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08 October 2006


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Wonderful Corey! You did so well to find this lady, and tell of her so well. I haven't tried this SS yet.


Only in France would a fish monger look like a fashion model on holiday from her 'real' life!

What a beautiful fish monger and loveley words to go along with the photo. Very nice "scribbling."

Marvelous portrait, Corey.

such an imaginative array of stripes and checks and mosaic patterns in her clothing. but her countenance transcends everything. amazing photo corey! wonderful!

I love this photo. My how she is different from the usual fish monger one sees in this port!

Her face makes me wonder what she is thinking. She seems to be far away. Love your Sunday Scribblings

Lovely photo and post, Corey. A nice story about the mysteries in this young woman´s life.

interesting and I love the picture.

very fun

Only in France could a fish monger look so chic and glamorous.

"Though in her eyes I saw the depth of the ocean breaking before my feet,"

This my favorite line in your fabulous post.

Wanted you to know I bought a digital camera yesterday, Corey. Haven't taken pictures for years, but you've inspired me to try to frame the beauty I find in the world.


Very sucinct and effective.

The girl is a part of the picture but yet not a part of the scene...
"The port where she worked could not anchor her".....Rhythmic like the coming and going of the waves were her actions...weighing, scaling and chopping fish."
These words quickly paint a vivid picture which immediately stimulated my olfactry memories, and I was there with the smell of the fish market fresh in my nostrils.


Blessings and so very beautiful indeed.

an outstanding photo -
but truly I am hoping for a big fat man with a cigar and a black rubber apron splattered with fish guts, wearing a filthy hat.
must everyTHING be so gorgeous in France?
she could be on thesartorialist.com!

When I think of fishmongers, I don't normally think of them being so young and chic!

I enjoyed reading this - thanks!

so good when you really "see" someone isn't it...

Beautiful portrait. Nice capture!! Enjoy your photos, personal info, and narrative info.

Hello from Ferndale. Here with all the wild amaro women... aunt ann introduced us to a new portugues word..Cabras are "wild goats" or women who run with the wolves. jjb

corey we have set a permanent weekend to get together every year columbas day weekend. Next year we will go to Grass valley would love for you and your mom to join us. I know she may not but I would love the opportunity to get to know her better, ive always thought she was such a neat lady. wish you were here singing out from ferndale Jeanne

Such a good photograph! I see a longing to be elsewhere... living a diferent life. You capture depth with your camera.

It's a beautiful, melancholy photo. "the depth of the ocean" is definitely in her eyes... She is the most beautiful fishmonger I have ever seen.

Hi Corey,
It is so nice to get see your creative site once again! My mom is now hooked up to the www!!

This woman and all that your photograph conveys reminds me of all the different roles we have played in out lives. Including the ones we didn't want to perform.

Loved this post!

i love to think of what is she thinking? ah, it is fashion model ish for sure, like penny said, but still, so serene and bored. lovely!

love your post charming

I don't know when I have seen anyone look so out of place and yet so right at the same time. She is being true to herself as much as her environment is trying to change her.

That's a beautiful photo. Only in France could a fish monger look so stylish!

This young woman looks utterly out of place ... it's amazing. I don't know why we assume certain professions look a certain way ... but this photo makes me question those expectations. There is no reason why a young woman selling anything at all shouldn't look exactly like her.

Selling fish in wellington boots and still looks stylish. Only the French!

She is a beauty for sure but I think she just wants joy like the rest of us.


Ahh, Corey. I love this photo...
always such wordy gems and visual treats to be found on your blog.
take care, g

Lovely view, both the woman and the harbour. :)

Great photo, she definitely has something on her mind other than selling fish!

Great photo! You are very artistic in combining your words with the style of the photo. Well done!

Selling fish and maintaining that wonderful sense of french style.

What a great image, Corey! It's right out of a movie! And isn't she beautiful? I love the fishmonger's bright red lipstick, her sad expression, the way she crosses her legs, so ladylike. And your writing is so romantic next to such an image. Wish you ever see her again?

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