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16 December 2006


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How sweet and wonderful are the memories of Christmas.
I can see you so determined.........

There is no ideal Christmas; only the one Christmas you decide to make as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, traditions.
-Bill McKibben, Author, Hundred Dollar Holiday: The Case For a More Joyful Christmas

as seen on a dear friends journal!

it sounds like times have indeed changed ... this years franco- american tree is lovely

A lovely Christmas story and a
beautiful ornament.
**Happy Holidays Ms. Corey**
hugs NG

Oh Corey, please write a book about your experiences. From your childhood in California up until now!

Every bit you share on your blog is so interesting.

Ahh, the first ornament. What a lovely Christmas tale, made me smile.

What a lovely sharing! And a better gift you couldn't have gotten!!

The birth of a child at Christmas. In different ways, millenia apart,two mother's both wanting to do the best for their babes.
I'm sure you remember that first Christmas with your new child and your tiny tree with so much fondness.
Has any tree since meant as much?

ooooooh ! un message subliminal ! Merci Corey pour ce cadeau.
Love from Violette

Your tree is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your sheer determination to keep the 'American in France' alive and yes we are waiting for the memoirs of Corey Amaro :)

I would have done just the same:-)

The first Christmas tree were on sale at the downtown marketplace today. Most people buy theirs next week though, and so do we.

And how many ornaments were there when all was said and done?

maybe the sweetest story yet :) a wonderful legend to share and keep dear.

Corey, I want to thank you for your sweet comment about reading my blog and such! :)

I agree with the commentor above who said you should write a book on your experiences in France! :) I'm so enjoying reading all these little tidbits of living in France--its utterly fascinating the differences in cultures. :) Lovely story and photograph--the tree looks so pretty just from that little peek! :)

How sweet! Do you have a photo of your first tree in France?

A very beautiful Christmas story!! One can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

For the remainder of the "Days of Christmas" you could just feature little snippets of what promises to be a exquisitely unique and "gorge" sapin de noel chez toi. That, or any one of the likely myriad marvels of Corey-esque decor de noel.

A wonderfully-told fitting tale for the season...humble beginnings and joyful "progression" ("endings" just wasn't fitting really :-)

Corey......you are a Christmas gift! I gain more pleasure from you blog than I can explain. Oh, I only wish I had more time to investigate each and every site! The time you must spend making our lives more beautiful. THANK YOU!

Awww...good for you, Corey! J and I are getting our tree today- yippee!

I can just picture you with your little tree, tummy leading the way... I am sure you cherish that Christmas in your heart like no other. Thank you for the lovely memory and the beautiful picture!

Somehow the most spare of times hold some of the dearest memories. There must be a birthday coming soon in your household.

You have a beautiful tree this year, Corey.

I love this story. I can actually picture you dragging that tree. People must have been shaking their heads. The pic of your tree and ornament is so pretty, too.
Thanks for sending me an email! You are so nice. I don't know why blogger is acting up. I tried fixing the problem, so I hope the comment section works now. It's much more fun to write a blog when people comment. Oh, and no, I don't have a pic of that tree, but my mother probably does. I'll dig around.

13 Desserts !

Y U M !

When do the 12 days begin and who gets the extra 13th dessert?

Can we see what the chocolate sabot looks like too?

Lovely picture as always.

Aren't you lucky to have a real tree...

Ooooooooooooooooooooooh !
the first ornament that came bright and beautiful!

That was SASHA ! :)

What great images you evoke. And this post's photograph is just lovely.

sweet sentiments...our little christmas baby grandson is due any day now...i invision you then somewhat as my oldest daughter is now...what a treasure to be expecting during this shared season...i have been playing catch up here...trying to take in all that you have been sharing...blessings...xoxo...annie

je découvre votre blog grâce à Violette, je ne comprends pas tout, mon anglais n'étant pas parfait mais j'en aime l'atmosphère, il s'en dégage une grande poésie !

Having babies a Christmas time is like nothing else. They are an absolute treasure and the ultimate decoration. I'll never forget Don coming home after our son was born dragging in a beautiful little tree, a box full of ornaments (every Baby's First Christmas he could find at the Hallmark store) and our manger. Up until that moment, we had no Christmas planned.

You have wonderful determination! Plus you keep the spirit of Christmas alive!

Every year that I am alone, I think I will not get a tree and then the decorations call from their boxes and I can't say no. The little sabot that was my Maman's is gone now, but I remember it glittering amongst the branches.

Your tree is lovely!

Corey, I love the sabot and your story... Even Charlie Brown had the best around, because his 'heart' was in it... just like yours is! Do tell, have you heard any of the songs on the 'French Christmas' cd you site? it sound intriguing...

How nice to see a little sabot de noel! Thank you for a glimpse into your christmas past... xoxo

Awww, that is wonderful!
Merry Christmas, friend.


Well today I learned what a 'sabot' is. Thank you for sharing your wonderful world with me in pictures, words and by inspiring my imagination:-)

What a vision ... you, with pregnant anticipation! Lovely photo! Much peace and holiday cheer, JP

Corey, in our little seaside village of Corona del Mar, here in southern California the children who learn to sail do so in Sabot's...so now I know where the word comes from thanks to YOU! I will never look at those little sailboats the same now!

Bright blessings to you and yours this holiday!

Merry Christmas and I can see you now hauling that tree back to your apartment.

Lovely story and photo. Joyeux Noel!

so ! one of your babies has a birthday near Christmas and is a Capricorn! me too! I was supposed to be a Christmas day baby but am a New year day one instead.

This post placed a big smile on my face. I can picture you dragging a tree all over Paris carrying a round belly and a determined expression about you. Just like a French movie.

just stumbled upon your lovely, serene blog...the photographs are so beautiful. thanks for the refreshment!

Clogs !!! Apparently, shoes are the trend this year, concerning tree decorations !
Laced boots are number one (maybe Augusta's influence)... I have seen a few more in the shops this very afternoon... and I spotted one, more fancy than others ...I wondered whose shoe it could be, ...and I bought it on the spot, ...hoping to find the foot (or at least the tree) it will suit best...

I can just imagine the whole scene! Merry Christmas...xx

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