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29 December 2006


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Tara Larsen Chang

I love the 6-word story idea (I read a bunch of sci/fi winners a few months back. Very funny). The addition of pictures make them even better!


Morning Coffee.
Tongue in Cheek.


I love this snapshot into your life.


info blogged
idea formed
contest entered
Thank you for including your friends.


bliss,bliss, bliss,
joy, joy, joy.

Love you Sugar Plum
The power of 6


(first attempt:)
Lonely hearts.
One word.
All world.

(in another language, same script:)
Heather, chesnut tree.
One word.

Visited your link. Unusual, and amazing!
Makes me feel like writing !!!


I'll enter this contest (it's better than the NaNoMoWri contest for sure!).

I'm sure you'll create a fine short story :)


Nobody does blogging better than you!


*Happiness* is one who reads this. Thank you for the great links, going book shopping, let me know if you want anything!


Now that sounds interesting. May see if I can come up with a 6 word story, too!! Looked like a fine dinner party.


Love the images perhaps the white table setting really catches my eye!Very elegant as is your site.
Wishing you much harmony peace and JOY in the coming new year!
Thank You for all that you give on this insirational site!Hugs NG


i just love your blog, your wisdomlife, and beautiful images. my sisters and husbands and i and mine are all travelling to paris this spring - sans kids! any tips please do tell!


There're all good; top's the best!

Good luck, Corey, and Happy New Year.

(Isn't there a second-hand English bookstore in Avignon?)


hey corey-dahling.
nice photographs. i love josephine!
hope you get mega-bucks for books. i'll do my part.


mon ami~
thank-you for a year of beautiful posts, looking forward to more in the coming year...

la tourterelle

oh! Corey!! I don't understand (comme d'habitude!!) mais j'aimerai tellement m'asseoir à ta belle table de fêtes!!! Quel raffinement!


Lovely. I love how you capture a unique perspective in your photos. So inspiring!

Regina Clare Jane

I always look forward to visitng you, Corey- when I need some beauty in my life, I know to come here. Your pictures and words fill up those empty spaces inside me... hope your Christmas was blessed and full of joie de vivre...


i love the six word idea!
i like britt's poem
i love coming to visit you every day corey!


Marseille. Bus station, all those stairs.

That's my 6 words worth.


I like how you added photos to the six word stories.
I may try a few myself.
Happy New Year. Good luck on getting some books.


I love all the photos and 6-word stories (my favorites--the Levis of course!, and the dessert).

I've seen this around the blogsphere and haven't really settled down to submit a contribution. Good for you that you made the deadline :D

Patsy Bell

Petscan's clean Happy New Year


I sent mine in :)

Merci, chérie!

Franca Bollo

Now that I have my long-lost cheerleading uniform in hand I will don it mentally (since this 45-year-old waist can no longer be encircled by the skirt that once fit the 15-year-old bod. [Guess I heart desserts, too.]) and offer a cheer of support to Tongue in Cheek. Ready? Okay!

"Good Luck! Hey, HEY! L-hey, U-hey, CK! Lots of luck is coming your way so take it in and let's begin! Good Luck! Hey, HEY!"

My ex-cheerleading sisters think I made this cheer up but they're older than I and sometimes forget.

BTW, we wanna see frencHusband in his slim-fitting 501s facing the OTHER way. stp!


Thank you for all the beautiful inspiration you infuse in my life.

I love those wine glasses. Gorgeous.


6 words. How very interesting. That's how many words it takes for 2 people to say "I love you".

Have fun with your six words!


Willows fille !
Garçon Français !
Amour vrai!


I am so sad about Josephine... :(

Lovely post. Happy New Year!!



plaisir sans cesse
Amour et délices ,
the art of knitting words together !


oh no my comment don't want to stay


the pic with the hubby now that's cute, your pictures are awesome, each tells a story of its own

pascale Palun

hello corey,c'est pascale de vox populi,je te souhaite une merveilleuse année 2007 ainsi qu'au gens que tu aimes et qui t'aime...
j'ai changé d'adresse je suis dans un show room au 32,rue du vieux sextier toujours en avignon,je suis en train de l'ammenager,cela sera tres beau,j'espere....
a bientot!!!!!!!!!!!

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