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29 September 2006


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Held hands with a wise old woman of 85. Found she was cold , so we went for a walk in the sunshine. She cracked me up by telling me about the love lives of her neighbours.......ending our talk with " Whatever floats your boar m'dear".

Oops! That should have been "boaT"!

Beautiful picture the hands of all generations. To touch someone's life is a hope that I aspire to be in living everyday.

I love that photograph darling one..........
I try and spread sugar and sweetness wherever I go.
Life is fast and fleeting there is never enough time to spread love and joy to everyone you come into contact with.
Love you

Your verbal images touch my heart and I feel the sugar underfoot...

where will I leave my touch? I hope in so many places - what lights my fire - oohh Corey - my guy ;)

I've left my touch with a man I want much :)

Wow, I was so moved by this post. What you wrote, "Skin (peau,) that protective layer around your heart and soul, that when touched unites the three", as well as by the image itself. There is nothing to add, youve said it all :)


as always, a wonderful sentiment with a beautiful picture...

a kiss for my husband at the train station this morning, and then a second one just so I could sniff his cedar shave soap.

You select the most beautiful images to go along with your words! Hugging my kids and my honey each morning & night is the way I try to leave my daily, physical touch.

Beautiful!! Getting ready to take mine to the lake!!

I left my touch to 16 years old patient of mine .. same age as my son..blond hair..curling eyelashes.. and paraplegic.. he had a high fever.. and I left my touch on his cheek..
and now..I am deeply in need of a fortifying touch..even hug

What a lovely photograph! It evokes family, love, and a sense of place.

The wind on my skin invites me to stay outside where it feels clean and fresh.

My skin against the skin of ones I love. The touch of the wind.

Such a sweet picture!

i love all the images you used

My little sister.

what a beautifyl photo. The contrast of the strength and wisdom of hands that have lived and loved and the freshness and innocence of a new life just beginning, and the bond that connects them all. How special! Nel

You're awesome. Did you know?


such a lovely photo ...

Perfect, and so lovely...touches through the ages!

....to live fully.....every day....

A baby in my arms.

There is nothing like it.


Oh! Baby skin! Like liquid gold, the sweetest thing!

Love the little sailor dress hem, too. What a sweet picture.

Oh look at those lil' toes! So cute! Begging to be counted! Your words are poetry, Corey.

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