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21 December 2006


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I love to read about your traditions and I love you Sugar Plum.
Thank pink ornament is calling my name.
It has been my favorite colour since a small child.
Blessings to you my sweet friend and your lovely family.
Merry Christmas.
The ornaments of the house are the friends and loved ones that decorate it.
Love you

Hapy Birthday to Celsea.
Merry Christmas to You, Yann and all of your family.

Ah... a French Christmas...

Thin left America in the 50's. 13 desserts sounds like my kind of Noel. And, I don't think anyone wants to be putting anything in my shoes, come to think of it, I don't want anything put in my shoes. Corey, hope you have a great holiday!!

I love hearing about French Christmas.

My grandmother is from Lithuania, so we've celebrated with her traditions. Even though I won't be with my extended family this year, I'll still carry on with the traditions I know so that my own children can experience them!

Epiphany is the 6th, right? (Catholic school education kicking in...) ;) I love that idea, but we go a bit longer...we always leave our tree up through my birthday (9th)...and frankly, I'd leave it up all winter if I didn't fear that the Tree Police might enter our home and mock me. (My father already thinks we're insane for leaving it up as long as we do...if he had his way, their tree would come down Christmas night.) :) The French traditions sound so much more...civilized...(or maybe I'm just not hearing the part about massive amounts of French people trampling each other to storm a Wal-Mart for the latest video game thing.)

oooh i have wanted to make a buche de noel since i saw julia child make one on pbs years ago...
perhaps that is for a bit later in my life when there are children visiting as opposed to living under my roof! joyeux noel!

Thank you for sharing with us!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Thank you for sharing lovely French Christmas customs and traditions. I especially love the food parts :) Have a warm cozy loving Christmas to you and your family!

I love to hear about others' traditions during this special time of year.
All the best to you, dear Corey...and may you receive your heart's desire.

Your lovely treaditions remind me of my own as a child in Germany....though different, both meaningful and memorable.....

My Maman made Buche de Noel - a choclate and cream confection that merely the memory of makes my mouth water. You, Tica, should pull a Peter Mayle, and write a book!

Simpler is almost always better. I love that wheatgrass is grown for the creche (we sometimes grow it around Easter to give springtime a boost). Thanks for linking back to the pictures of your special santons; they are beautiful and seem so much more appropriate for the humble scene than the pristine ones mass-produced today.

I know Jeanne thinks that pink ornament is caller her name, but I think it is calling mine ;-)

We celebrate Epithany here at Willow House, such a lovely day seems a shame to miss it but it doesn't seem to be an English or American tradition.

I love the simplicity of the traditions. Thank you for sharing, I have really enjoyed learning this!

My eyes blink,
At all the links!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, SEVEN!
That Buche de Noel looks like HEAVEN!

Thank you for sharing your traditions with us!


I like your photos and stories. I want to keep visiting so I'm going to put your link up on my site.
Happy holidays.

Facinating and really wonderful about the wheat grass! Oh I love the Flea Market!!! How is it going???? Happy happy NOEL to you dearest!!!!

It is so interesting to read of the different customs from different places. Thanks for the links.

Enchanting. You had me at wheat grass and kept me with dark chocolate.

Sounds fabulously festive, Corey! I had no idea that the French grew wheatgrass for the manger. I'm sure there are plenty of French chats who love that tradition! I hope that there is a boite de chocolat noir under my Christmas tree, too! Yum!

I have grown wheat grass for Easter baskets, never thought to do it for Christmas — what a wonderful idea for greenery! The notion of your chocolate chestnut buche de noel makes my mouth water and makes me think I must go down to the local Cafe de Paris. Its boulangerie will have buches de noel! Ohhhh, yum! A wonderful post, Corey.

Thirteen desserts! That's my kind of Celebration!
Bonne Noel Corey!

Those pinks mixed with the green . . . and learning a little about Christmas customs in Provence. All beautiful.

Merci fo posting this ! I am thrilled to read about Provence and Noel traditions! noel!Noel ! NOEL!!!!!!

Corey I love reading about your traditions. I have let them go a little this year being so busy with the house and study, and we lost our beautiful big green tree and all our old decorations in the move. Things from the girls first Christmas and that they had made :-( Thank you for sharing your traditions with me :-) Have a wonderful time!

I always come away with a wealth of information and I love it!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Merry Christmas, sweet Corey!


Merry Christmas and thanks for the year of great blogging and beautiful photos.

This week they started to sell Christmas trees here in Norway. We have bought a pine tree this year, and will decorate it tonight! Oh, the sweet anticipation :-)

There's so much in this post !
Growing wheat grass and having 13 desserts ... that's very provençal and it sounds (and tastes) exotic to me... I have got friends from Six-Fours who taught me a lot about Provençal traditions, you've just reminded them to me! Thank you!

Papillotes! We could not do without them here, of course.
I've always seen them at home under the tree or in the tree (as edible decorations)...
I remember one Christmas when my mum found papillote papers all empty in the tree when guests arrived for Xmas lunch!!!

Your tree decorations are magical!!! I'm sure each of them has got a story!
One question: Have you ever managed to find a "vintage" tree? (hm hm...)... that's a tricky question!

You bring back so many memories! And in Paris, at Christmas, we would sit around the TV and watch the annual broadcast of..."An American in Paris..."

Joyeux Noël!

Joyeux Noël indeed! Am so glad MB sent you, and you stopped by...I love what you're doing here, and please let me know via email if I might link to you, so I don't forget to come back by.

lwitzel (at) austin (dot) rr (dot) com

My blog-friends Laura (of Laurelines) and Refugee from Reason are quite happy to see things from France, so will share with them as well!

There is sweetness all over in this post.
Happy holidays to you and your family, Corey!

Good article. It's very informative for me, because I collect information about Christmas Traditions in different cultures. Thank you! P.S. Ho can I subscribe to your rss feed? Sorry, can't find it.

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