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07 December 2006


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Here's to tea and thee and your fabulous and beautiful family.
They are your treasures of gold your family.
God bless you all real good at Christmas and always.
Today I am having Raspberry Roobis tea and thinking of thee.
Merry Christmas Sugar Plum!

Having tea served to you is a gift no matter what the season. My sweetie serves me tea most evenings and it always makes me feel special. I'm sure your French Husband will be serving you tea too with a smile on his face after he reads your post today.

Corey - come down here & I will make you a pot of tea every morning - we could sit outside on my deck under the maple tree and discuss life

A perfect gift, I would say! And I learned a little something, too since I drink lots of coffee I have never really known how to make a pot of tea with loose tea. Maybe I'll feel more comfortable trying it now.

"Corey, your tea is ready." This simple sentence will bring multiple smiles to my face throughout the day. I actually had to cover my mouth so I wouldn't wake the household laughing.

Oh Corey, this is wonderful. If men only knew how easy it is to keep us happy they would be amazed!!

If only...sigh. Lovely post, Corey.

Hee...cute intructions on how to give your Christmas present.

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Ecoute, darling French Husband!!
So witty and wonderful Corey ... much peace and tea-filled dreams, JP

Sounds to me like "french husband" needs to learn how to make tea!! Any particular way you want him dressed when he serves the tea??

In a cup with a saucer would be good.....but the Bear does make a good mug of lapsang souchong for me. I ask for no more!

He makes perfect coffee in the right cups/glasses though!

a tea for two! nicer when served that way... hope you get your wish!

Corey, you might need to send this post to Martha Stewart, too. You know, just in case your husband forgets the cream in the plastic container, LOL.

My Portuguese husband makes me tea each evening, since I am not a coffee drinker. His mother trained him well and I get to enjoy the benefits. I'm sure when Yann sees how delighted it makes you it will be a gift you recieve often..!

I almost had a fit of the silly giggles.....so cute!

god COREY I love coming here , read and share the things you write about !Most of the time I share your feelings ... except today !
I think I have THE man you talk about ... each morning I discover this nice pot of "marco polo" tea you're talking about , prepared by my one and only Love ... didn't realised how lucky I was until you and this post ....
merci du fond du coeur Corey ***

My comment is addressed to "French Husband":

Dear Compatriot,

Do not forget the French touch! (You are waited for there !!!)

Only suggestions: If your darling wife is in white cotton, use the lavender tea set.
If she is in black silk, prefer the vintage gold and white tea cup.
And if she's in salmon lace (the one she spotted in that shopwindow lately), go for the plain black china.
Your range may be wider, according to your tea sets OR to your darling's underwear...
I'm sure you will make the right choice!
Bonne chance !!!

This is perfect! I guess I am thinking what to give right now, and I am giving my husband a pack of 10 certificates for a 15 minute foot massage, with corresponding foot care paraphenalia... Hmmm...tea - maybe I'll post a tea pot today--

Dear Americanhusband,
Please talk to my friend Corey about christmas....

oh corey I am still smiling, great post !

Perfect cups for HOT CHOCOLATE!!!
Tea bags?
This IS heresy!
Non, pas possible!
Mariage Freres does not make tea bags..
I'm almost certain

Ah ha!
You MUST mean tea"ball"...
Mustn't you..?

My daughter made the pumpkin pies for us to take to the family gathering for Thanksgiving.

I told her there was nothing she could buy me that would please me as much as taking that chore off my shoulders, and that I was entirely content that her gift of baking should be my Christmas present.

Such a cute post and gift request! :) I love the tea cups in the photo--so elegant!!

Now I must go finish my morning cup of tea so I can get my day started... :D

Ah, I love tea *smiles* what a great post. Why do men find it so difficult to make a simple cup of tea for the lady in their life? (there are several lucky ladies over here -you are all SOo lucky)! If French husband don't respond to this post, I am going there with a broom.

Simply perfect Corey. What gives us the most pleasure is love in a cup with a smile!

ahhh, the simple pleasures in life... Hope your tea is served with a smile:) ...and no plastic!

ha, ha, I love Marie Noëlle's message to French husband :-)

Corey, can you explain the word "tante" for me. In Norwegian it means aunt. I love the china by the way.

Hee! You crack me up, Corey! Love Marie-Noelle's tea serving suggestions, too. I vote that you wear the salmon lace 'cause you may get served tea EVERY morning if you do!

That's it. Spell it out. Keep it simple. This is what we need to do!


The seemingly small things that take a bit of time and personal attention are often the best gifts of all.

Hmmm, i must tell dear Canadian husband one does not serve coffee either with the yell of hot kettle :}

You've started me humming "Tea for Two".

I'm a coffee in the morning kinda gal but love tea in the afternoon and would drink almost anything anytime if it was presented in one of those pretty cups.

Tea, glorious tea. I'm the tea-maker in my house too, although once in a while Richard makes me a cup just perfectly and I feel loved. Such a simple thing that gives so much.

So sweet! And I agree it's a very wonderful gift to give or receive...

Ah, yes. Proof that they have personally taken time to notice you (as opposed to visiting their favorite on-line shop and having it delivered already wrapped so they may place it under the tree). ;-) Star

I might actually faint if my husband ever brought me a properly made tea - or any tea for that matter!

What a stunningly beautiful tea service!

Lovely gift to ask for! I too love tea, but have never heard of Marco Polo. So I'm happy to hear what you drink, and excited to check it out.

Here is my list all time favorite teas. Soderblandning Tea from Stockholm (Hornsgatan 46), Kousmichoft Tea from Russia (Fleurs) and Takashimaya Tea Box (Ginger Peach)

Isn't it something how easily and deeply we are pleased when it's the *right* thing?

I think that would make a wonderful gift. I guess I'm lucky. Shawn makes me tea and hot chocolate all the time. Maybe if I can get him to do the dishes? ;)

he better take you up on this...it's so much cheaper than what most women want (myself included)...i hope santa is good to you...

This is wonderful. :-)

Oh boy I really hope your husband reads this Corey. Don't know if I dare tell you this but I get a cup of tea in bed every morning - a cup of Twining's Lady Grey with milk, no sugar.

Hope you recieve your wonderful pot of tea -
Think I will copy the request:)

That's sounds like my Mom wrote it.

oh joy joy
i am laughing so hard!!!

cute post!

Ah...a cup of tea we both have tea on our minds!come see..NG

Ha,ha! Please give us an update on this one after christmas.

Just reading your post has made me decide to leave the computer and go make a "real" cup of tea. I love those teacups ... they're lovely.

I'm a coffee drinker, but I truly enjoyed this tea story/wish/appealtoFrenchhusband.

how one cannot try to fulfill such a nice request..
I love the tea set..
like the tray prepared the way you do..

When my husband makes himself a cup of tea, he never asks me if I want one. When I make myself a cup, I always ask. I love Marco Polo by Mariages Freres. They told me that it is their top seller.
I would like my husband to buy me a bouquet of flowers once a week-and not the cheapest flowers in the shop either.


xo darlene

Delightful post.

I'm a Bewley's fan myself and there are some cute plastic creamers out there.

Oh the simple wishes, the simple wishes...the most perfect gifts.
I laugh with your husband's answer to your question. Are men the same everywhere?

Simple acts of kindness... things I treasure above all!

So please will you let us know when you get your tea made with love?

oh...i hope you had it.

That is a wondeful gift to ask for. I asked LBH to make me a pot of tea once and he filled the tea holder right to the top instead of just using a teaspoons worth. The tea came out as thick as syrup. He's smart though, he has never been asked to make me a pot since! Humph!!

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