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03 January 2007


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Hello there, Corey! So nice to see you... and I love your resolution for the coming year. I believe you'll stick to that number one plan, without a doubt.
take care, g
(Now I, too, will stop wishing for a little cute nose...)


Hi Corey,
Sounds like a wise resolution. I might have to take a leaf out of your book and embark on the same course of "happy in ones own skin" action. Echoing Gracia with the nose comment I resolve to be happy with my legs.
Cheers, lj


We love you for who you are, not who you would like to be!


Wonderful Corey. I love the great photos of you and I love your wise words.....-written by a Norwegian with "quite alot of kilos" on the body she is proud of!


You are most beautiful inside and out.
I adore you Sugar Plum.
You are amazing!
Love Jeanne ^j^


WHAT?? Good heavens; I have a friend who, when asked similar questions. quite enjoyed "straightening out" the one who posed such a question. You are the beautiful head of quite a beautiful family. Thank you for your photos.


Hello there Corey, you look beautiful! I can see the kindness and loving personality shine through from your pictures (how people see you does not matter, it's the inside that's important). Having said that, I remember as a child I hated my nose it's round and stubby-I pulled it daily, I think I almost broke the bridge!) To grow into maturity is to be content in the skin you're in. Thank you for your words of wisdom as always.


Can't see any "double chin"
Can't see anything but a beaming smile...
which says you are the apple of a Frenchman's eye !

Paris Parfait

Corey, you are lovely, inside and out! xo


I guess what's important is what French husband thinks. But to heck with him, you're eye candy to me!!


Gorgeous woman inside and out....I hear you roar.


Happy New Year Corey!


Sometimes when I see a photo of myself I wonder when I got so 'old'!! But most of the time is just go with how I feel inside and let others worry about my outside!!

P.S. I have that 'cute' nose and I spent my teenage years trying to straighten it by pushing the tip down with my finger tips. I thought it turned up too much!


This is what I see:

Lips to die for (nice and full and perfectly shaped...very kissable...I'm sure French husband would agree!)

Kind eyes

Your nose is PERFECT for your face!
(99% of the women who have a cute little nose had the help of a plastic surgeon!)

You have a welcoming approachable look about you and I prize that over anything else :)


Why would you want to be more beautiful than you are?

My brother who is ten years younger than me and hasn't a grey hair in his head always tells people that I'm his father. ;-)

Your heart shows in your face, and that's a good thing.


Oh, but you are lovely, Corey! I like the shorter hair, too. And you already are bold and strong, and definitely never plain. Never. Happy New Year to you, may it bring you all you wish for :)


Horace Friess:

"All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within."

YOU My dear are a radiant beauty! Inside and out. Seeing your face, only validates this for me! Like a fine wine dear, like a fine wine! Oh! How I would like to share that bottle with you! love ya! xo


I think you're perfectly lovely and yes, your kindness and grace show in your smile and in those eyes. I believe that in our simplicity we are indeed bold and strong. I've also found that in my weakness there is great strength.


Strong and true,
And BRAVE too.
I wish I was you.


And, Oh, how you quicken my beating heart, Mademoiselle!


honey, you're gorgeous ... inside AND out.


Oh, Corey, this made me laugh right out loud.

I bought a webcam to use when we are at my mom's; my brother has one and it is always so fun to actually see him when we "chat." When I set it up this past weekend, my very first thought when I saw my picture on the screen was "wow, look at that double chin!" and promptly set about trying to make it disappear--no dice. It just doesn't matter; we are who we are.

And you are a gem. Thanks for starting my day with laughter. :D

Regina Clare Jane

I am so glad you posted these pictures! It's nice to see where all this loveliness emanates from! I knew that only the loveliest and most sincere person could write such beautiful words and post such beautiful pictures- it comes naturally to you!
And BTW- I can tell you have shapely eyebrows- mine are the wonkiest things you have ever seen! But... I don't care- they're mine!


My mother can so relate to this...I remember in jr. high a new cashier at safeway telling Mom she is such a good grandmother letting her grandchildren spent the summer with her. Mom said that's it I am dying my hair. She never did and now she is a pround grandmother and makes sure people know that the girls are her grandchildren not great grandchilren. LOL (she has alway had beautiful grey hair as long as I can remember back) Happy New Year, Jeanette


You give us many gifts, Corey ...your deep and meaningful reflections, your wisdom, and now your beautiful face, mirroring your beautiful soul.....heartfelt thanks.

Pauline Clarke

and tres jolie from the inside out!

stephanie s

i am going to assume it is not the 'french way' to flip someone the bird when you are mistaken for your husband's mother?

i love that you are who you are. that confidence in yourself shows in every picture you take, every word you write and especially those beautiful photographs. your comfort in who you are simply radiates.


Now here is the Corey I adore and admire! Full of honesty and style! HAPPY NEW YEARS GIRL!!!


Dear Corey,
YOU are beautiful at every age. I am rereading the Four Areements. Thought I'd pass them on to you.
-Be impeccable with you word
-Don't take things personally
-Don't make assumptions
-Always do your best
Happy New Year Friend!!


You seem a beautiful person to me. None of us is happy with our looks, I think, but this is the way God made us! So we are grateful that He did make us...we are individuals, all different. Thank God!


~*Out of mouths of Babes..*~
your sons comment!
I do NOT *color my hair* anymore oh how liberated I feel no more a {{slave}} to the dye job!
COME ON SILVER FOX!!..so they say!


I come from a family of beautiful, young looking people of which I don't fit in. I've had my feeling hurt a few times by unthinking people but am now at the age where we are all starting to look the same. I am still a face cream junkie hoping for that miracle to make me look 20 again.

Novel Nymph

I think you are beautiful...


People used to think my mom was our grandmother too - but she also had white hair starting when she was in her 30s. I still didn't care what they said - she was and always will be beautiful to me.

No matter what the world thinks - you are very beautiful!



Everyone is beautiful in their own wonderful unique way!

Also, congrats on your article in the new Cloth, Paper, Scissors! I was so surprised when I saw your name!!


and luminously beautiful.

simple me

You are BEAUTIFUL Corey and that's the only thing I have to say today...
oh!...and you made me laugh :D


Corey, the light shines out of you.

Love, Colette
Being me, happily.



Corey, I discovered your blog a couple of months ago and just love it. I am a photographer too, as well as a mixed media artist. I was challenged to start a blog by a friend and when i saw yours, I was truly inspired to go for it...It was a little scary, but I just posted my first entry yesterday. Thank you for the beautiful photographs and lovely thoughts...I was so glad you did not stop when the 'year of the challenge' was up. You truly are a lovely person.

connie govea stuart

you are an amazing creature
and i still vote you as my
favorite Blog of the year..

Maryam in Marrakesh

My 75 year old father got a face lift - just a week ago. He felt he looked like my mother's father. But now that the swelling is gone, I must say...I miss my Dad's face.


the wisest resolution that could be !!
whatever , the COREY I get to read every day is the COREY I expect to read the day after and even though she always succed in beeing just ... amazing !!


Hello from St. Louis MO USA
I've been a lurker for a while and just have to say you are beautiful. I so enjoy your posts and pictures and thoughts. I especially enjoy the flea market finds.


Corey, you are adorable and cute since the first time i met you at 4-H! You have the warmest heart, you have touched so many lives just by your beautiful words!

shelley Noble

Yay for you!! Fantastic that you came "out" for the new year, exposing not only your heart and soul, as you do everyday, but also the face of all that beauty. (I finally posted my full plain and bold photo too after nearly 2 years.) For some of us I guess it takes more self-confidence and wisdom than it might for others. But hooray for loving who we really are--AWESOME!

Seeing you face to face, I love you even more!

Brother Mathew

We can complain about Orama's double chin?


I agree with everyone...YOU LOOK GREAT! And you are a role model...only...don't put on a red dress and purple chapeau...


So nice to see you, after reading the blog for so long. The photos are beautiful, and happy new year to you. xx


Corey, i don't know anything about your age, but I do know that YOU ARE A HEROINE!


You look like such a lovely, kind, happy person!! I say people overrate appearences anyway. :) I love how you have your hair cut, btw!!

Your little post reminded me of my resolution this year to make peace with how I look as well. Reminding myself I will never look like a model, but that's okay because my family and friends love *me* anyway! hehe.

Your posts continue to inspire me daily to find beauty, peace and joy in life...

Teresa Sheeley

It is so wonderful to see your gorgeous, cheerful face. Don't worry about that double chin thing, I think it just happens after you turn 40. I am forever tucking mine in now remembering what I used to look like without it! :) I love your post!!


Leave it to our sons to stir things up..!
Beauty they say, is in the eye of the beholder....
"For beauty is simply reality seen with the eyes of love."


Character in a face is far more beautiful than a button nose!

I had to laugh at your son's comment. Leave it to a boy. :)


it's lovely to see you, my beautiful friend! i only wish the photos had captured a close up of your dazzling eyes, krinkled in laughter. your heart shines through them and captures mine! you are anything but plain and simple.


...and certainly don't you dare complain about your
beautifully shaped lips or your luminous glow in the dark smile or your
mysterious deeper than all roses eyes...

don't you dare.


oh Sacha...lol!
Corey, only this morning before I checked your post I was thinking what a beautiful, kind, gracious, loving friend you have been to me and so many others. Just one look at all the responses this post has created says so much more than anything else I could say. Love you gorgeous, and I have a funny feeling your husband thinks you are the sexiest woman he's ever laid eyes on :-)


Cory I think you have the most open, honest, beautiful face !!! Clarice


Such a pragmatic boy. lol You are so lovely, Corey. Thank you for sharing these photos.

I made a comment about my fat last week as my 14 year old son was hugging me. He said "that's not fat, Mom, that's just...Momness." hehe gotta love 'em.


Corey, you must be beautiful to make so many of us love you and ourselves. Each time I stop here I gain a new insight into the world and myself. You have a gift that only a precious few receive and even fewer share. I am thankful each day to have such beauty in my life.


You're chic and living in France! Who cares what others think :) Nice pics!


Thank you for making me laugh today, Corey! I happen to think you look great (and you do have a cute little nose. Wait til you see the snoz that I have! C'est une grande honker!)!

Pam Aries

THe Greatest thing was to see all these lovely responses! That has got to make you feel good, girl! AND YOU DESERVE IT! Glitter ON!!!!!!!


Lovely to see you! Now only if I could do the same. You’re an Angel for sure.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xoxo


Next would you do one of those voice sample things that Tadpole does on Petite Anglaise?
You have the MOST wonderful voice Corey.
Full of hope and vitality and spirit!
I can't really find the words..


Hi! Nice blog! Thanks for dropping by my blog today! I like your post for today...I chuckled a little ( because I know how you feel) and then I said....I am woman..hear my roar! God bless


you, my friend...are beautiful...inside and out...i am thankful for this electronic encounter...you inspire me...thank you...xo...annie


Oh, Corey. Your post stopped me short. Why is it so many doubt their own beauty? Your radiance shines through everything and always will. It is not so much what we possess but what we do with what we possess that counts. Your eyes are deep with kindness, your smile brilliant with love. There are beauties galore who offer nothing to the world. You not only possess beauty, you offer it up for others in many forms. You embody it in your actions, your motions, your loving ways. I love your resolution for its courage and simplicity, its honesty and self love. May your year bring you contentment within your beautiful skin.


You're radiant, Corey. Both inside and out!! Happy New Year!


Seeing your photo put a big smile on my face.
You Are lovely!


Good for you!


Self-confidence is attractive and appealing. You exude that plus a natural warmth, via the written word and visuals.

From the moment I saw your smiling photo when I first visited your blog, I thought "I'd enjoy meeting this woman in real life!" I paint portraits (and other subjects for a living) and those parts of you that you accept never waved "Hey: look at me."

When I was younger, shortly after college, a close gal friend pointed out the sagging elbow skin on herself. It was barely there but so meaningful to her because her mother had complained of her own for so long. I had never even contemplated my elbows skin except for its texture to draw it for art class or not to scratch it from tenacious eczema breakouts.

A good friend of mine says we "earned those wrinkles" in reply to the tons of people seeking plastic surgery. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder as the saying goes. I'm lucky to have stumbled across your inner and outer beauty here in blogland and maybe if I ever make it to France where I've longed to visit since I was a teen, I'll see those shining eyes of yours!


what a lovely comment from your son........I am waiting for the day that I am asked am I having a baby!!!

your blog always makes my feelings swing high.

thank you for being you!!
happy new year dear friend.


I applaud your honesty ((Dearest Corey)))

I must admit to some NewYears-
"who in the hell is that lady in the mirror??"-syndrome myself...

then I visit my dear hospice patient and Thank God for every healthy inch of me-wrinkles and all!

You smile shines as bright as your soul

camilla Engman

Hi Corey, I think you look good! So nice to see you :) People you love or want to love is always beautiful, aren't they.


Corey, you are beautiful and you bring so much joy to so many people.
Not just on the two continents where you have family!
Thank you, and I wish you and your family a fabulous 2007.

Pat Spiller

I remember when in my 30s (an age and a half ago!)and I was suffering from some angst related to godknowswhat! I asked my best friend, Rosemary ... "pretend you don't know me....you see me coming towards you on the street.....what would you see?" She replied quickly, "I see a wholesome and interesting woman." And I was mightily disappointed. I wanted to be beautiful. Mysterious. Exotic. I still do at 62. I still chringe when I look at photos of myself and see only faults. But not "false" for while I am not very photogenic, I am true to myself, to my age, to my life experiences ~~~~ and will leave the smooth button faces and tight little butts to those who have not lived as long or as much.....Thank you for not being "false" to yourself!!! Or to us, your faithful readers. And thank you again for lovely and warm New Year's greeting. Pat


thank you for this
i hate photos of myself as well
but it is true
every wrinkle is hard earned
i see your lines and think to myself
' what a wonderful person she must be to have such great smile lines'
keep up this fantastic blog, i love to read your words,and to see the world through your eyes!!!!!


Here's gracie, late again, to add her heartfelt "I love you" to Corey's collection of love notes.
This morning, looking for photographs for my poems, I came across some entitled "shame". They were invariably of people with their hands over their faces. And it struck me how we instinctively cover our faces when feeling that emotion.
You have taken away your hands... there is no need for shame... and we can only look at it with love and awe, as we have already done with your heart and soul revealed here. Beauty.


Seldom to people step away from themselves or step outside and look at the person they really are-how fortunate for you that you have been able to do this and that you are pleased with the results from your Creator.You are an inspiration to so many...You are beautiful!


wow, i guess i am a little late here, but gee, you already know how beautiful i think you are :-)
happiness to you always,


The beauty of who you are as a person living on this earth feeds my soul every single day. XOXOXOXOX


Can it be, Corey, that you who sees the beauty in every little thing can not see the beauty in your face?

Look at yourself as you do a teaspoon or a glass or a pile of vegetables and you'll see true beauty and value and grace.


you have cute little nose! :D

Linda Harre

Corey, you are beautiful on the inside and out! Embrace yourself.....you with all your talents and beauty! You bring so much to my world.....I love your double chin:)


None of my comments have been posting on typepad for ages, but I hope this one does.



My husband came home with "Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses" for my 3 year old last night, one of those new "animated" cartoons (fake and cold.) During the movie where all the girls had tiny waists and perfect bosoms I kept thinking, "How is this healthy for her brain?" At what point will she cop onto this farce? It is our job as women to counter the media blitz of cold perfection out there. You're beautiful; the airbrused perfectionism we see every day is tragic.

mary ann

corey you are a beautiful person both inside & out!!!! i think you look lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you from the bottom of my heart for your little package, i got it yesterday!!!!!!

xo, mary ann


Just back and catching up on reading....my husband and I have the opposite problem. He is only three years older than me, but is often mistaken for my father, by silly people :)

Lori Witzel

Darn, I hope I'm not too late to this group hug!


Ditto all the comments, especially MB and Clarice. I do understand those feelings. Sometimes it takes a lot of being blessed by others -- like those blessings left in your comments here -- to be happy and feel grace in one's skin. May this year bring you more of that joy!


Let me add yet another...you are lovely.

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