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20 October 2006


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bein sur! it can happen!

Keep those treasure troves coming. I enjoy each posting so much each day.
Love and hugs and smiles
across the miles.
Love Jeanne ^j^

Oh yes, yes but we..oops..they never tell.

What a picture of that girl! - especially at that time... And she looks so happy to do it there in the sand!

I'd love to date those documents...
I enlarged the picture you made up and from the stamp, I could spot the letter was posted from Versailles at 8.15pm on May 15th but I can't make out the most important thing (to me): the year! Is there any year mentioned in the message, please?

oh yes, from my experience,they certainly do!! Thanks for another wonderful post...Nel

It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for!

Is there anything more sensual than a fur coat against one's naked body ? ;-\

Corey, they certainly do!!

I imagine her in later years entertaining all the literati in her lovely Paris apartment -- regaling them with tales of her life and still flaunting tradition. They adored her!

Oh yes hormones change makes a girl go{{{{{crazy!!}}}}}
We have all experienced it!
Now that was quite a provocotive pose in her time wasn't it!Fur against a naked body yes I have... and with hig heeled shoes! Natureboy LOVED it!!

The bareness of a secret beach,the sound of crushing waves,the warmth of a fur coat and the essence of a rebel spirit revealed!


oohhh! i want a pair of those boots! thanks for this fun and imaginative post! yes indeed, good girls do go crazy... in my case, every halloween!

Yes all the time but it's a well kept secret that's why people still think they are good girls.

Crazy can be a fun place to be.......

I adore Edith, and this just adds to her allure....

Ohhh, les bonnes filles... bien sur! Of course they can... Corey, your story made me chuckle today!

so you have to wonder...did Augustine find freedom away from her family? Was she always a "good" girl? Did what was expected of her? Never made waves in the ripple of proper behavior? Then suddenly out in the world she discovers things that entice her, that give her a sense of abandon. She isn't a bad girl at all, Augustine in her fur coat and her sassy boots is simply spreading her wings. she doesn't mention the sites to her mother because SHE is the site to behold, one she knows her mother would never approve of. To the outside world it may appear she's gone crazy, but for Augustine it is the most sane she's ever been.
p.s. thank you Corey for always sparking my imagaination with your lovely treasures.

Scandalous, indeed!

Augustine reminds me of a starlet in one of the old musicals where, in the most unlikely circumstances, they burst out with a song. I can only imagine what her theme song may have been ;-)

she enjoyed what she had in her hands.. and we can say she changed a bit hah??

What a fun post! Love that photo of the woman with the muff (is that a muff?) and bare legs! So naughty!

Bing too good, definately a hazard... A little bad is good?? xoxo

"It's the good girls who keep the diaries. The bad girls never have the time."--Mae West


Oh, to create our own destiny! Sometimes difficult, but in the end, it is what we are.

How apropo, since I expect to kick up my heels soon in Paree. I'm not sure about wearing furs without furbelows though...Hmmm

Just delightful!

By chance You in a prior lifetime?

I'll get my boots and coat!

X Darlene

yes! i think this would be the very effect paris would have on me!

I would love to fly over this Sunday & join you at the brocante - antique fair!!! You find such yummy stuff!

I'll never tell!

I love it, the photo, the story, the fur and boots, the sense of abandon...

Oooh, Sassy!

What a fabulous collection of photos and I love the story!

Oh comment vous allant la garder vers le bas à la ferme maintenant qu'elle a vu Paris?

We all need to let go every so often and let that craziness in :)

Your style is fabulous.

In one photo collage =
The France of my imagination.

The best girls are crazy. Bisous from your fellow cabras.

I have been the "good girl" all my life. I am ready to go a little crazy! :)

Great read! Simple, short, and fun.

Lovely photo collage and imaginative story!

I about died laughing. Wow.

I always love your illustrations. I bet Augustine had a wonderfully crazy time in Paris

Wickedly funny, one and all. Who was Edith, when not being Augustine?

I think we all have a little bad girl in us. I am usually quite reserved, but when I find myself in the company of my less reserved -aka. Crazy friends- my bad girl opens it up and lets it all out!!

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