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14 December 2006


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Observant little booger!! Good story!!

What a treasure and the memory to go with it!
Litttle Chelsea was an observant little girl!

Corey thank you for spreading
~*JOY*~ all year round!
hugs NG

"Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home!"
~Charles Dickens.

Bless you sugar plums and thanks for sharing your heart each day in every way.
It means so much!
Love you Sugar Plum!

leave it to kids to notice the little details... like a wedding ring !

That girl is brilliant.

I love this story. Also never thought of Santa laughing with an accent. TOO funny!

I love this story. Also never thought of Santa laughing with an accent. TOO funny!

Wow what an eye in one so little. Many adults wouldn't have even noticed that. I love the idea of hearing Santa laugh (and speak in French).

I believe there is an adage,
"It's a wise child that knows it's own father",
I'm not sure what it means exactly or where it came from..but it seems to fit here.
Smart girl Chelsea..

Aww...your Frenchhusband is a star! I love that Chelsea is a smarty one, so adorable and observant.

Cute Story!!! I love a good laugh, especially when it starts my day.

Those clever little ducks don't miss a trick do they!?
Très mignon histoire...

They don't miss a trick, do they?? Blessings to you during this advent season...

Hmmm...do you think Yann might oblige us by dressing up for your blog fans..?
I'd LOVE to see him in his Santa costume or any other outfit for that matter.
Even no outfit...
How 'bout a 2007 Yann Calendar for us!
I'm in!

What a cute story!

We try so hard sometimes, only to be foiled by the details. I'm sure Yann was a wonderful Santa.

Kids notice everything!!
...sweet story...

Oh, the wisdom and intelligence of little children.....probably because they're still so fresh from God. Love it!

What a wonderful memory! This year my 5 yr. old jumped right up on Santa's lap, but called me over to make sure that she had been a good girl this year and to tell her what she wanted(she told me in the car just in case she forgot). The 2 yr old didn't want anything to do with Santa, but wanted to see the sliegh and reindeer. I think she takes after me I would cry everytime my parents took me near Santa...my younger brother would just laugh at me and run up to Santa. Have a joyous christmas season.

And THAT was when you realized that your daughter was and is BRILLIANT! She was quite the observant little one. It's so sweet that Yann dressed up for his little girl. Awww! He IS a nice daddy Santa.

Just wonderful. Oh such memories, such sweet memories. xx

Such a sweet story.


What a cute story!

I can't believe that she noticed his wedding ring! LOL


That is a cute story & an observant kid.

Hey, I have a poll about Santa Claus at the Leader Lounge.


Should we tell our kids he's real or not? What' do you think.

Did you two ever give her the opportunity to sing "I Saw Momma Kissing Santa Claus"? Tell all!

My husband dressed up as Santa (with a lot of work) for our oldest who was 5 at the time and 20 of his friends at a christmas party we were throwing. When my hubby walked in as santa my eldest yelled out, "DADDY!"...he knew just from the eye's.

Great story and pic!

lol...what a beautiful story, she obviously has an eye for detail, just like her Mum!

Out of the mouths of babes and an object lesson that we should never think we can put something past a child. They see everything. Lovely story, Corey.

what a sweet Christmas memory, thanks for sharing it and spreading some Yule cheer.

Sweet memories are the very best Christmas decorations for years and years......

Well-known fact: Can't get anything past children.

My daughter used to find the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" highly offensive, because she felt that was the story of a horrid betrayal of Daddy. This put me in a real dilemma!! Either endorse the apparent adultery, or burst her bubble of Santa belief. What was a mother to say??

At least you know your husband never takes his wedding ring off!

And that little statue played a trick avec mes yeux! I thought Santa was reaching behind to scratch his derriere, but then realized that was his sack of toys and not his arm.

In related news, when I was young, we had a red bean-bag ottoman. On Christmas morning, I came out and caught a glimpse of it in the corner, thought that santa was STILL in the house and ran screaming to the bedroom. NO nice daddy Santa for me!

Years ago, when one of my nephews was about six, my sister recruited me to play Santa on the phone with voice as deep as it would go. After a few moments of vocal strain, Z. commented that "Santa" sounded like a girl. I HoHoHo'd my way through that, but the next year I was Mrs. Claus.

I think it broke my heart a little when I first discovered Santa wasn't real. I, of course, immediately told my little sister.

I loved the "O O O" french Santa!!
Let's hope she continues to spot the wedding rings!!

another fairy tale you have the secret for !!!

It is hard to pull one over on kids of any age:) Love this...........

Wonderful memories!

Daddy Santa's are the best....hugs

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