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18 October 2006


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Happy day, happy day, I hope you have a happy day :)

I should do that to, thanks for reminding me! And I love the photo!

I woke this morning - smiled, yawned, felt happy, sat up, looked out of the window and it was foggy and I couldn't see a thing. Swap places Corey?

The sky overflowed here yesterday all day...I think it stopped today but I just heard a dribble...one drop falling

I LOVE this picture! Besides it matches your words so well...
Water is life, it also brings energy. Maybe this is why I love water so much, from a fountain, from a mountain stream, ...

an old fountain-
the sound of a frog jumping
into water

Merci Bashō

Thank you. I still have the sunrise to look forward to this morning. Now I will do a better job of welcoming it. :)

I've had exactly that same experience this morning when I woke up and looked out of the window and saw the beautiful sunrise.

Btw dear Miss C. you are also invited today to my *rose tea party* at the cottage today. Hope you can make it over! Hugs

I love when I can hear visuals!
Sharing amongst strangers,(journeyers,) almos as
close to sharing with friends.

I hope the day brings you.. beautiful things to live.. taste..view.. smell..touch..
and.. a small notice.. it is raining by drops as big as the drops of your overflowing fountain ..in here.. =)).. do you think the sky overflows..
enjoy your day..

I love the awakening of the senses, the beautiful photo overflowing with a life to be shared. Thank you for the happy message today.

Aww, I'm so glad you woke up happy :)

It's a rainy day here (no it's not a metaphor...it's really rainy, LOL) and I feel it'll be a happy day for me too.

Beautiful! Do you have any idea how you enrich our lives and make us think about things just a little bit differently (and much better)? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I hope your day was as delightful as you are, ms*Corey. You are THE delight of my day xo

What lovely, inspirational thoughts.

I love the magic of hearing the sunrise. Beautiful.

Oh how I wish for pink streaks across our sky...but, alas, we have a blustery day, Pooh. Ten days of overcast skies with drizzle or rain.

Thank you for sharing your overflowing day with us :-)

To sense life in all our being - that is living...

hey corey...i would love to have a book of your photographs and words...to carry with me...in my pocket...for a sweet reminder, not only of you, but how you live life...thanks for the inner spirit...inspiration...i hope we can meet one day...when i started this blog thing a few short months ago...i had no idea what to expect...i didn't expect this...i have been overcome with emotions daily at what people share...it confirms my love for the human spirit...the passion of so many...the love of sisterhood and sharing...i look forward to your thoughts especially, and being able to see what you see...xoxo...annie


I hope your day continues to bring you happiness!

truly lovely happy happy!

Each day is a gift.
Go ahead and unwrap the PRESENT.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Each day is a gift.
Go ahead and unwrap the PRESENT.
Love Jeanne ^j^

The secret of happiness~~to embrace what life brings~~sunshine or showers~~with open arms~~attitude is everything.

A beautiful thought. Me too!


Joy to the Morning!!! You put the non-describable beauty into words!!


Lovely thought, that was very fitting for me today:-)

I am woken by the sunrise every morning...we don't have curtains in our new home yet lol! It never ceases to amaze me the most beautiful way God chooses to waken us each morning. I too will enjoy it with open arms Corey. Nel

Lovely post, Tica. I often wake before dawn. In those first quiet moments, as the dark fades slowly from the sky to reveal the familiar in a different light, I understand why we call it a new day. No two sunrises are the same, and everything looks slightly different than the day before. Watching the sun come up reminds me of the dual nature of life, its constancy and its change, and stirs in me a deep wonder.

you are a painter, your words are the paint and the page (or screen in this case) your canvas. We are the patrons who walk amid the gallery taking in your beautiful collection of works. "This morning I heard the sunrise"...how poetic that is. THANK YOU!

I just HAVE to tell you this. I was all ready for the sunrise this morning...watching for it and it was absolutely the most stunning one I've ever seen (including beach sunrises). I had just dropped the boys off at school and topped the hill. It looked like something was on fire in the distance but it was the sun. There was a blanket of fog and it was reflecting off the fog and there were twirls and swirls. I actually physically gasped and thought "there it is!" It was so beautiful and I thought of you. Thanks for preparing me for it this morning. :)

No witty comment today, I just love the detail of the water dropping in the picture! :)

That photo is so beautiful!

i'm a latecomer here today... but so happy to find this refreshing photo and simple thought to carry me into dreamland tonight. (i had nightmares about hyena's last night... aaauuuuggghhhhhh! scary).

Diamond droplets fall from this stone angel's basket.
Why can't I catch one?


I love this picture. It is beautiful.


I love this photos and the sentiments!

I was here the other day and the splashing fountain of being in the moment caught my eye my heart and my soul....I didn't leave a comment then but I am back now. Just wanted to say HI and that I loved this post.


Fantastic poem. I find it particularly moving that you defy the senses by hearing the sunsrise first.

So vibrant! And great photo!

I Feel your positive energy in this post. So beautiful! It is nighttime now and I hope to wake up and feel the way you did today!

Beautiful! Simply beautiful!!!

I really like this one. It's simple, concise, and positive. And "I heard the sun rise." points for cuteness.

I hope your day contiued to bring you joy C.
Morning here......into the garden and watch magpies preening and Dog quivering to get at them! magpies then flew away on hearing my laughter.

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