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20 September 2006


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A very delicious part of life in France.

I love bread but not like my husband. He can take one bite of some baguette that looks perfectly good to me and know that it is mass produced. He had driven all over the area around our house trying to find some good bread. He says it is best in Paris. He will also eat bread if it is two days old and can be used as a hammer it's so hard. I only like it if it is freshly baked and soft when you bite through that crusty exterior.

I'm so hungry, now.

If I lived in France - everyone would know I am not a french woman, because if I ate all those delicious breads & pastries - I would get fat and we all know that french women don't get fat, or so they say.
I love the baskets that the bread is kept in!

The land of d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s it certainly is. Mouth watering! That bread looks really, really good.
Cheers, LJ

I'm trying really REALLY hard not to lick the screen right now.

Have I told you lately how much I love this place, this blog of yours? I find such peace and joy and simplicity and complexity here. Thank you.

Ah, that was my favorite part of our Paris visits! We would walk the streets and just drool at the window displays! I begged him to just let's "window eat" one evening....stroll the street and buy dinner from whatever windows held the most tempting displays. We too had trouble resisting all of the wonderful treats..we took a bag of wine, yummy sandwiches and assorted tarts and pastries for an early twilight picnic beneath the Eiffel Tower. It was the most romantic thing we have ever done......thanks for the memory!
p.s. I brought bread back to the states to give to my daughter and she devoured a whole loaf the first evening...and she was a teeny little thing!

What a lucky lady you are having slices of Paradise fresh daily and a heart soaring from so much joy!
Love you
Jeanne ^j^

I am back to say that hiding messages in the photos is very fun!

I have never commented on your blog but today I felt that I absolutly MUST. You see, I lived for a year in Nantes, then Beg Meil, near Quimper, almost 11 years ago. The day I left France I felt as if I was leaving the place where I truly belonged and wanted to be, forever. Seeing your photos of the markets, the broad sweeping views and the little details of my adopted country, for I am amercaine through and through, always makes me catch my breath and tingle all over. I love knowing that this place still exists as I go through my days, waiting patiently to return to the place I love best.
Thank you,
Rochelle McGee

argh! baugette! not available today here! argh! i want one! stop with the charlottes! oooh sigh. we are all trying to bite our screens...:-)
lovely photos and delightful secret messages...yum!

Mmmm. This brings back fond memories: when I was 10, we lived in Paris for about 9 months (my dad worked for Honeywell & was transferred for a year). Every morning, my mother sent me out to the corner bakery for a baguette.

"Un baguette sil vou plat" - spelling is way off, I'm sure. I had to start buying two baguettes after a while, because you can't go very far with a warm baguette in your arms...

did I tell you that I will be able to enjoy a baguette here? Yes! here in the northwoods of wisconsin usa (a French bakery) is opening soon* who would have ever thought it! xoxo



here is a link to the future french yummy spot:)

Mmmm...I can almost smell the bread!

corey, i like your kind of communion. the photos bring back memories of my visit to paris 32 years ago. the roof of my mouth grew raw from eating too much deliciously crusty bread. your post is enticing me to return again.

yep, going to be thinking of french bakeries all day long. thanks! i think...

oh my, so sad there isn't smella-cyberspace to take in whiffs of all that! Our one time in France my husband learned two phrases in french "two baguettes please" and "a glass of wine pleae". lol! My brother/sil lived in Mouries so we'd get fresh bread every night for dinner from the village. I adore photos that give a sense of the area you live in.

Gosh! I wish we had this bit of Frenchness in America! That was one of the very best parts, for Kory and I. And you slow down to go buy your bread. It is real food. It is a sensual experience, even. *sigh*


Hey babe put a little passion on your bread board. Roll out for something other than a pay check. Pleasure eats are the sweet. Get in line.

Oh! you made me long for one of those wonderful baguettes...and the most gorgeous warm croisant...ummmmmm!
You took me back to my brief staying in Paris.

How delicious! It reminds me of Argentina, where I grew up. Every weekend our parents would drop us off at our grandparents' and I remember my grandpa going to the bakery {panaderia} in the morning, before beakfast, nothing like the taste of fresh bread and butter spread by my grandma.

When I lived in Paris for a few months I regularly failed at resisting temptation, those beautiful custard-filled temptations beckoning me with their yummyness. Yet I didn't gain any weight because I walked everywhere! Love the photos.

I just ate lunch but oh my!! If taste is in the eye of the beholder I'm having a feast right now!

Delicious - there is nothing like the real thing. I'd love to find that just down the road from us when I woke up one morning.

I would love to live in France, what a lovely lifestyle to have fresh baked bread daily. The streets must smell delicious!


There is a French bakery 27km away from us. The couple that own it are French. He bakes , she manges front of house. IT IS WORTH drivng there on a Sunday morning to sit outside and consume flakey croissants and a huge bowl of cafe au lait.
And then ( note mental process here), because we ahve driven there, I feel I HAVE to buy some of the jewels that are the cakes and pastries.
Thankyou C. Will have to visit again this w/e.

PS that should be MANAGES front of house. Although I believe 'manges" = eat in French? :)
I doubt she does eat much of their product she is elegantly slim and so well groomed....so French.

Wish I were there!

My favorites: palmiers, brioches, and ficelle.

I am so hungry after reading this post.

Going to eat something!


Must mental drooling going on. **sigh**

fabulous pictures... pass the napkin please... excess drooling here !

Am I too late to join this party? I love this POST!!!!!!!!!! shoe is ont the other foot I guess...feel very hungry now...

these baguettes looke divine.
all we have is 'au bon pain' here in new york/new jersey metropolitan area.

my mouth is watering....

Just visiting with you, here, is a daily communion. Dear Corey, thank you for sharing the bread of your soul and the wine of your love with us.

Hmmm delicieux!

this post has me salivating

this post has me salivating

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