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07 October 2006


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The ring is for tying your purse while you are at the patisserie dancing your daily croissante dance, wanting to buy everything you see.......

I am busy as well, on our way to our cabin near mountain/fjord in five minutes.........

See you over the week-end.....

Something to tether or tie up, ummm...a boat...
I love your blog Corey. Beautiful reflections on life with gorgeous pictures to illustrate it.

a horse tie-up, on the side of an ancient stone building, so after riding all the way into town you can be sure you won't have to walk all the way home...

Well...the way the left side is faded makes it look like a sign or something used to be on that side, so my guess is that iron ring in some way was part of holding that sign--or whatever it was--up?

Another guess is some sort of lock, as it reminds me of the little circles that are part of the simple hook and eye locks one can put on doors.

I also think that is a place to park a horse.

Because of my mood today I imagine it to be where the local naughty boy (or girl) would be tethered whilst everyone pelts them with rotten tomatoes!Revenge is sweet -no?

Ah let me tie my rowing boat to such a ring on a harbour wall.

For tying your donkey to, when it is ladened with bushells of olives. Then you go into the bar for your morning cafe au lait avec un digestif!

I love these guessing games. Still waiting to hear who the gal in the red sash is..? Is this the formerly brass ring you caught when you met Monsieur Right? Put some polish on that thing GURL!

Another guessing game, great! Though I really want to win I can only think of its usage to tie a horse.

My answer is a ring for a pig: 'But what shall we do for a ring?' They sailed away, for a year and a day, To the land where the Bong-tree grows and there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood with a ring at the end of his nose, His nose, His nose, with a ring at the end of his nose.

It's a halo; dropped by an angel who was having a careless day. Someone was kind enough to hang it in case she comes back that way. :)A little polishing and it will be good as new.

Since I'm practical by nature, and not so creative, I will guess that it is something used to tie a horse's reins to.

Where are the pictures of Sacha's scrapes and cuts from the biking accident?

It's for tying up your dog outside the boulangerie.

it is outside of the shops along your street to tie up your dog to keep him or her out of the yummies inside!

A place to tie your horse while you were in town. A ring to hold the chain that goes across an entryway to a castle/house?

If you are near a river, you could tie up your rowboat!!

this is tie your horse?? or your boat??
but for this blog this is the symbol of ''le cercle de l'amitié'' or ''le cercle de tes lecteurs interessé(e)s.. et éternel(le)s''
I prefer to use the symbolism sometimes to tell how I feel towards persons and their expressions .. have a nice weekend ..enjoy..

Love and hugs.
Is it an old horse hitching
Love you darling one.
Happy Saturday!

Parisbreakfest: I still do not know who the girl withthe red sash is!! I wish I knew!! I have had that portrait for ten years, and still I haven't a clue!

Is it for an awning cord? You would tie the cord to this when the awning is pulled up. Just an idea. :)

Judging by the size, I'm tempted the say he hook and eye closure that Wendy mentioned.

If not, perhaps the anchor for your "chain gang" until they completed your new fountain this summer?

well, it looks like it might be to small for a horse's reins. A place to secure a dog perhaps? OR a place to secure your bike with a lock chain.

A place to tie a rope accross the street or road so you can move livestock more easily through town. Making sure they don't end up in someone lovely rose garden...maybe.

A walls belly-button ring.

I too believe it is a ring for tying horses or dogs.

BUT I wish it were the tether for the hot air balloons of the fairies that surely live in the land of enchantment you create every day, Corey.

Those would be beautiful faries, indeed. Dressed in the colors of nature and filled with the delight of living, they'd wear the MOST beautiful slippers topped with tiny bells that jingle faintly to announce their presence. Their hair would be dressed with tiny blossoms and iridescent ribbons that flutter in the breeze, leaving the merest suggestion of fragrance behind when they fly off in their magical balloons.

First visit, great blog. My bet: depending on size, to tie boats, horses, or dogs.
Will definitely be back.

ahahahahha "wall's belly-button ring"...that should get a prize for sure! Great answer. I will be giggling over that one for the rest of the day. :)

I know, I know!!!! Rusty ol' wall rings are always used to tether up unscrupulous pirates. Arghhhhh.....

I think it is a horse or donkey tying ring.

A ring ,like the one great great great grandmother Orama used to tie up her goat.

The mystery of the iron ring!!!! Could it be an old door pull attached to a slab of cement to a hidden well?????? Arghhhhh..... To be a pirate at heart this is what would be a treasure to discover. A magical well filled with gold!!!! Hehehehehe!

There is a hook on the shutter..? and it goes into this ring, and holds the shutters open..?

Il s'agit d'un anneau pour y nouer la longe des chevaux lorsque le propriétaire du cheval devait faire une course. Autrement dit, là se trouvait une aire de stationnement pour chevaux.
J'aime beaucoup votre site, toujours de belles photos et de fameux commentaires.
Bye, bye!

Looks like you got a lot of right answers. I have one of these rings on the curb outside of my house. Definitely for a horse!

Oh My!! I never expected this!! Okay I will announce the winner Monday before midnight, French midnight... So if you haven't given an answer or a creative idea, to what this ring is...do so before Midnight this Monday.

oh how clever of you Corey! It is a ring given to lovers on the event of their first home... and when the lovemaking starts they place a swag in the holder ... as a sign ... and instead of intruders they are welcomed to bottles of wine and flowers left by the would-be guests who have gone home to place their own swags up...and when the lovers emerge to remove the "swag" the gifts are scooped up and another round is begun!

ps... some homes have very ornate swags. Beautiful and eye catching. So it is no secret what goes on in the home or how often it goes on! The neighbors delight in encouraging this and even strangers get into the game. It is all very "catching" and towns that have one of these on a street soon find that every home will have one... this one appears to be very ancient and well used! They are never removed from homes ... as they are known to increase the value of the homes ... I am surprised to see this one sans swag!

personally I don't think the ring has a an actual function. I think at the time the building was constructed many years ago it was put in place by the workers - they'd insert an iron bar through the brick/stone for added strength...the ring was there to see that it was placed correctly and when all the construction was done they would unhitch the ring. In this case whoever owned/lived in/or used the building asked that the ring be left in place. They had a crazy aunt Rosie who would often wander off so they would sit her in chair, tie her apron to the ring, dash off to market knowing she was safe and then return. The village children would laugh at the poor dear, tethered to the ring and they would sing songs about her. She was somewhat "touched" and would clap along with them, not knowing their real intent was not to entertain her. The song "Ring Around the Rosie" had it's origins from this ring in the building.

A ring to hold a ladle from at a water fountain or well?

A place to latch a gate perhaps?

Not knowing the size makes it more of a challenge!

On a totally ridiculous note, one could tether their hubbies to the ring to keep them from straying...wonder why THAT idea popped into my head?!

This is a pull ring that lifts the drawbridge over the moat.

this ring is for threading the rhinestoned leash of your fluffy white bison frise while you stop in at the patisserie for your morning pastry.
(am i too late for entry?)

Interesting gadget. We have this sort of thing imbedded into huge bolders at the waterfront. They were used many years ago to tie up the boats.
You didn't say if this is near the water.
If it is alongside a street I would think it may have been used in the old days to tie ones horse.

I have no idea what the ring is for, but I have soooo enjoyed everyones answers. Thanks for such a wonderful Blog Corey - It is my daily "fix" and Thank You everyone for your creative answers - you have made my day and my imagination is now working overtime. Can't wait to hear what the ring is really used for.

i know, i know!

because i lived in a house in provence (lambesc) and my cave like living room had 3.

to tie the pigs or other animals up.
they lived downstairs while the family lived upstairs. their body heat kept them warm!

love your website. it reminds me of my life in provence. i lived there for 3 years and had my 1st son there, in puriycard!

every photo i see and every word you write reminds me of my previous wonderful, romantic life.

i now live in florida (yuck) i consider san francisco my home, lived there for 14 years. can't move back to california (too expensive!) but we are leaving florida soon.

wish we could move back to france where life is simple...or so it seemed!


That particular ring is a simple symbol of my undieing unending love of your words & your writing* oh and I bet if I ever got to meet you in person I would love ya like a sista! Thanks for your sweet comment at my now gone journal! lots of Xoxo to you!

but I just bet that that ring is used to tie boats to:)

A doorknocker mistakenly attached to the wall instead of the huge wooden doors. Heh!

Hello Corey!

Suzy just told me about your blog today! I love it! Fantastic work! Some of your childhood stories remind me of my childhood in Bayliss. Isn't it great to be in such a large, loving family like this? I didn't realize you were such an awesome writer. Nothing has kept my interest at the computer for as long as your photos and stories have tonight. I sat down and could not get up!

Well I think this ring is something used to keep a gate closed. Can't wait to here what it really is!

I know I'm late, but... my guesses which are both probably up there, are 1) something to tie an animal too (horse probably), or 2) a ring to tie a boat up to.

I think it's a hitching ring to tie livestock to at market. But I have to admit, the first thing I thought of was that it looked like what a prehistoric person would use to pierce a sensitive body part on a woman! Now that would hurt!

When you open the gate you latch it to this ring in order to keep it from closing. Second guess. One of many rings on a building used to connect chains so you could drag the building to another location. Mobile home? Do they have mobile homes in France?

Hummmm, here is another guess. A place to hang balloons!!!! It looks old. Could have been for spies and resistance signals but now for celebrations. Come HERE for FUN.

Hi Corey...
How about a tie back holder for a curtin??
maybe use to keep young children from wandering, hope not!!

My first guess was for prince charmings horse and the romantic in me enjoyed the swag explanation. Loving your blog and the peaks into French life.

It looks like the hitching rings outside old pubs and stables to tie up your horse, while you nipped in for a noggin or two...that's the Olde English version anyway, maybe France has different uses for them!

I have one on my attic wall upstairs and since my house is an orginal log house dating back to maybe as far as 1600's, i am thinking it was used to tie slaves to the wall. Or may prisoners.

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