Is EVERY breakfast around your house like that?

Mine usually goes more like this....

"sip coffee. stare at wall. sip coffee. stare at wall."

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

The breaking of bread....giving thanks for blessings.....family......

Thanx again Corey


Ahhhh what could better than baguette and cocoa in France!
Corey you are tempting us all to pack our bags!! :)NG

Mountain Mama

My son visited Paris a few years ago and was delighted with the bakery's and other shops where they purchased food fresh for each meal. He also enjoyed the breakfast you describe.

The French Nest

Your breakfast looks absolutely delicious...is this what I have to look forward to when I travel to France? If so, I can't wait!


Niiice. So very French! *sigh*


tiffini elektra x

This looks so good. Yum, those baguettes!! Mmmmm and my favorite jelly. The cherry one just ROCKS!


Oh, I wish I was at your house for breakfast that day!! Beautiful post Corey! Anna


Funny to see how you manage to make all mouths water with your French breakfast... and thinking of my French lot whose mouths all water (a real "flood"!!!)with a full English breakfast (toasts,eggs and bacon!)
Bon appétit!


Wait for me! Wait for me! I'm coming over right away... I'll be there for your next breaking of the fast.
see you, g xo


i am a morning person and
just love my breakfast -
really enjoyed your
photos - :)

La Vie Arty

is exactly what I said when I saw your breakfast photos. The most wonderful breakfast in the world!


Comme un air de Dimanche matin....


Oh, Corey, I love this post and the photos!!! This is exactly the way I like to have breakfast on Sundays,(that's often the only day of the week that we have time to have breakfast together with my man, unrushed and listening to radio nova paris) Since living in France many years ago this is one of those things that has stuck with me. Same jam in our table as well! Oh, when will I be in France again...?


ah bonne maman! we have that here too! but sigh.. no cafe au lait cups nor that delish baugette!
cest si bon!

Deb L

Ohhhhh you make my mouth water, Corey! THIS is what I miss the most about France... bread, wine and cheese. We are planning a return trip in the Fall - a week in Paris and a week in the country (south)... any suggestions for non-touristy places to stay? Hugs Deb


Can I join you for breakfast tomorrow? How wonderful to wake up to fresh bread (that melts in your mouth) from outstanding bakeries in France. MMmm...I am hungry already, everything looks delicious! :P


Happy New Year Corey, I've not been here as much as I'd like, life you know - has that habit of throwing things all at once and it's the blogging that had to give. But enjoying have a quick peek, a little catch-up on your lovely mix of words and images.


Corey, I am being zapped by the thread of drool landing on my keyboard. I want to drown in those bowls of chocolat chaud.


Dearest Corey,
ohhh how warm yummy and wonderful!
I am curious to know what
chocolat chaud is??

and also chestnut creme??

Good thing i just had a bedtime snack or id be raiding the frig =)



Chocolat Chaud is Hot Chocolate:
One third of baking chocolate
to two cups of milf
sugar to tast
simmer slowly for ten minutes or until thick.


Chestnut Creme:

Is sweeten chestnut spread,
delicious on toast, cakes, in yogurt,
on crepes, or simply out of the jar on a spoon!

Julie Holvik

That looks so good, now i'm hungry!!!!!!

Pat Spiller

Corey, you present such lovely images, words, experiences via this blog. And just keep on doing it; we in America LUV it!

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